So I went to the stock show for a shit long of a time last night- and was relaxing in the top row with some friends waiting for the pro rodeo to be over until we had to work again- and there were two girls decked out in glitz and new boots and jeans. One had a hand over her nose and the other had her face all scrunched up. I couldn’t help but hear her whine, “oh my god is that horse poop down there? That’s is sooo gross EWWW!”
And the other one says, “where are the cowboys that’s what we came here for **while sniffing and whimpering shit** that’s so gross ew.”

So I edited this photo in honor of them. Get over it girls. It’s a rodeo. 😑👏


Can you do an imagine where y/n is a barrel racer and Nate goes supports her at a rodeo and the guys go with him an she tries to teach them things about rodeo.

– I’m sorry if this one is is awful, I’ve never done rodeo and I had like one friend that did but she never talked about it–I did some research so hopefully it’s not too bad / cliche! 

“I’ve never been to a rodeo before, but oh damn I think I might come again.” Sam watches a a few girls pass by, flashing them a sultry smile, “Sorry I gave you so much hell, Nate, you’re right they’re so hot.” Sam added, nudging Nate as they walked through the entrance. You weren’t going to barrel race until later on in the night, but Nate came to support you and brought along the other three dimwits as well. 

Seeing him as you were tending to your horse you grin and walk towards the fence leaning up to kiss him through the fence, “I’m glad you made it.” You murmur against his lips. 

“That’s a cute hat.” He points towards your cowgirl hat, and you blush, “nice boots as well.” 

“Thanks.” You giggle, kissing him again, “I’ll meet you up there in a second.” You explain gesturing towards the third row seats you had reserved for them. You hear in the distance Sam telling Nate hot you looked and Johnson going on about the horses which makes you roll your eyes and laugh. After you’re finished, you make your way to the seats you reserved and take the on in between Gilinsky and Nate, who immediately takes your hand. 

“Y/n, what’s going on?” Gilinsky asks, throwing you a glance before looking back at the girl barrel racing. 

“Well,” you begin, “she takes her horse around three barrels in a cloverleaf pattern. Her time begins when she crosses the starting line in the arena and ends when she re-crosses that line at the end of her run. She may choose to go to the right or left barrel first and must complete the pattern according to the rules of the International Pro Rodeo Association.” 

“Sounds easy.” Sam scrunches his nose. 

“Oh yeah?” Nate leans over and punches Sam’s arm, “let’s see you try it.” 

“Nah I’ll just leave it to y/n.” Sam brushes it off. Nate leans over and presses a kiss to your cheek smiling against your skin. 

“Thanks for coming, by the way.” You direct towards him as his hand is placed on your thigh. 

“Hell yeah, I needed to show the boys how hot this sport is. right guys?” 

In unison, they all agree and your night is made. 

Austin's Interview with TeenVogue!

“Sorry, it’s kind of a mess right now,” Austin Mahone says as we walk beneath the skylights of his massive, white-marbled bathroom, past a koi pond filled with an assortment of plants and palm trees. I’m taking the first-ever tour of the singer’s new home in the Miami area. He flips the light switch to a connecting room, illuminating racks of his signature colorful shoes. “This is my closet—it’s pretty serious,” he says, his green eyes fixed on the center shelf. “All my Giuseppes, some Gucci, and I have some custom-made pairs.” Also: They’re organized. “I categorize them by, um, how expensive they are,” he says, smiling.

The Mahone house is a bustling place today, with Austin’s friends, mom, and granddad all doing their part to install curtains, fill the fridge, set up the pool table, and unpack the guy-approved DVDs in the movie room, which boasts an LED star ceiling. “I moved in two days ago,” Austin explains, shoving clothes out of the way. He opens a set of glass doors to a sprawling backyard and a grotto-esque swimming area lined with tiki torches he picked up at The Home Depot. “That’s the pool—I could literally walk out there from the bathroom,” he says, delighted. He takes me through his bedroom, where an episode of Family Guy is playing on a flat-screen TV, to his office, which is furnished with a red leather couch draped with a fan-made blanket, his beloved silver MTV Video Music Award Moonman in a curio cabinet, and a signed Tupac Shakur photo on the wall behind his two-computer “command center.” He picks up a scented candle from his desk. “I’ve got salted caramel in here, cinnamon in the hallway, and vanilla cupcake in my bathroom—I have them all over the place.”

It’s a sweet life for the 18-year-old: In a few hours he’s jetting off to take his headlining tour to Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Central and South America, with a short in-between jaunt to Los Angeles, where he’ll work on his debut album with hitmaker-kingpin Max Martin. The past few days have been spent hauling belongings from his condo in Miami Beach, which he shared with his mom, Michele Mahone, and his three best friends from Texas: Alex Constancio, 19, Robert Villanueva, 18, and Zach Dorsey, 19. Following a yearlong search, Austin decided on this three-story dream home, situated in a private, secluded neighborhood devoid of young people, after he was rejected from another property. In a world where his peers are infamously throwing raging parties in their own McMansions, who could blame the proprietor for misunderstanding the superfamous teen? “We had letters of recommendation from my condo and other people. I’m not the type of guy who’s going to destroy your house,” Austin insists. “But now that I’m here, I’m like, Man, this house is way cooler. Everything happens for a reason.”

It’s a phrase that consistently rings true for the YouTube phenom, whose life wasn’t always easy. He was born in San Antonio and raised by a single mother and his maternal grandparents. Austin’s father, a pro rodeo cowboy, took his own life when Austin was 16 months old. “It was only my mom and me,” he says as we sit crosslegged on his bedroom floor, leaned against a moving box. “Because there was no father or siblings, that brought us even closer.” Austin takes his red-cased iPhone out of his pocket and pulls up a picture of his dad. “That’s him when he was 10 or 11. I look exactly like him. It’s scary,” Austin says. He’s the spitting image of the boy on the screen: warm eyes, defined chin, same floppy chestnut hair. “Do you see the resemblance? It’s like we’re twins.”

What easily could have been a crippling tragedy doesn’t bring Austin down. “People are like, ‘Is it weird that you don’t have a dad?’ No,” he states. “That’s just how I grew up, and that’s what’s normal for me. I can’t imagine having a dad. I can’t be like, 'Hey, Dad! Want to go play catch in the yard?’ That would be weird for me to say.” Austin’s mother remarried after his father passed away. “She wanted a father figure in my life,” he says. “But that didn’t work out.” Still, it took the sixth-grader to La Vernia, Texas, where his life changed: He met Alex, Robert, and Zach and further developed his talent for freestyle singing, guitar, and piano. “If I hadn’t met them, I wouldn’t be where I am now,” Austin notes. The crew started posting videos on YouTube after school of Austin, 14 at the time, singing top-ten hits because Austin had a theory that users just might stumble upon him that way. He was right. He left high school for homeschooling, and his mother quit her job as a loan officer to help manage his burgeoning career. “It is probably the coolest thing a parent could do—to have hope and faith in what I’m doing,” he says. “I felt a lot of pressure on me and was like, OK, I definitely have to go hard now. I’ve gotta be the man of the house and make the money and provide for my family.”

Sometimes I wonder what the Gems would be good at if they had to take on human jobs. Pearl I can see owning and running a tea shop/bakery, Garnet as either a marriage counselor or a personal trainer, and Amethyst I can see as either a rodeo pro or a backup dancer for hip hop videos.