AU where Snape lives and becomes a world-renowned potioneer who owns a successful shop in Hogsmede and everyone recognises him for his brilliance and respects him for his sacrifices to the light and he doesn’t have any masters to serve and he regularly socializes with people who have no desire to manipulate or control him and who love him for who he is flaws and all and he never has to interact with anyone who doesn’t value him ever again and he leads a healthy and low stress lifestyle that allows him to recover and heal from the traumas of his past and he actually gets the happy ending he deserves

Honestly, I’m fucking done with some people.

“Snape was going to turn Sirius over to the dementors! It doesn’t matter that he was obeying the law, it’s a fate worse than death! He wasn’t even willing to listen to Sirius’ side of the story! He’s so evil!”

Yeah, well, putting aside the fact that why should he listen and believe Sirius given their past and given what LITERALLY EVERYONE in the wizarding world believes to be true, Harry also refused to listen to him at first and was prepared to kill Sirius without any explanation. He only stopped because Lupin disarmed him. If Lupin hadn’t burst in at that moment, Harry would have become a murderer.

Once the truth was out Sirius and Lupin were quite happy to take the law into their own hands and become murderers.

And once Harry knew who had actually betrayed his parents, he was quite happy to hand Pettigrew over to a fate worse than death.

Why oh why is it then, that one of these actions is seen as a reason to condemn someone, while the others are either glossed over or praised?

Because you know what, refusing to listen to to the person who made your life hellish for seven years doesn’t make you evil. It makes you fucking human. Much like wanting revenge for the betrayal of your best friends, and the betrayal of your parents would.

Následující tři dny Harry přetrpěl jen díky tomu, že se pokaždé, když se do něj teta Marge začala navážet, přinutil myslet na svou  Příručku údržby košťat pro domácí kutily
—  Harry Potter a Vězeň z Azkabanu…
…takto se tomu teda prej řiká!!….