James Potter:
- Was a bully
- Jinxed people when he was bored and laughed at it
- Was totally okay with Remus being a werewolf
- Became an unregistered animagus so that his werewolf friend wouldn’t have to suffer through the full moon alone
- Realized within a few years what a douche he was to people
- Changed for the better
- Loved his wife and his son with all his heart and wanted only what was best for them
- Joined the Order of the Phoenix as soon as he left Hogwarts
- Faced Lord Voldemort without a wand, in hope of buying Lily and Harry time, knowing that he stood no chance of surviving

Severus Snape:
- Thought muggle-borns were inferior
- Called his only friend “mudblood”
- Became a Death Eater
- Told Voldemort about the prophecy, bc he was 100% okay with killing an infant
- When he got to know that it was Lily’s son, he asked Voldemort to spare HER, not caring how she would feel to have her son and husband killed
- Bullied Harry simply because he was James’ son
- Bullied Neville until he became the poor boy’s WORST FEAR (that same poor boy who witnessed his parents get tortured to insanity by Bellatrix, yet SNAPE was his worst fear.)
- Shamed Hermione for her teeth until she cried. And then she permanently changed them.
- Threatened to kill Trevor when Neville failed to do a potion
- Used his position of power as a teacher to make students’ lives miserable
- Told everyone Lupin was a werewolf, and intended to get him fired - Knew that Sirius didn’t tell Voldemort the Potters’ location (I could explain how but I can’t bother now) but still wanted him to get a dementor’s kiss bc of what happened when they were 16 - Helped Harry in the end

But sure, go ahead and tell me Snape was a better person than James.

Do you sometimes go and watch Prisioner of Azkaban just to remember that Severus Snape, a person who has every reason to fear werewolves, put himself as a living barrier between one and the three kids he was supposed to hate? Because I think about that a lot.

What bothers me the most about the “friendzone” interpretation of Snape, it’s not the mischaracterisation of Snape himself, but the complete lack of understanding what a “friendzone” guy is.

Do you think a friendzoned guy would accept the refusal, yet still be envolved in the well-being of the girl, endanger his life trying to save hers, and then watch over her kid until his very end? Nope, the friendzoned guy would have whined, used his pain to touch another girl, got rejected 4546th times until his tragedy becomes the consistency of rejection and not a particular rejection itself, and after her death, would have passed by her ravaged house, rise his fedora, said out loud “this is what you get when you marry assholes” and at the pub he’d have sighed deeply with his boys wondering : “why do women always prefer to get killed by Dark Lords instead of dating Nice Guys” and all the boys would have nodded because it happened to four of them so that’s the proof, women just prefer get killed in wars, how strange yet fascinating creatures, so mysterious, so killable. 

  • severus: *opening his eyes* where am i? God i hope i'm dead
  • harry: you're not dead. you're at st. mungo's. we saved your life. you're welcome
  • severus: saved my- you fucking fuck face fuck ass fuck your whole life
  • harry: ron
  • severus: fuck both your parents. fuck voldemort. fuck dumbledore
  • harry: you were right. being an ass wasn't part of his cover

People love to hold it over Snape’s head that he didn’t explicitly ask for Dumbledore to save all three of the Potters. Many people try to explain this in a variety of ways, but let’s just let it stand for a moment.

This is showing character development, for you snaters who don’t understand literary techniques. Literally two pages later, Snape demonstrates that he has done everything in his power to save people without blowing his cover.

It’s pure gold. Snape grew as a person. He matured, which is better than you can say for several of his contemporaries.

Examples of People Changing in Fictional Stories:
•Flynn Rider when he stops being a thief for Rapunzel in Tangled
•Gideon apologizing to Judy in Zootopia for being a jerk during their youth
•Zuko apologizing to Aang for hunting him, apologizing to his Uncle for betraying him in the Earth Kingdom, and openly defying his father during the eclipse in Avatar: The Last Airbender

Not Examples of People Changing in Fictional Stories:
•James Potter still hexing Snape behind Lily’s back even after he said he’d stop hexing at all because Snape was “a special case”
•Sirius Black still calling Snape “Snivellus” well into their adulthood.

I mean y'all can argue that Snape was always a bully towards his students all you want, because that is true. But don’t you dare sit here and try to tell me that Sirius Black and James Potter changed because that’s just wrong. Did all three of them do very brave things? Yes. But that shouldn’t blind readers from the fact that all 3 of them were continuously flawed bullies during their lives. And that’s not necessarily a bad thing, because it makes the characters just that much more complex, but by no means is any of them a Saint.

imagine spending 17 long, miserable years spying and working a job you hate, going through torture and being hated by nearly everyone, all just to make sure that harry survives voldemort but as you lay dying, you give your memories to a 17 year old boy knowing that he’ll die soon after. we always talk about how great it would be if severus survived but imagine how traumatised he would be if he did.

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