"Why would anyone want to be in Hufflepuff?"

It frustrates me that we’re the least appreciated house. That even though Hufflepuff is dominantly associated with kindness and loyalty, others still say, “why would anyone want to be in Hufflepuff?”

It’s not that we’re not brave or smart or ambitious. We’d just sooner be shy, silly and laid back if that’s what you need.

We are feisty, we are book worms, we do want successful careers and to achieve our goals but we pride ourselves in our patience, and in our love and compassion.

Stop hating on us. We’re cute and fluffy. Go eat a doughnut or something. Sheesh.

Can we stop saying shit like “Harry and Snape had similar upbringings and harry turned out awesome!”

Friendly reminder: Voldemort also had a similar upbringing to Harry and Snape.

Harry was a light charecter, Snape was a bit grey, and Voldemort was dark.

So… that must mean… *gasp* all people have different reactions to unsuitable situations and it’s not fair to judge one person based on another persons reaction to their situation.

I feel so sorry for new teacher Snape. He had to work through major depression to learn how to do a job he hated and had no training for while trying to be taken seriously by students who probably didn’t think of him as an authority figure since he was not that much older than them and had been in school with them only a few years ago. There’s no way he could have come out of that as anything but a really strict teacher.

Umbridge: You applied for the defense against the dark arts position and you were unsuccessful?

What snape said: obviously

What snape wanted to say: Well, bitch, considering I’m teaching potions RIGHT FUCKING NOW do you think I got the job? If I was the defense against the dark arts teacher, wouldn’t I be teaching the students about defending themselves against the fucking dark arts instead of how to brew a fucking cure to magic genital diseases with mandrake leaves and slugs?

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Callejón Diagón – Este es el escenario del Callejón Diagón de los estudios Harry Potter. Por supuesto, en la película hay más cosas que unas pocas tiendas, pero es el escenario usado en las últimas películas.

Gringotts, Ollivanders, Madam Malkins, Flourish y Blotts, Sortilegios Weasly, etc.

Se pueden ver desde fuera, a modo de escaparate, siendo una de las pocas partes que quedan del recorrido.