Here you go! The amazing pro number if you happened to miss it or want to see it again in its entirety! Brought to you courtesy of Derek Hough and Mark Ballas!


In honor of the new season, one of my favorite opening numbers ever! This is the opening number of season 14. Maks and Peta are partners. It’s a jive to Dance with Me Tonight by Ollie Murs. 

As a reminder, Peta went on to win season 14 with a football player. 😉 


Red Bull BC One Holland Cypher 2014 | Kid Colombia vs Stepper #HipHopDance #UrbanDance #World-BBoy #BBoy #BBoyBattles


“simrinplayerofficial: So many beautiful classes at The Collective!! @dancerpalooza Thank you @traviswall for constantly inspiring me 💜”


Quinn Starner and other advanced pros in “These Fears” by Chantel Aguirre