You can tell how bts are so humble and cherish every moment they are having from this fame as if they still can’t believe it. You notice in every single concert, they film each other with their own go pros dancing and having fun even though there are tons of cameras filming them for a dvd. It’s like they want to have their own view of it all saved as if it’s all going to disappear at any moment. And that they are going to look back on these videos and remember these happy moments when they get old. They are extremely aware of how this industry works and how it’s a matter of time that the fame can get lost or burried under a new artist or because of a small mistake, them getting bigger and bigger is an absolute happiness for them and this right now and everything that is happening to them, for them is the most beautiful moment in life.



In honor of the new season, one of my favorite opening numbers ever! This is the opening number of season 14. Maks and Peta are partners. It’s a jive to Dance with Me Tonight by Ollie Murs. 

As a reminder, Peta went on to win season 14 with a football player. 😉
Fifth Harmony’s Normani Kordei Joins Dancing with the Stars — Plus 2 More Pros Return!
PEOPLE also confirms dance pros Sharna Burgess and Jenna Johnson will be returning

She’s gonna put in work, work, work, work, work! Fifth Harmony‘s Normani Kordei is joining the cast of Dancing with the Stars, PEOPLE has learned exclusively.

Though ABC has no official comment on the news ahead of the full cast reveal on Good Morning America next week, a source confirms the 20-year-old member of the hit girl pop group and global ambassador for the American cancer society will compete on the dance competition’s 24th season.

A second source confirms that dance pros Sharna Burgess and Jenna Johnson will be returning. The two join confirmed pros Witney Carson, brothers Maks and Val Chmerkovskiy and Maks’ fiancée Peta Murgatroyd, who will hit the dance floor just two and a half months after giving birth to son Shai Aleksander.

PEOPLE previously confirmed that Olympic medalist Simone Biles and former A-Team star Mr. T will also be joining the cast.

The upcoming season premieres next month, during the first two weeks of which time Fifth Harmony will be touring in Asia while writing and recording a new album, meaning Kordei’s partner will be flying back and forth with her to rehearse.B

But it’s not the first time a DWTS cast member has joined the competition with an already jam-packed schedule, and in seasons past, the show’s pros have regularly traveled to accommodate their celebrity partners.

On season 22, Wanya Morris competed while Boyz II Men was on a reunion tour, and Ginger Zee juggled the competition with her full-time job as GMA‘s weather anchor and her son Adrian, who was just 13 weeks old when the season premiered. In fact, season 23’s Laurie Hernandez was also on a gymnastics tour throughout the competition and she took home the Mirrorball Trophy — so anything is possible!

Dancing with the Stars premieres March 20 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.

okay BUT the way abortion is represented in Dirty Dancing is so important. It almost kills her, NOT because it’s an inherently dangerous procedure or because it’s subtextually representative of punishing women for their sexuality, but because the proper medical care is not AVAILABLE to this poor young, desperate woman. So she settles for the epitome of a back alley abortion as her only recourse, and even then paying for it is almost impossible. And that’s the point. Plus, it’s not just a side thing, the plot is COMPLETELY dependent on a young, poor woman wanting to have an unwanted pregnancy terminated, and being hurt in the process. Even NOW, abortion is barely even mentioned in popular media, and when it is, it’s usually in the context of a Good Christian Girl (e.g. Quinn Fabray) who would never do such a thing because she Wasn’t Brought Up That Way. And especially considering this came out around 30 years ago? It’s kind of revolutionary.

Voltron HeadCannon PT 2 or 3?

-was married
-had a child, lance reminds coran of his child
-said child was the 4th gen blue paladin
-Coran makes dad jokes, with out noticing
-he hated zarkon from the beginning, he knew something was off about that purple bastard.
-buys gifts for everyone on the castleship
-spoils lance the most
-wanted that kick ass King Alfor facial hair aesthetic
-loses his shit when he tastes pizza/garlic knots for the 1st time
-hides shit everywhere in the castleship
-genuine chill
-fears Allura will work the paladins into the ground

-doesn’t know shit about makeup
-very asexual, would like to keep it that way
-favors the mice out of everyone on the castleship
-enjoys sparkly stuff. Lance brought her geodes once (no one ever thought to split one open??), she thought they were fugly rocks until lance split one open, she lost her shit.
-doesn’t hate all Galra, she’s just wary
-can benchpress Shiro, Hunk, and Kieth in one go
-was arranged to marry zarkon’s first born, this means Lotor.
-looses her shit.
-enjoys word searches
-her chill is fake af
-fears the destruction of Voltron

-certified genius
-cryptid gang or die
-will bitchslap lolzor and tsarfon
-mental stability?? Tf is that shit?
-mutters cusses, so they don’t disappoint space dad
-a meme
-they can and will meme at anyone
-frequent meme-offs with lance
-tends to go to lance for motherly support
-rickroll coding to fuck up galran tech
-misnames anyone just to fuck with them
-“Voltron is love. Voltron is life.”
-doesn’t need the glasses, they wear them for Matt.
-will fight anyone, anytime.
-fears nothing

-Cryptid Gang founder
-dedicated to finding Mothman.
-is hella gay, loves hunk
-Shiro and Him are Bros™
-watched Over the Hedge like a religion
-believes in science
-can art. Like whose mans? The fuck?
-archives alien races, goes into extreme detail
-scared of being shunned for the galra ½
-quotes archaic emo bands
-lowkey watches RuPaul’s drag race
-will scream into the void

-The best chef
-Allura thinks he can out cook Coran
-Coran thinks so too
- thinks Lance is the bestes little bro any guy could have
-is willing to talk peace, unless you come at him or his boyfriend
-bi and is always ready to cry
-has tattoos
-two moms is better than one mom
-lilo and stitch BC he relates to lilo more than he’d like to admit, only he was taken away from his kupunawahine, who was too old to properly take care of him
-taught lance how to speak Hawaiian
-never really felt the need to learn ukulele until lance came in the dorm crying and pulled out his ukulele and sang Como La Flor to himself
-scared of being alone

-blue boi
-puns or death
-listens to all music
-sings Broadway like a fucking pro
-dances any genre, and figure skates
-some alien thought iceskates were meant for hardwear
-nearly lost his shit
-gender norms? Wat that?
-has pastel clothing for when he feels like it
-into being a little, but he wings it bc who the fuck in gonna teach him in space?
-Shiro is his daddy
-the actual space mom. Allura doesn’t have shit on Lance’s mothering
-one time he nearly erradic an entire race bc they hurt Kieth, Hunk, and Pidge’s feelings.
-found a guitar, ukulele, and a piano in an Authentic Earth™ store
-made Allura buy them with his kitten eyes
-fear Lance’s kitten eyes
-fears that he has no place in Voltron & the inevitability of death

-little spoon

-Space dad
-into being Lance’s daddy bc he knows lance needs the mental grounding
-pansexual? He doesn’t care who he dates as long as its mutual affection
-lowkey scared of Lance’s mental/emotional breakdowns
-fears his PTSD fits coming in when lance is in subspace
-the cuddler™
-steals all blankets and pillows so he can make a giant fort in the common room
-“Im six! Let me live!”
-listens to hood gang rap.
-he will curb stomp anyone that talks shit about his and Lance’s dynamic
-even if they’re a paladin
-talk shit get hit.

-big spoon

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It was getting late. Your last lesson was supposed to start at 10 and you had agreed in meeting one last person but the guy wasn’t showing up. Your friend had told you about his co-worker wanting to take Tango classes, but you had rent the place for a couple of hours, and it was closing soon.

Tango was more than a dance for you. It was like a language, something silent between two people trying to connect. 

But this guy was taking it lightly, thinking that maybe you had all the time in the world. 

 You started stretching, your body already getting tense from all the lessons you already did today and a couple of minutes later, a knock on the door made you raise your head. 

 A guy was standing in front of you, his breath short and forehead damp with perspiration. 

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Dancing With The Stars Season 24 Bloopers

so the mc just told them numbers about their success and this is how they reacted:

- rapmon is impressed and can’t really believe it (hence the shaking of this head)

- jimin probably doesn’t really know what’s going on but he still smiles politely

- jin’s like “hell yeah i know we’re great, we don’t need a reminder for that”

- jungkook is being an adorable puppy about it and applauding for his hyungs and himself

- hobi - being the dance pro he is - busts a move as a sign of affection and thankfulness

- yoongi is probably really flustered and rubs the back of his head because all of this is so much more than he’s ever imagined or his head is just itchy idk

- and v. well v my precious bun is too lazy to take out his hands so he just stomps while looking astonished to make some noise

i love them so much, i don’t understand


Swan, revived at the Hermitage


Swan backstage from shooting  for  «PRO Dance"  magazine.

Photographer Mark Olich

Prima ballerina of the Mariinsky Theatre Oksana Skorik.


Opening Number || 05.01.17

Thoughts on Dirty Dancing Reboot


  •  Interracial relationship with a black MAN and a white woman (!!!) 
  • Gal pal times with Penny and Baby
  •  Lisa telling off asshole what’s-his-name to eff off right off the bat 
  • Neil is less of a dick (but still kind of a dick)
  • Lisa is also a lot nicer


  •  ALMOST lesbians but nope. Just a near-divorce and then reconciliation
  •  Lap dance scene? Wtf man 
  • Baby’s character being reeeaaaally different. Like, a lot less guarded, sassy, and more “innocent”. 
  • They surrounded Abigail Breslin with people specifically designed to make her look fat 
  • The music was…not good. I personally didn’t like how they had the actors sing the songs (musical-style) rather than keeping the originals.
  • The characterization of like everybody just felt off. And cheesy. 
  • The Lift ™ felt weird too. A lot of the dancing did. 
  • The Mickey & Sylvia scene was shortened far too much. 
  • No one can replace Patrick Swayze.
    THE ENDING. Movies like this are meant to keep our dreams alive, not crush them. 
  • This didn’t happen:

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  •  Extra musical numbers - that song from Corrina Corrina 
  • The whole divorce subplot? Like I was still hoping for lesbians but okay? 
  • They switched around the order in which things happen, in minor-ish ways 
  • Everything was much more choreographed and less natural
  • It was a LOT more obvious that Johnny was an escort, and not just a young-innocent-had-to-do-it-or-else-be-fired 
  • It seemed more about Johnny changing Baby’s life than Baby changing Johnny’s life
  • Almost a con - the clothing was not nearly 60’s enough but rather the 60’s styles that are coming back in current fashions

All in all it was meh. My final opinion:

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Latino!Lance Headcanons

(because there can never be enough of them):

  • Lance is very politically aware of his country’s situation, and of a lot of the rest of Latin America (because of all of Latin America’s governments are screwed up, though Guyana and Suriname are actually quite chill?)
    • Apart from Pidge and Hunk (because it’s my headcanon that the first thing Hunk does in the morning after breakfast is tune into the news), Lance knows the most about the world’s political/economic/social state. 
    • When your country has been royally screwed up for decades, you tend to listen to the adults talk about the government. 
      • The adults take sides, and if one of them don’t agree with the others that one is instantly looked at with the Bitch Face™
    • Lance is extremely opinionated on the matter of the Cuban government and if you argue with him he will pull out so many facts it’s insane. 
      • Pidge tries to talk about it once and Lance got into this huge rant that lasted an hour. 
        • After that no one on the ship dares question Lance. 
  • Lance is the Best Dancer™
    • You think he wouldn’t be with how tall and lanky he is, but damn that boy has MOVES. 
    • The only reason Lance is so confident around girls is because in Latin America, being a great dancer puts you in the Top 10 of the girls’ boy list. 

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