Prompted by Trump’s disturbing and horribly inaccurate statements about “partial birth abortions” in the last Presidential debate, this woman shared her experience with late-term abortion on Facebook.

Late term abortions are rare, but necessary procedures, done only when the parent’s health is at risk, or the fetus is non-viable. It’s a difficult decision to make, and the government should not be involved in it in any way.

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Alternative names for the “pro-life” movement that aren’t emotionally manipulative



sex police


anti-woman (I am only using this gendered language because someone as closed-minded as an anti-choicer will almost always be transphobic as well)


I’m about over my evangelical friends acting like they have to vote for Trump because if Hillary wins she’ll appoint Pro-choice Supreme Court judges and then everyone in the whole wide world will suddenly have a zillion more abortions. I am pro-life, but that is just not a realistic prospect. The people who decide to have an abortion are not going to care all that much who’s in office when they do that, and as it stands it’s much more a state issue than anything else. Voting for a lying charlatan on that one issue is ridiculous, especially since his previous behavior suggests that he is not trustworthy or consistent on the issue of life (or anything else for that matter).

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Women should not get the right to demand child support from an unmarried man so long as abortion is the woman's sole decision. If you can choose to murder your child in the womb, the man should obviously be allowed to have no responsibility for the child if the mother decides to not murder it. Fair is fair.

Okay, first of all, abortion isn’t murder. Stop saying that. 

Second of all, no, because child support is about the child, you know, that’s been born, and abortion is about the mother and respecting bodily autonomy. They are not comparable. The mother still has to pay for it and all the procedures to have the child OR to get an abortion. They are not comparable. 

Followers please add as I’m way to tired for this ignorant shit.

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Y’know, I realized something the other day while I was half-debating with one of my coworkers on her pro-life stance.

It was a typical exchange and didn’t last very long; the radio happened to air an anti-Trump, pro-Hillary commercial which got us started on politics, and while we both agree both major candidates were god awful, she ended her piece with, “Well, me, personally, I always have to vote pro-life because of my beliefs.” 

Being vehemently pro-choice, against my better judgement, I expressed that while I know many pregnant people out there could never personally abort their child regardless of circumstances, it’s important for someone to have that choice.  She rebutted with, “I just think of the child, and how they don’t have a choice,” to which my snappy response was, “It’s not a child yet.  It’s not even a human being.  It’s not alive.”

Oh, boy, did that piss her off.

We got into a small spat about where pro-choicers then draw the line; okay, if it’s not human at one week, two weeks, not even ten, then when does it become a human?  It’s not as if we can ask the fetus, who won’t be able to talk till it’s long out of the womb.  That was my response: I don’t know.  You can’t know.

We stopped talking to each other for a while after that, but that didn’t stop me from thinking.  I try to be a person who always evaluates and reevaluates their stances on political and social values from time to time to scrutinize for biases or invalid proofs.  As I thought, I came to realize that the more I thought about what I had said, the more I realized that I had been wrong.

A fetus is a human being.  It is alive.  Biologically and scientifically speaking, that is a fact.  Without complications or a choice on the part of the person carrying it to term, it will one day be born, and grow, learn to roll over, crawl, walk, talk, and eventually how to not drool all over itself.  A fetus may not be fully developed, by any means, but everyone began as one.  That is the simple truth.

I was, and always have been, quick to jump the gun and say that a fetus isn’t a human being–isn’t even alive–because that makes it easier to justify why abortion should be legal and easily accessible.  After all, how can you call it murder if what you’re aborting was never truly alive to begin with?

And so, so many arguments about abortion hinge on this: Is a fetus a human being, or isn’t it?  Pro-lifers, of course, argue that it is.  And on this, I at last concede that I agree with them.

And I can still proudly and emphatically state that I am pro-choice.

Y’see, I realized that the debate between pro-lifers and pro-choicers shouldn’t be whether or not a fetus is a human being, because a simple look at its DNA proves it to be.  Pro-lifers argue that a fetus has at least as many, if not more, rights than the person carrying it by advocating a denial to let them decide whether having a child is really in their best interests.  The argument is–as it always has been, or should have been–one of rights, and for this we must ask ourselves:

Does an unborn human being with the potential for growth and individuality and eventually, perhaps, reproduction of its own, have just as many rights as the person carrying it?

If you say yes, that opens up a pretty giant can of worms.

The number of unborn people in this world far outnumber those of the born.  By this I mean that no female has ever fertilized every single egg spat out into their uterus, that no male has impregnated another with every single ejaculation, that a lot of people protect themselves with contraception on a regular basis, and many, many people will never have children, ever.  If you start thinking about the what ifs, rather than focusing on what is, it would never stop.  What if that couple would have had a child?  Perhaps they would have gone on to become your favorite musician, or the scientist to cure cancer, or the Pope.  Maybe they would have just bummed around in their parents’ basement.  But because they were never born, never even conceived, we don’t miss them.  No one does.  People who aren’t born aren’t around to miss the fact that they aren’t here.

Abortion, is, of course, different in one big way: conception has already occurred.  But it is the same in the way that matters most: a fetus, a tiny, underdeveloped human without memories, without bonds, without a personality…is yet another what if.

I understand that an abortion, in some cases, ruins the potential for a future individual to experience the wonders and horrors of life.  I do.  But it’s the same as the couple who never even conceived a child.  As they are, those tiny, underdeveloped people are in no position to determine whether or not coming into the world is a good idea.  They have no concept of life.  They are unable to make decisions.  And that’s why giving someone who can make decisions–namely, the person carrying them–the right to do so is so, very, very important.

An aborted fetus would not miss what short life it had.  True, it was alive, but it did not live; to say that abortion is murder is to suggest that the decision to do so is a malicious one, one made to purposefully rob someone of their life and inflict pain on those who knew them.  It isn’t. 

The fact is, the only person who can decide whether or not a fetus should be brought into the world is the person carrying that potential, developing human being.  For most, abortion isn’t an easy decision, but one made with careful consideration with regard to whether or not the child could be properly cared for.  Others choose abortion after slip-ups with contraception simply because they do not want to carry a fetus to term or raise a child, and this, too, is important: and unwanted child would never have the life a wanted child would.  To strip someone of this decision, this choice–to force them to go through with a pregnancy that would vastly alter them both physically and mentally, regardless of circumstances, is to say that a what if has more rights, more priority over something and someone who already is.  

Hell, I haven’t even brought up the fact that some abortions are done because they must be done for the sake of the life of the person carrying the fetus, that these decisions are ultimately the hardest and the worst (because in most cases, the pregnancy was wanted), that after the fact parents can even develop PTSD as a result of how horrific and traumatic the experience was–and some pro-lifers would still look this person in the eye and call them a murderer.

Yes, to rob a person of the right to decide whether or not they should abort their child can literally rob them of their life.  And to do so is to say that unborn human beings have more rights than those of us who are already here.

And that’s really, really, really fucked up.

I was an unwanted pregnancy.  I very nearly could have been aborted.  And despite this–in fact, in part because of it–I am, always have been, and always will be, passionately pro-choice.

I almost wish I could rewind time and go back to that spat with my coworker.  I would take back what I said previously, admit that I was wrong in thinking the way I did in order to more easily justify my stance, but I would hold my ground.  I wish I had asked her if she truly believes a potential human life has more rights than the person carrying it.  I wonder what she would have said.

But I suppose that’s just another what if, huh?

Because reading the reblogs on that Planned Parenthood dashboard ad is depressing, I’d like to remind everyone to do some further research on Margaret Sanger before buying into the “buhhhh she was a racist and PP is based on eugenics buhhhh” propaganda. We’ve reblogged quite a few posts about her and the origins of Planned Parenthood if you’d like to start there.

What baffles me most about the anti-choice movement is the audacity that they have. Anti-choicers are okay looking a person in the face and saying “I don’t know you, I don’t know your situation, but you need to listen to me and obey the laws I will impose on your body”. They are saying that in addition to the fetus having more rights than the mother, they themselves (hear: white male politician) have more rights to your body than you do.

That’s right. Some middle-aged white Christian guy who has never and will never meet you, feels entitled to your body. Quite frankly, I think that’s disgusting. 

Hey pro-choice friends, 

So earlier I was talking about 9th month abortions and the reason why they exist (health of the mother or the fetus etc.) and someone said “ James McMahon, a late term–3rd trimester–abortion doctor testified before the Judiciary Constitution Committee that 80% of those abortions are perfectly healthy human beings and the mother’s life is NOT in any danger. These are abortions done beyond the time of viability, so they could survive on their own. His words, not mine.” 

Does anyone know anything about this? I’m researching now! :) I seem to be getting two conflicting statistics. 

Mod Bethany

abortion that late should 🚫❌

I did not know that in 7 states in America, you can carry out an abortion the day before you give birth (allows abortion at any time). That’s so fucking disgusting. And other states allow abortion up to 28 weeks. That’s not a ball of cells no more, that’s a damn baby. It’s good that abortion is legal but not the fucking late into the pregnancy 😷😷 nasty

Just a few of the stories my great aunt told me about women in the 60s:

1) A woman she worked with at the hospital who had a baby with one of the ambulance drivers. When work found out they fired her (he kept his job). She tried to self-abort with a knitting needle.

2) The sister of one of her neighbours who wasn’t able to rent a room because she was a ‘fallen woman’.

3) A girl who got sent to a convent house and scrubbed floors until the day she gave birth. Her baby was given up for adoption without her consent.

4) Girls who had babies with priests.

5) Women who were on their fifth, sixth, seventh child, who had been pregnant for the best part of a decade, begging for sterilisation because their husbands wouldn’t wear a condom.

Banning abortion has never ever stopped it from happening. It’s just meant more stigma, more prejudice, more risks and more deaths.


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