The fact that anybody can still legitimately support Donald at this point astounds me.

Yes, Clinton is terrible, yes she’s corrupt, yes she’s done some bad shit, we all know this.

 So what does Clinton have over Donald? She has over 30 years political experience. She is one of the most qualified people in America for the presidency. Whilst Donald has never been elected to any office before, Clinton was secretary of state for many years, first lady for many years, a lawyer for many years. Her experience makes up for any corruption she has, whilst Donald made his money off of his father and claims the Emmy’s are rigged when his television show doesn’t win.

Donald has made outrageous claims that have been disproved time and time again. He insulted a disabled reporter in a speech and then only months later denied he ever did it, when it was televised. He says he will “keep us in suspense” on whether he will accept his loss, what the fuck is that supposed to mean. Is he saying he won’t accept democracy? It isn’t rigged if he wins, but it is if he loses. Sounds like he’s just scared of losing to me.

And then we get to his policies. His policies, which amount to nothing but racist nationalism. Building a wall across the southern border, banning Muslims. Sounds very dystopian doesn’t it. His vice president choice, Mike Pence, is just as bad, spouting such homophobic bullshit I still can’t believe isn’t from some internet troll. Being against gay marriage and homosexuality entirely, but also fully supporting conversion therapy, which if you didn’t know, is a horrible “camp” to rid youths of their homosexual thoughts, through propaganda and any other means necessary. I’m pretty sure the suicide rate for homosexuals is much greater for those that had to undergo conversion therapy than those that didn’t. 

Donald also is against abortion, and thinks women should be punished for it. So what if she’s raped? She has to keep the kid and be reminded every day of what happened, and the kid has to grow up learning what they are the product of; what if she gives it up for adoption? The kid may have a worse life, and still may learn what he is the product of, plus the woman still has to go through 9 months of completely unwanted pregnancy. What if going through with the pregnancy will kill the baby, the mother, or both? Doesn’t matter apparently, because a foetus is now equal to a real human being according to Donald. Clinton on the other hand? Pro-choice, fully, completely pro-choice.

There is so much more to cover, that’s all just the tip of the iceberg. If you are American and voting, please please vote for Clinton, for just the safety of you and your country.

tl;dr, If you want a raging lunatic that hates women and anybody not American, vote Donald. If you want a safe, but ultimately forgettable president but one that’s still incredibly qualified, vote Clinton.


For pro-lifers, I need to address something with all of you.  Whether you’re a teen/young adult, or a middle aged mother you need to realize that hiding sexuality and birth control and being open with your children or with your parents is going to cause more issues.  Don’t get mad if your daughter asks to go on birth control.  Most women are.  She can go by herself to a planned parenthood if she really wants to.  But to shield and hide your kid from the real world isn’t going to work.  Anyone that I know who has had an abortion who was young was because the condom broke and it just takes one time and they had nothing as a back up.  That’s why they happen.  Y’all think abortions are being used as a form of birth control and I hate to break it to you but that’s not the case.  It’s a hard thing for the mother of the fetus, and the partner (in most cases) to do.  And as far as late term abortions, lets clear this up; it only occurs when a mother or the fetus is going to be dead afterbirth or is already dying. 

Anti-choicers go on about making society/the world a better place so pregnant people aren’t like forced to thinking they need an abortion but, like, get realistic, please? Anti-choicers talk about people needing more love and shit (that’s them assuming everyone who’s had an abortion wasn’t loved during that part of their life) but even the richest person who is completely satisfied with life may still want to have an abortion, despite having this perfect life. And whilst anti-choicers talk about making society better etc, etc, then in the meantime, people will continue to have abortions, lmfao

abortion that late should 🚫❌

I did not know that in 7 states in America, you can carry out an abortion the day before you give birth (allows abortion at any time). That’s so fucking disgusting. And other states allow abortion up to 28 weeks. That’s not a ball of cells no more, that’s a damn baby. It’s good that abortion is legal but not the fucking late into the pregnancy 😷😷 nasty

Just a few of the stories my great aunt told me about women in the 60s:

1) A woman she worked with at the hospital who had a baby with one of the ambulance drivers. When work found out they fired her (he kept his job). She tried to self-abort with a knitting needle.

2) The sister of one of her neighbours who wasn’t able to rent a room because she was a ‘fallen woman’.

3) A girl who got sent to a convent house and scrubbed floors until the day she gave birth. Her baby was given up for adoption without her consent.

4) Girls who had babies with priests.

5) Women who were on their fifth, sixth, seventh child, who had been pregnant for the best part of a decade, begging for sterilisation because their husbands wouldn’t wear a condom.

Banning abortion has never ever stopped it from happening. It’s just meant more stigma, more prejudice, more risks and more deaths.


A Christian Doctor Who Performs Abortions Explains His Convictions

In a given week, he might drive between Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi — states where anti-choice legislators are working to end abortion entirely with waves of new restrictions. He says, “What I’m doing is right, because it’s always right to help people.”