Introducing my Probably Intelligent Personal Pixel Array, otherwise known as PIPPA.

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Hogwarts Houses as my friends that have been sorted into them
  • Gryffindor: Wants to fight everyone, has never fought anyone, sits in pajamas for two days without showering after something bad happens,makes you harmonize with them in bathrooms that have good acustics, good with directions, best person to call when you are upset or sad, curses in more than one language, gets drunk and takes selfies with you for hours on end, will put you in a headlock when you are drunk and try to do something stupid, owns too much hair spray, really aggressive about genghis khan
  • Ravenclaw: has no personal space boundaries, shows up in your house randomly because they know the garage code, wants to hang out with your dog, once fed the Gryffindor peanuts while they were drunk and laying down in the shower, can remember the exact lay out of every place they have ever been, can't remember plans to hang out, opens most conversations with "this might be really off topic but", terrible at relationship advice, has explained memes, explains jokes, is not spoiler free
  • Hufflepuff: wants everyone to stop fighting, does great impressions of what we are like while fighting, has a mom purse with everything in it, buys more art supplies than they need, can drink the others under the table and still arm wrestle someone, gives great relationship advice, gives bad significant others too many chances, remembers every dumb thing you have ever done and brings it up when you try to do something similar, very pro smoothies, only drinks carbonated water
  • Slytherin: has had three separate breakdowns that could have been real but might have been to get out of something, loves you unconditionally, is terrible at keeping their phone charged, has actually fought someone, takes you to the weirdest restaurants, has a nickname for everything, has used tears and looks to get what they want, great listener, takes everything way too personally, is not to be left alone with Gryffindor friend unless mayhem is condoned, has to try on everything in a store, never has any money and gets you to pay

The Living room battlestation done. Workspace

Here are some of the products that make this workspace an Amazing Workspace:

Filco mj2 tlk mixed set ducky and massdrop keycaps

Girlfriend setup

Asus asus pg348q

Massdrop x Fostex TH-X00

Corsair LPX Low Profile 16 Go DDR4 3000 MHz

INTEL 7700k with NZXT Kraken x42

Line6 ux2

Logitech g403 wireless

Jbl lsr305


Thermaltake Core P1

Corsair RM650x 80PLUS GoldGigabyte 980ti G1

Xbox Elite controller