“You’re a water bender?!”

“Indeed I am, kitty. It just so happens I like wearing red much more than blue.”

Adrien makes the assumption Ladybug is a firebender by her colors, and so challenges her thinking it’ll be no big deal. Big mistake.

Based on the Bender AU by @celebreultimaverba in which both are Pro Benders under the aliases of Chat Noir and Ladybug.

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concept 2: the rwby cast in the avatar world, Ruby is the avatar, Weiss is a water bender from a family of water bending royalty in the northern tribe, Yang is ruby's firebending sister (bc this time round the avatar was born in the fire nation), Blake is a non bender who used to be an equalist but left when they got violent, pyrhha is a Pro Bender who firebends, Nora and Ren are on her team they earth and water bend respectively, Jaune's a klutzy airbender can who never quite get the hang of it



Alright guys doing some tribute fan art for thelegendofkorra for the upcoming tribute show. I will be submitting these pieces that will hopefully be chosen to be showed at the event, still need to do Tenzin and Asami, maybe even Lin if I have the time! thelegendofkorrafreak thelegendofkorrathelastairbender thelegendofkorrafans thelegendofkorra-rp tlokscenery thelastairbenderfandom bolin bopalin makos-lightningrod korranation korralegend korraspirit korrastyle korra-naga

Okay so this may have been done before but bender au miraculous ladybug!!

  • so adrien is a firebender
  • marinette is a waterbender!!
  • and they’re both pro benders, under the alias of chat noir and ladybug, respectively
  • adrien keeps his identity a secret because Republic City Golden Boy Adrien Agreste™ is supposed to be a nonbender
  • (it’s just bc Gabriel Agreste, whose company started in clothes and then diversified quickly into tech and etc thinks that it’s best that Republic City Golden Boy Adrien Agreste™ keep a nonthreatening, nonbending profile)
  • (since of course the equalists, led by Hawkmoth, are gaining some support in the city and Gabriel does not want his son targeted)
  • adrien likes bending though!! so he dons a mask (in this case, a helmet w a visor maybe??) and goes to underground bending matches, just to do something with his talents
  • eventually he gets Good, and graduates to the pro bending arena, where he quickly climbs the ranks as his alias, chat noir
  • (we can say that in this, not only are 3v3 matches a thing, 2v2 and 1 on 1 matches are also common. perhaps 3v3 is the most popular bc all 3 common elements are showcased but anyway)
  • his talent + his style + the mystery of his secret identity makes him a fan favorite quite quickly
  • his manager/trainer is plagg and when adrien does 3v3 matches, his waterbender
  • nino is his partner in 2v2 matches and his earthbender in 3v3
  • for 1 on 1 matches nino is a cheerleader
  • meanwhile, marinette is out and proud as a waterbender
  • except maybe not exactly as she wants to be
  • I imagine that waterbending is generally seen as a very relaxed, flowing sort of bending and as such its benders are seen as wise and etc
  • but come on this is marinette she has a Temper and she may be a healer bc she loves helping people but
  • she becomes ladybug because she wants to use her waterbending as maybe a sort of aggressive pursuit?? essentially she wants to use it in all the ways it can be used and healing is too passive for this girl
  • she has a similar origin story as adrien, except starts after he does and gets into the pros after chat noir is established
  • starts out underground, goes pro with her manager/earthbender 3rd tikki’s help
  • and of course alya, who is her cheerleader/2nd/firebender/journalist
  • but alya is really more interested in covering the fights rather than being in them
  • like chat noir, ladybug’s talent + style + secret identity (+ alya’s coverage) make her a quick fan favorite
  • so their first match against each other is a doozy
  • ladybug’s aggressive fighting style and chat noir’s more evasive, passive one (plagg is a waterbender in this and trained adrien a bit, what do you expect??) are very…….interesting to watch together. like a dance
  • in the end, chat gets his ass handed to him but it was really a very close fight
  • he approaches her afterwards
  • “so hey there’s a 2v2 match tomorrow and my regular partner bailed….”

The Mystery skull gang in the Avatar universe! Lewis is a firebender (bends purple fire) Vivi is a waterbender (mostly ice) Arthur is a Airbender and well, Mystery is a polar bear dog! 

The lances are both earthbenders but my lance prefers Metal over earth. Official Lance was a pro bender back in his day! (why is Arthur an airbender when his uncle is an earthbender? Arthur’s mother is an airbender. XD