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how do kasey and jason (aka the kitsune) meet in the avatar au? ;o

oh! it’s Jasper! and in the Avatar AU, Kasey meets Jasper at the pro-bending arena, because Jasper’s little brother is a pro-bender and he likes to watch his games. Kasey offers to buy Jasper a drink because he thinks he’s cute, and Jasper originally brushes him off, gladly taking a free drink but not wanting to bother talking to him. Jasper doesn’t like to let anyone close to him in Avatar AU, because he’s secretly the Kitsune working for Dahlia. (As with most AUs, Jasper’s manipulated and used by others, leading him to have trust issues) Kasey continues to see him week after week and eventually Jasper realizes he likes Kasey back. That scares him a lot, and then Dahlia asks Jasper/Kitsune to capture Kasey for something she’s scheming and Jasper hates having to. He doesn’t want Kasey to ever find out that he’s the Kitsune. 

Sorry for going on a tangent!! here’s some old art of them :~)

Lin’s little move here–the way she spins around–is very much like airbending. 

Given how we’ve seen the metalbending police use a variety of spins and things when they’re up in the air, and given the overall Team Avatar dynamic, it would make sense that Lin would pick a few things up from Tenzin and Aang. 

And, given how everyone else in Republic City (the pro-benders especially) likes to mix and match fighting styles, it should come to no surprise that a lot of United Republic benders have learned to become light on their feet.

Five goddamn years of turning the Krew into trash bags!

Five years ago, while sleep deprived late one night, an idea came to me: Turn the Krew into those lovable scumbags from South Philly.

What started as just putting some funny Sunny quotes over Korra screencaps evolved into the mess it is today.

Korra became a volatile, closeted self-described “badass” with a criminal father and a cigarette for a mother, and she doesn’t know how to express herself unless through anger and personal attack. She’s made her own movers called “Project Badass,” and she also gained a nickname because of her catlike reflexes. She’s under the impression she can tuck and roll through a fifty-foot drop. She doesn’t think gaining and losing 60 pounds in three months is impossible, as “through Raava all things are possible, so jot that down,” though the only reason she dropped the weight was because of the “size pills” Asami gave her (they were really Fire Nation ephedra). Though she would never say it to her face, she thinks Asami has great thighs. Rather than get her own gym membership, she uses Asami’s, and it also turns out that she actually doesn’t own anything.

Asami became a vain, narcissistic, predatory sexual deviant who makes her own sex movers (all with star ratings), has her own dating system, calls herself a “golden god,” and she will bang your girlfriend. She also wrote her memoirs, Asami Sato: An Erotic Life, and she was once a cult leader for a cult she started to keep Korra from eating her Thin Mints. While trying to compliment Korra, she only complimented herself instead. She likes to keep her “tools” in a hidden compartment of her Satomobile’s trunk, and she tends to unleash her fury after containing her rage for as long as possible. Bolin thinks she’s as methodical as a serial killer. She once threatened Mako with turning him into a lampshade or a collection of high end luggage. After Korra told her that her body was in decline and Varrick said she had an “anteater nose,” she bought herself a billboard to show the world she still has “a rocking body that deserves to be worshiped.” She also wants people to sign “creepy documents.”

Mako became an angry “dirty, drunk whore” who looks like a bird and sets “bitches” on fire. He once had a dream of being a successful pro-bender, despite that “ship sailing three years ago,” but he ended up failing. He also once managed to drag the others to a gin bar which they all hated. He got a cat, to which Korra and Asami said would begin his transformation into “crazy cat man.” Because of their teasing, he pointed out they were “two co-dependent losers,” but when their “break up” affected everyone else, he brought them back together and assured them it was “perfectly natural for two grown women to need each other this badly.” When a serial killer was on the loose in Republic City, targeting “young, attractive firebenders,” the others assured Mako he didn’t fit the description. He faked his death with Korra and Bolin, and while Asami knew the latter two were alive, she thought he might have actually been murdered. To get on welfare, he and Asami both decided to smoke crack. And no matter what he does, he’ll always be the butt of everybody’s jokes.

And Bolin became an illiterate, fire-ferret-food-eating wild card. He knows everything about Bird Law, and he considers himself the best goddamn bird lawyer in the world. On top of that, he’s familiar a little bit of pigeon. He has anxiety about leaving Republic City, to the point he has to wear a sack on his head so they can all go to Ba Sing Se, and he had the Krew hunt for ghouls during Bolin Day, though none were found. He considers Korra his best friend over Asami, who had banged Ginger, and he and Varrick made up their own game they call “Night Crawlers,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Glue ODs are a regular thing in his life, and as he is a common man, he does not eat dragon. He considers his drawings art and likes to eat chalk. He also wrote a song called “Nightman.” Whenever he gets a little wound up, Asami will grab him and yell “Oi! Oi! Oi!” over and over, which seems to work.

Then there’s also the “Five Franks”:

So thanks to everyone following this blog because, honestly, without all y’all, this blog would not have lasted five years. So let us enjoy some cans of boxed wine and delicious milksteak!

Headcanon time!

Headcanons for LOK characters after the series end. I always enjoy doing these!

Korra and Asami have an amazing vacation in the spirit world, which fuels Asami’s imagination inspire many innovations that will help humanity, while also maintaining a balance with nature and the spirit world. Korra’s own sense of spirituality and understanding is heightened during this trip.

Korra and Asami eventually become wives, and spend the rest of their lives bringing peace and balance to all nations. Korra through her avatar powers and Asami her invention powers (shhh, it’s a power). Korra also becomes an awesome avatar, and is no longer considered the worst avatar ever.

Bolin and Opal eventually fade apart, and in grief and confusion Bolin joins this weird ass circus almost every other Avatar universe character has been apart of. There he meets his future wife, a water tribe girl who is an aspiring director ( I will forever ship Bolin and water tribe girls). Together she re-starts Bolins career as an actor and they make some of the most successful movers of the time. During that time Bolin works hard to use his celebrity and new found wealth for philanthropy, eventually transitioning from actor to politician since he wants to be more proactive with helping. Plus his years in the entertainment career has solidified his public speaking skills. Also with his money he is able to move him and Mako’s family out of Asami’s house. Bolin and his wife give birth to a firebender kid in a weird skip of genetics.

Mako decides to remain Wu’s body guard during his attempts at becoming a pop singer, which of course Wu fails at but on the plus side lands a gig as a radio show host. It’s only a short five years, but during that time him and Wu get into some crazy shenanigans before, with a heartfelt goodbye Wu let’s Mako go, because they both know it’s time. Mako rejoins the police force as a detective, but he will always remember fondly his day with the man formerly known as Prince Wu. Everyday he starts his day listening to the radio show ‘Waking up with Wu’.

Yes, Lin Beifong ends up taping that nuktuk waiters cute booty. The waiter was very honored. Lin Beifong adopts both Bolin and Mako as her little chicakdee’s and nurtures her little babies with that good ol’ fashion tough love. She remains Republic Cities greatest chief of police and a statue is erected of her next to Toph, made by her own nephew Huan.When Huan was asked about the statue he had this to say “ I don’t normally do straight forward stuff, I like to make the audience work for it, suffer in their efforts to obtain it’s meaning, but then I thought about it and my Aunt is one of the most straightforward people I know. So I made a statue that’s like her, straightforward in resemblance and meaning.” Lin also now visits her family during the holidays.

Mako follows a similar path as Lin Beifong and ends up being devoted to his work. While he dates a few other people along the way, he never settles down with anyone and has no kids, well, in a gesture of goodwill he donates his DNA to Asami and Korra so that they can have a kid together. He is an excellent Uncle and so is Bolin, and at the end the day very satisfied with being “BatMako”.

Toph Beifong, remains a badass swamp witch. Also gives Lin Beifong a proper apology.

Katara awakens from her four year stupor and returns to being the badass old lady she always was. Immediately gets involved with everything, including helping with the transition of spirits in the human world. Being the avatar’s wife gives her some pull with the spirits.

Since Katara seems back to her old self and doesn’t really need to be taken care of, Kya is free to start roaming again. This time she decides to explore the spirit world.

Desna and Eska lead the Northern water tribe nation into becoming the world’s most fashionable place to be, seriously they are like Paris or Milan or something fashionable. Apparently the southern nation can’t get down with the Northern Fashion, and insist on maintaining a certain Southern flair. With great irritation Desna and Eska releases Southern Watertribe from their care. Katara is elected chief of the Southern Water tribe. A statue of her is immediately put up.

Water Tribe remain the sexiest nation.

Tenzin and all his airbender children work on rebuilding the air nation and custom, refitting it to fit with modern times. Meelo joins the United Army, becoming the first air nation member to become Admiral.

Tahno and the Wolfbats are still Pro-benders, although honest pro-benders. They also start a jazz band with the same name, and are quite successful. Their music is often seen as risque and not at all respectable, very big with the youth. Tahno, the wolfbats and the two fangirls are in a life long committed polyamorous relationship, loyal to only each other. With that said the ‘Uh-vatar” is always welcome to free ‘private lessons’. It was reported in one of the teen magazines that their favorite food is noodles. Desna has Tahno posters in his office, and has been known to frequently invite him to the northern tribe palace.

Korra regularly visits Kuvira, and consults her on occasion about various different Earth nation customs, but mostly to keep her company. In later years she is also known to visit Zaheer and have philosophical debates.

In true Beifong style, it takes Bataar 15 years before he is able to speak with Kuvira.

General Iroh II marries a respectable, intelligent, good hearted fire nation noblewoman. Teen magazine reports that many hearts were broken.

Zuko splits his time between the fire nation and the southern water tribe. At first to help with the spirit portal, then to visit his uncle and eventually to spend time with a certain special Southern tribe girl whom he always fancied since boyhood. Their wedding is very quiet, but beautiful and long awaited.

Korra leaves behind a most excellent legacy.

See, in ATLA, this would have been a firebending kick that makes Bolin trip, and fall into the water. But it’s not. 

What Tahno is instead doing is using one of his firebender-style waterbending moves (and he, like many of his fellow pro-benders has a lot of those), and adapting it to accomplish this illegal move.

“You’re a water bender?!”

“Indeed I am, kitty. It just so happens I like wearing red much more than blue.”

Adrien makes the assumption Ladybug is a firebender by her colors, and so challenges her thinking it’ll be no big deal. Big mistake.

Based on the Bender AU by @celebreultimaverba in which both are Pro Benders under the aliases of Chat Noir and Ladybug.

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Do you think an airbender could eventually be a pro bender or that they even would include airbenders? How do you think they would fight, since they could technically just carry the other person to the other side and stuff!!

I don’t think they could legitimately include airbenders yet, unless there was one on each team and another element was excluded to even things out, because there simply is not enough airbenders for them to immediately integrate them into a super popular sport like that, not when the Air Nation is so new and unsteady. 

But when they are larger and greater in number, yes definitely. (You can’t just exclude them without a reason; and airbenders aren’t really treated badly as a general rule.) But I’m thinking they would need to make some changes to accommodate airbenders, and place a handicap on them because airbenders as they are normally have a massive advantage on a Pro Bending field. Here’s some things I would suggest that would probably work put together:

  • Make the field bigger; not an issue since bending exists.
  • Give the airbenders of each team a circular zone all to themselves somewhere around their team’s second zone. 
  • The airbender does not move back; if they are knocked out of their zone, they’re out altogether–no second chances. Since airbenders are naturally superior to other benders in terms of dodging (there’s a reason Korra started curb-stomping people once she got the hang of circle-walking), this is not nearly as easy as it sounds. 
Korra and elemental identity (Book 1)

Every now and then, someone points out that Korra doesn’t seem to use her native element much, or act like a “proper” waterbender, or whatever. As a criticism of Korra, I agree that it’s particularly inane, but it seems people are in such a hurry to defend her that we don’t stop to think about why.

So, I’ve been thinking about why ;)

Keep reading


Taehyung- farm boy, aspiring pro-bender, and apparently the avatar. During a time where there’s been peace for so long, not many know he exists. 

 Jimin- number one supporter of his favorite probending team, his hyung’s team, and a non bender who can more than hold his own and earn the respect of his friends. He finds himself the peace keeper for a while, as new additions are added to the team. 

 Jungkook- a prodigy firebender who yoongi begrudgingly admits is way too good and doesn’t know how to lose.

More here!!


The Mystery skull gang in the Avatar universe! Lewis is a firebender (bends purple fire) Vivi is a waterbender (mostly ice) Arthur is a Airbender and well, Mystery is a polar bear dog! 

The lances are both earthbenders but my lance prefers Metal over earth. Official Lance was a pro bender back in his day! (why is Arthur an airbender when his uncle is an earthbender? Arthur’s mother is an airbender. XD

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I'm loving your prompt answers so much! You've done so many so quickly, how do you do that? Are you still taking them? I'm falling in love with Wei/Sitiak so if possible could I have them with 18. “I’m alive… I can tell because of the pain". That quote speaks to me so I'd love to see your take on it! - AMPA

The fact that the waterbender from the Capital City Catgators had not only gotten red-fanned but had gotten kicked off the team for the rest of the season was small consolation for him at the moment. Getting hit with the debris from his own discs embedded in ice had hurt. A damn lot, actually. Spirits knew that being a pro-bender meant more than your fair share of injuries and scars, but slicing through his uniform? The fucker didn’t even have the guts to do it to his face, choosing to throw it at his unprotected back, instead. 

Which was why Wei was on his stomach in a hospital bed, hurting and mad as a buzzard wasp. The nurse had popped in to tell him the healer was on his way; he’d growled at him but he’d ignored him, efficiently cutting through what was left of his uniform and stripping it off of him as he cursed in a way that would have done his dead grandmother proud. There he was, bare-assed to the world, bleeding everywhere, chunks of clay embedded into his flesh. That asshole had best keep out of his way in the future was all he had to stay about it. If he survived Set going after him, that was.

“That’s quite a mess,” came the deep voice from the doorway, and Wei wanted to die. If that wasn’t the sugar on top of his mochi! Of all the healers, it had to be this one?

“I’m alive…I can tell because of the pain,” he tried to quip, but it came out a little flat. Sitiak ignored it to put a compassionate hand on the arm that had missed getting hit with the shrapnel. 

“I’m afraid it may get worse before it gets better. I have a mild poppy milk infusion for you, however.” He brought a straw to his lips and Wei drank it down, grimacing at the overly-sweet taste. “It should kick in very soon. What I’m going to do is use water to bend out all of the obvious pieces. After that I’ll have to go over you carefully, I don’t want to miss even the smallest shard.” A bit of a pause. “I hope you don’t have anywhere to be, because this is going to be a long and very intimate date.”

Wei’s eyebrows rose. Did the guy just make a joke? Huh. Wonders never ceased.

It hurt. Even with the poppy milk it hurt. One piece, entrenched into the muscle of his left buttock, hurt so badly coming out that he shouted and swore with tears in his eyes before gasping out an apology. Sitiak just patted him, however, and told him to curse as much as he needed to. Just his luck that the only way he could get the man to touch his ass would be when he was yanking clay slivers out of it.

Much to his surprise, he started to doze a little. Sitiak’s hands were gentle as he probed his flesh for any leftover bits, soothing as he used his bending to clean up all of the cuts before smearing on ointment and bandaging the bigger ones. Several times, as he started to tense up, Sitiak would stroke his muscles back into relaxation. Finally he crouched down next to Wei’s head. “I think I’ve got them all,” he said quietly. “I’ll be back tomorrow to go over everything. If you do feel any sharp pain anywhere, however, call for the nurse, please.” He held out another straw and Wei sipped the poppy milk obediently, his eyes closing of their own accord. “Sleep now,” the healer said before standing up, and Wei wasn’t going to argue.

“You did well, Wei,” he thought he heard him say, but as sleepy as he was, he couldn’t be sure.

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YEAH YEAH, people harp on the Pro-bending plot in Book 1 but I'm just like, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW AWESOME IT WAS THAT KORRA GOT TO COMPETE IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS. Tenzin's objections were never "it's not womanly or proper for you to be a pro-bender", they were about spirituality, and Tenzin GOT OVER IT WHEN HE SAW HOW WELL PRO-BENDING WAS SUITED TO KORRA AND TEACHING HER IN AN ATMOSPHERE SHE THRIVED IN.

(forgive me, this got long and turned into a rant/meta i’ve been meaning to write for such a long time but have been consistently failing to put into words effective enough for me to feel comfortable posting. …and hell, i’m still a bit apprehensive, but i’m going for it because i can’t stay silent about this forever.)


like this is one of the primary reasons korra is SO important to so many people, and the series is so importantly pro-feminist first and foremost, other issues with it aside. yes, there are other issues but when people focus on those at the expense of acknowledging how important korra is i just get really frustrated.

i know people are also concerned about the more “feminine” women in lok (namely asami) being thrown under the bus, people are concerned at femininity being perceived as weakness and people worry that korra as a character is implying/stating that femininity is weak. and i completely respect that concern. but at the same time people seem to be actively ignoring the horrible prejudice more quote “masculine” or simply athletic women face and how important lok is in fighting against that.

the thing is we need to focus on both issues equally. people who pit korra and asami against each other and try to argue who has it “worse”/who gets more hate from the fandom instead of respecting them as individual women who both have their own unique styles and BOTH NEED TO BE PROTECTED AND DEFENDED AT ALL COSTS - these people need to stop.

sorry for going off on a slightly different tangent, it’s just that this is the thing that drives me crazy about this fandom every single day, a thing i usually don’t know how to put into words and have been trying and failing to for a long time, and this article just kinda prompted me to give it a go. because holy shit women being tortured for being too quote “masculine” or too athletic…disgusting, disgusting, disgusting and dangerous bullshit.

and you know what…i’m just gonna try to say this thing i’ve been putting off discussing for a long time. i’ve come to believe that people reading korra’s character as being “anti-femininity,” although an important concern, is a fundamental misreading of the text. yes, earlier in book 1 korra makes some comments about asami being feminine as a feeble attempt to insult her, and that IS problematic, but people seem to forget it is done from korra out of jealousy, not out of a true hatred of femininity. korra wears a dress to the gala, wants to try asami’s makeup at her mansion - she isn’t avoiding these things.

the truth of the matter is, however much i appreciate critiques and concerns about lok making femininity look “negative,” i see this reading as coming far more from the fandom than from the show itself. not to say it isn’t coming from the show, but the irony is the show actually pits korra and asami against each other SO MUCH LESS than the entire fandom does. this fandom’s obsession with defending one girl while putting the other down DISGUSTS me, and it needs to fucking stop. ultimately the show has portrayed korra and asami as friends with the unfortunate dumb roadblock of being in a love triangle, but it’s how far it goes with this that matters, and the fandom has gone so much further. the fandom continues to willfully ignore all the signs the show has given (and bryan has given) that ultimately korra and asami will become the best of friends before anything else in the coming seasons, and ultimately they will prove that you don’t fucking pit girls against each other, you don’t fucking try to shame and police the way girls choose to express themselves, you don’t come up with dumbshit false binaries of “femininity” vs. “masculinity” - IF YOU WANT TO BE A FEMINIST YOU FUCKING SUPPORT EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY CHOOSE TO PRESENT THEMSELVES. H O L Y. S H I T.

Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#165: The Mako skit in “Remembrances.”

LoK fans all know by now that “Remembrances” was born of necessity because Nickelodeon slashed Book 4′s budget and Mike & Bryan chose to do a clips episode instead of cutting staff.  As a clips episode, it did somewhat stop Book 4 in its tracks and interrupt the flow of the season.  But though certainly not as clever in concept (or execution) as “Ember Island Players,” “Remembrances” actually ended up being pretty enjoyable despite being a clips episode.

Surprisingly, I rather enjoyed the way it revisited the Mako/Asami/Korra love triangle from Books 1 and 2 – in particular, the self-conscious chibi character commentary, which pointed out all of the fandom’s frustrations with Mako in Book 1 (e.g., calling out Mako for kissing Korra while he was dating Asami, and for the lack of clarity in his breakup with Asami).  

I love that Mako himself recognized his mistakes as he retold the convoluted story of his love life, and acknowledged that he needed to find out “who I was without a lady in my life.”  And I love that this skit, which nominally revisits the love triangle, actually highlights Mako’s main character arc.  Notwithstanding the love triangle drama, Mako went from this:

Mako: Bolin and I grew up dirt poor, so once I became a pro-bender, I wanted it all: Riches, fame, accolades. But all that changed when I met Korra.

To this:

Mako: Korra showed me the importance of putting others before myself. And whenever I think of her, she continues to inspire me. 

The scene really helped capture Mako’s character growth throughout the entire series.  He started out as the jerk who wouldn’t even say hi to Korra when Bolin first introduced her because he was so focused on winning riches, fame, and accolades.  But through his relationship and, later, friendship with Korra, he shifted his focus to things outside of himself.  He joined the police force, and supported Korra in her fights through Books 2 and 3 notwithstanding the disintegration of their romantic relationship and the awkwardness from the fallout thereof – because he knew there was more at stake in the world than just himself.  

This little skit in “Remembrances” was not just a throwaway to needle at fans who hated the love triangle, in other words.  It contributed to the audience’s understanding of Mako’s character growth, and helped set Mako up for his hero moment in “The Last Stand,” which highlights just how much he’s willing to put others before himself.  

Finally, this is unrelated to Mako, but I’ll just close with the fact that the villain conference call in “Remembrances” was freakin’ hilarious: 

The Deepest Bond

Okay– I’m about to lay-out a very very very very unpopular and hated idea, but I need to get it out of my head.

WARNING if you don’t like or understand Kuvira then this post will be a hard one for you. No this is NOT A FANFIC!! It’s an analysis. 

1st– I’m super happy and grateful that Korra x Asami happened. That’s a big, no, HUGE step in kids tv in America and it finally happened!  With the main character and a woman of color. BRAVO!!! Thank you so much Bryke!!

Okay I’m not a shipper but I always enjoyed the thought of Korra and Asami being together because they fit so well very very well. Asami was the counter balance to Korra. Their relationship would foster growth and enlightenment (I’m not saying that will not still happen). The next part is a post I posted over a year ago. You have to understand my old post to understand why I feel so strongly about my next topic: 


1st- I do not hate Mako. I really don’t!!!!!! I think he is a SWEET guy really. He has problems but who doesn’t.

Now- to me Korra x Mako are supposed to be THEE pair. Right? That’s who the avatar has picked and Mako likes her back. So match made in heaven  (at least for the avatar)? Not really. They are way to much a like, like they are the same person really only one is female and one is male. So they have the same short comings, same reaction to things and are both still very immature. They bring nothing of value to the table for each other. It’s like two left feet. I feel the only reason they are together is physical attraction. I’m pretty sure they both think they are hot and same for each other. Korra is the avatar (how do you turn that down) and when Korra met Mako she was in awe of him being a great pro-bender. He was an idol to her (not in a bad way). It felt more like this:  Korra “A great pro-bender- wow.”  Mako “The avatar- wow.” Now they did become friends but what confuses me is EVEN THOUGH Mako did like Korra when she came up missing and he completely flipped out- that reaction felt very out of place. If Mako liked Korra from the start like she liked him- why did he even start a relationship with Asami?! I’m pretty sure (even though Asami was the one that pursued Mako at the start) Mako did not have it in his mind that Asami was going to help with the championship. I do feel like Mako got swept up in the fact she was very pretty. To be honest if I liked someone like Korra and had not told her yet- I would not start a relationship till I had, but that’s me. Mako makes very poor judgments but so does Korra. Yet with Korra she has the tools to get out of them, Mako not so much.  So Mako and Korra- super cute together but compatibility is a struggle a BIG struggle. Korra and Mako are no way opposites.

Korra x Asami. I do not like this pair because they are a same sex pair. That’s not it at all. This pair works because they are opposites with enough similarities that the attraction works. They rarely say anything negative about each other (except when Korra referred to Asami as prissy). Hah. Anyway. Also Asami was pretty much great for Mako, why would it be any different for Korra. Mako and Korra are the same person thus Asami is a great match for Korra as well. Plus Korra and Asami ended up having respect for each other. I have not seen much of that between Korra and Mako. Asami brings maturity and dept to the relationship. She is not hot headed and is very calculating.   I feel like Asami brings the type of respect, affection and reassurance that Korra needs to be able to grow. Asami possesses all of that. I’m sad that they met each other due to a love triangle plot (blame the writers). I feel it should have been the other way around, that Asami should have almost hit Korra, instead of Mako. Not that Asami would have asked Korra on a date- but it would have started their friendship and it would have more meaning to it; that Korra and Asami were meant (destined) to meet and be friends. That Mako, Bolin, and Asami were MEANT to be with Korra- to help and support; to be her true friends. 
Asami at this point in the story is the only one that has the qualities and depth to be Korra’s love interest. 

I wrote that post in the middle of Book 2.

But… but I did not know how to explain my feeling that when Book 4 started airing I was not so keen on the idea of Korra x Asami. Like it almost felt odd. I didn’t know why till the finale and then I understood. Korra out grew Asami. It feels like Korra x Asami was a book or two to late. Not that people have to be together because it promotes growth– but you should be in a relationship that does that or at least the avatar should. To me Korra balanced herself and grew so much, which is great and makes for a stronger and better relationship. Yet Korra’s growth was so much that it off-set Asami. I blame the writers again for not giving us more time to believe in Korra x Asami or show it. There have been hints all along but still needed more than what we got. Oh and the creators say that the avatar only falls in love once. So that would mean she has always been in love with Asami. So that means that she was never in love with Mako???  At the end of Book 2 Korra would have never said that to Mako if she was never in love with him. Now if Asami had hit Korra instead of Mako then I’d almost say YES Korra had always been in love with Asami. I believe Asami actually liked Korra long before Korra ever came around to her– but that’s another story. You could argue that even though Korra liked Mako– it was not true love and Korra did not find that till Asami. You could argue that but guess what – we never got to see that! 


Now I feel like Korra and Kuvira  are Yin and Yang to each other. Two sides of the same coin yet still different. Very Capricorn and Cancer (earth and water).  ** "yin yang", are concepts used to describe how apparently opposite or contrary forces are actually complementary, interconnected, and interdependent in the natural world, and how they give rise to each other as they interrelate to one another. Yin and yang can be thought of as complementary (rather than opposing) forces that interact to form a dynamic system in which the whole is greater than the assembled parts. They cannot exist in isolation.** Remember Korra and Kuvira were both isolated and that hurt their inner growth.  NOW I think Kuvira needs Korra more than Korra needing Kuvira but that’s because we get next to nothing of the full extent of Kuvira’s inner workings. There HAS to be something there if you are being compared to being like the avatar and then the avatar telling you the same thing. 

All of that brings me to say this– the best match for Korra, Book 4 changed Korra,  is Kuvira. If they had brought in a new character like Kuvira but less tyrannical their dynamic together would have been off the chart. I know people are going to flip and say ‘that’s like dating yourself, and that’s not true Korra and Kuvira posses different personalities, traits and backgrounds. They are very much the same yet still very different. 

True this does not ever have to be a romantic relationship. Would they work? Yes. They would be a power couple for sure.  Their dynamic is so strong, super strong, like next level soul mate 'we just opened a spirit portal together.’ That’s deep.

**them clashing opened a new portal, as in Kuvira’s weapon and Korra’s avatar state and Korra having compassion for Kuvira = new spirit portal**

What made me think of all of this? The Korra and Kuvira interactions in the spirit world. They were both showing their vulnerable sides and you know that’s something neither of those two would do at least not to that level and certainly not if each one hated the other. There was more emotion and understanding there then we have ever seen with Korra x Asami (even though Asami always does say wonderful things about Korra).

^^If I showed you this image and you have no pre-knowledge of the show. What would you think? ^^

When Korra caught Kuvira and she was just holding her there (she could have just sat her in the flowers, or even just caught her by the shoulder/arm or just put her hands up to just keep her from falling to the ground) no she just held her. We have never gotten a shot (screen take) like that, not someone laying in Korra’s arms as she gazes at them. *yes Korra caught Lin in book 3 from hitting the concrete– but they did not show a scene of Korra gazing at Lin in her arms*  It was very intimate, not necessarily romantic but almost felt like it, but it was just a depth that we have not seen from either of these two.

When Kuvira jumped up and pushed Korra away. It was Korra’s reaction that was the most interesting.  Korra did not jump up from the ground quickly, Korra’s reaction was very slow almost like a hurt, like a rejection. I can see Korra makes a slight face but it’s the body language I was watching (Korra’s body language is the most telling about her). Also when Korra sits back in the flowers while talking to Kuvira and telling her about how she understood her and felt, in that scene Korra  seemed so open and vulnerable. A beautiful beautiful scene. Very intimate, soul searching and deep.

 These two in that moment had a understanding of one another, there was a bond. Kuvira might not have said much but watch her face. (Besides with Kuvira you always have to watch her face because it’s the most telling thing about her).  These two were on another level while in the spirit world almost like soul-mates minus the fact Kuvira was written as an enemy.   

I know Kuvira could not have been endgame for Korra due to the fact she was a villain, but that’s the depth and deep bond I’d love to have seen Korra’s love interest have.

Like I said I’m glad Korra x Asami are endgame and Asami is smokin hot, sweet, a great friend and a great fighter. Yet there is something very deep about Korra x Kuvira. If not soulmates then they most definitely have a soul bond. That’s not something to be ignored. I still say soulmates due to the strength of the bond = spirit portal and big YIN and YANG aspect. I would like to see these two become friends and I hope they show Korra going to visit Kuvira in jail. Kuvira really has no one and Korra understands her the best– so I hope Korra does become a friend to Kuvira. Also I know Kuvira is/was in love with Baatar Jr, but the same things apply to them just like Korra x Asami.  

**SIDE NOTE: Soul mates may never become a romantic interest/relationship – but they are one of the most deepest bonds you can have with a person** 


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Haikyuu: Legend of Korra Pro Bending AU

Because what better way to write your OT3 than in an AU where they can fight other OT3s?

Oikawa, Iwa, and Kags

> Oikawa’s Waterbending adds a layer of defense as well as offense

> Iwa’s Earthbending can punch a hole in an iron wall sorry not sorry Dateko as well as create an iron wall of sorts for defense

> Kags’s Firebending, particularly his fireball shots are either insanely accurate and semi powerful or the other way around where they’re extremely powerful but there’s the possible chance of someone who isn’t an opponent *cough* Oikawa *cough* getting singed

- Oikawa knew they needed a 3rd person and Iwa knew Kags was the best fit
> it took some rigorous (by which I mean literally rigged) tests from Oikawa to consider Kags as ‘good enough’ but a misplaced fireball to Oikawa’s hair was a close call
> it was Iwa’s idea. Said he needed to “lighten up” and while he didn’t mean it literally, Kags took it as such

- Pro Bending CHAMPS in the arena, buncha dorks everywhere else. Shit gets lit on fire only to be put out immediately OR someone gets drenched and the drencher gets a boulder pelted at them

> Iwa can usually get both of them to put aside their differences either with promises of nice family dinners together even tho Oikawa and Kags claim they don’t wanna eat together

> if that doesn’t work then I mean. Tough Love Iwa mode gets engaged.

ok but IMAGINE

Bokuto, Kuroo, and Tsuki

as a popular, crowd-pleasing pro bending trio

> Bokuto’s the Earthbending offense/defense, he’s a powerhouse for sure but once he’s in Dejected / Emo mode then he’s a danger to like EVERYONE
> Kuroo’s Waterbending is used to defend and block as well as trip up the opponents, skilled with pushing and pulling the water to soften incoming blows but his favorite thing to do is throw in a huge ass mofo wave and SWAMP the playing area, he always loses his shit laughing afterward and soaked Bokuto and Tsuki are jus a little less amused
> Tsuki’s 'don’t get hit’ playstyle is easy to carry out with Airbending, although if anyone besides the opponent gets caught in a gale push, 'it’s not [his] fault’, he’s particularly good at riling up the opponents either verbally or cause of the pitying and smug smirk he gives them when he dodges (in case anyone’s wondering one of the reasons Bokuto and Kuroo’s hair looks the way it does. Talk to Tsuki. maybe he’s up for retelling that story)

- Bokuto and Kuroo obviously thought it was a great idea to form a trio but it started as a duo with jus them at first
> they were at a noodle shop fantasizing about how great it would be to play in pro bending matches when Kuroo glumly remembered that it takes 3 to enter
> then Bokuto was like “finding a 3rd person’ll be easy, bro! I wouldn’t be surprised if our future partner walked through the door right. Now.”
> it took like two minutes but eventually Tsuki walked in and Bokuto be like “YOU SIR.”

- HIGH level team with great synergy although Tsuki would never admit it

> Akiteru was once a (Earth) Pro Bender too but was injured when he took the place of one of the regulars so he can’t participate anymore, so he watches his lil bro reluctantly join in with what’s now one of the best teams around

> Kuroo got Kenma into watching Pro Bending, it was with Bokuto’s help that Kenma began practicing (and then someone ELSE’S help who got him into actually playing in the ring ;)

Hinata, Kenma, and Aone

> Hinata’s a high flying Airbender whose quick bursts of wind will knock you down if you’re not careful
> Kenma’s Waterbending is especially potent when it comes to the Cloak form and he can easily grab hold of opponents while still shielding himself from opponents, additionally, he can extend a water whip to block a blow for his teammates
> Aone’s Earthbending defense is rock solid (ba dum tsshhh) ain’t nobody breaking through that

- Kenma was the hardest to convince but also the most experienced of the 3 with Pro Bending (in the end, Hinata’s puppy dog eyes are always a killer)

> like I mentioned above, Kuroo and Bokuto got Kenma into watching Pro Bending but Shoyo was the one who encouraged him to take it to the arena with him

- it took a while for all 3 of them to be comfortable with each other (Kenma and Aone in particular) but with Hinata playing the mutual friend, they all go out for dumplings after matches, win or lose. They’re underdogs compared to the rest of the teams but they’re steadily advancing one match at a time

> after getting to know each other, Kenma and Aone practice together and do small training drills like filtering Water and Earth (respectively) and making each other lil ice or rock trinkets like an icicle bear or a rock kitty

> they also both love sweets and Hinata LOVES watching them get along he JUMPS like 10 ft in the air with JOY

Terushima, Futakuchi, and Akaashi

(totally not my 2nd year favs bias) Here me out on this tho

> Terushima’s Firebending style is similar to Book 1 Zuko, very aggressive and wild
> Futakuchi’s an Earthbender who often aims for the legs with more dense (not necessarily big in size) rocks, defense is also solid
> Akaashi’s Waterbending has the grace of an Airbender, he can form long and slender water whips from his arms and legs like ribbons (tho it still hurts getting slapped, Teru and Futa found out the hard way)

- the 3 of them met outside the arena after a match with Teru and Futakuchi cheering for opposing teams and one of them being salty cause their team lost so they started fighting and Akaashi water bitch slapped them across the face Free!style like “if you want your team to win so badly why don’t you tell them instead of fighting outside? Morons.”

> so Teru and Futa did exactly that but security said only teams were allowed in the back, so Futa said he and Teru were a team

> obviously security calls him out on it cause a team is 3 people but THEN. right then. Akaashi happened to walk by (cause idk he forgot insert object here or something) and Teru was like “there’s a third person.” And Futa was like “our third person.”

- Akaashi had his doubts but the 2 dorks really grew on him, and he’s been wanting to try his hand at Pro Bending for a while now after watching one (of many) BoKurooTsuki matches

> who’ve thought he’d be facing his inspiration in a match?

> Teru’s fav team is the reigning champs (IwaOiKage) cause their moves are cool and flashy

> Futa’s is HinaKenAo cause you gotta love the underdogs who climb their way to the top