Pro Tip: Applying lotion after every shower or bath is a must! If you love to take super hot showers, then it is absolutely non questionable that your skin needs moisture. BUT, not just any moisturizer! You want the right one for your skin type! Here are three tips to identifying your skin type.

Very dry skin type - Cracking from dryness on elbows, knees & hands.

Neutral skin type - Occasional dryness at elbows, knees & hands.

Oily skin type - Rare dryness with occasional blemishes.

Finding the right moisturizer for you can be a challenge, I know. My advice is to analyze your skin type and do a bit of research. Also, when it comes to cosmetics you get what you pay for so don’t be cheap.

Xoxo, Much love!

-Elliott Alexzander

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This month’s Fan Art Fifteenth painting features Avatar Korra from Nickelodeon’s “Legend of Korra.” Digitally painted in Photoshop CS5 on a Surface Pro 2.

I’ll be posting the process video shortly!

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But let's please talk about officer Bolin

He’s matured big time, and for the better! He is calm, coordinated, professional, and is literally a higher up to a huge military organization.

For so long he didnt know what his purpose was. He tried to be a pro-bender, actor, just overall friend. But ever since Book 1; Revelations, he has been completely lost for his own future. Now he has a path, and for 3 long years no less.

But he is still the Bolin we know and love. He is still kind and affectionate and wanting to help others. He’s just grown up, just like Kai said. He’s not jumping all over Opal, but it’s just as warm of a hug.

But he has matured under the hidden demons of Kuvira. A monster hiding in the “new world order” that she is rising. He honestly believes she is helping people, and not just him, pretty much everyone under her command and the townspeople believe it as well.

They honest to god respect Governor Kuvira and her actions, despite her nasty brutality and tricks. The only people who truly know her brutal take over is the towns leaders. And of course Opal doesn’t approve, because she herself is not in that starving helpless the townspeople are in, which is blinding them. Which is just a whole another level of angst.

And because Bolin is under Kuvira’s command (and spell), his actions and his beliefs are dictated by her. Because being with Kuvira (not to mention back again with Varrick) is the reason he grew so much.

So how could he stray from what has made him grow and accomplish so much? Or at least, make him feel like he did? It’s almost like Varrick all over again, but at a much bigger cost.

I’m sure the real question is “if the governors not involved, can I really do anything?” It’s his first real path that made him a better person, how could it possibly be “evil”? 

And now, a choice may lead him to lose everything he used to have, and everything he used to be.

Okay so this may have been done before but bender au miraculous ladybug!!

  • so adrien is a firebender
  • marinette is a waterbender!!
  • and they’re both pro benders, under the alias of chat noir and ladybug, respectively
  • adrien keeps his identity a secret because Republic City Golden Boy Adrien Agreste™ is supposed to be a nonbender
  • (it’s just bc Gabriel Agreste, whose company started in clothes and then diversified quickly into tech and etc thinks that it’s best that Republic City Golden Boy Adrien Agreste™ keep a nonthreatening, nonbending profile)
  • (since of course the equalists, led by Hawkmoth, are gaining some support in the city and Gabriel does not want his son targeted)
  • adrien likes bending though!! so he dons a mask (in this case, a helmet w a visor maybe??) and goes to underground bending matches, just to do something with his talents
  • eventually he gets Good, and graduates to the pro bending arena, where he quickly climbs the ranks as his alias, chat noir
  • (we can say that in this, not only are 3v3 matches a thing, 2v2 and 1 on 1 matches are also common. perhaps 3v3 is the most popular bc all 3 common elements are showcased but anyway)
  • his talent + his style + the mystery of his secret identity makes him a fan favorite quite quickly
  • his manager/trainer is plagg and when adrien does 3v3 matches, his waterbender
  • nino is his partner in 2v2 matches and his earthbender in 3v3
  • for 1 on 1 matches nino is a cheerleader
  • meanwhile, marinette is out and proud as a waterbender
  • except maybe not exactly as she wants to be
  • I imagine that waterbending is generally seen as a very relaxed, flowing sort of bending and as such its benders are seen as wise and etc
  • but come on this is marinette she has a Temper and she may be a healer bc she loves helping people but
  • she becomes ladybug because she wants to use her waterbending as maybe a sort of aggressive pursuit?? essentially she wants to use it in all the ways it can be used and healing is too passive for this girl
  • she has a similar origin story as adrien, except starts after he does and gets into the pros after chat noir is established
  • starts out underground, goes pro with her manager/earthbender 3rd tikki’s help
  • and of course alya, who is her cheerleader/2nd/firebender/journalist
  • but alya is really more interested in covering the fights rather than being in them
  • like chat noir, ladybug’s talent + style + secret identity (+ alya’s coverage) make her a quick fan favorite
  • so their first match against each other is a doozy
  • ladybug’s aggressive fighting style and chat noir’s more evasive, passive one (plagg is a waterbender in this and trained adrien a bit, what do you expect??) are very…….interesting to watch together. like a dance
  • in the end, chat gets his ass handed to him but it was really a very close fight
  • he approaches her afterwards
  • “so hey there’s a 2v2 match tomorrow and my regular partner bailed….”

Alright guys doing some tribute fan art for thelegendofkorra for the upcoming tribute show. I will be submitting these pieces that will hopefully be chosen to be showed at the event, still need to do Tenzin and Asami, maybe even Lin if I have the time! thelegendofkorrafreak thelegendofkorrathelastairbender thelegendofkorrafans thelegendofkorra-rp tlokscenery thelastairbenderfandom bolin bopalin makos-lightningrod korranation korralegend korraspirit korrastyle korra-naga

“You’re a water bender?!”

“Indeed I am, kitty. It just so happens I like wearing red much more than blue.”

Adrien makes the assumption Ladybug is a firebender by her colors, and so challenges her thinking it’ll be no big deal. Big mistake.

Based on the Bender AU by @celebreultimaverba in which both are Pro Benders under the aliases of Chat Noir and Ladybug.


The Mystery skull gang in the Avatar universe! Lewis is a firebender (bends purple fire) Vivi is a waterbender (mostly ice) Arthur is a Airbender and well, Mystery is a polar bear dog! 

The lances are both earthbenders but my lance prefers Metal over earth. Official Lance was a pro bender back in his day! (why is Arthur an airbender when his uncle is an earthbender? Arthur’s mother is an airbender. XD

ally-wonderland  asked:

YEAH YEAH, people harp on the Pro-bending plot in Book 1 but I'm just like, DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW AWESOME IT WAS THAT KORRA GOT TO COMPETE IN PROFESSIONAL SPORTS. Tenzin's objections were never "it's not womanly or proper for you to be a pro-bender", they were about spirituality, and Tenzin GOT OVER IT WHEN HE SAW HOW WELL PRO-BENDING WAS SUITED TO KORRA AND TEACHING HER IN AN ATMOSPHERE SHE THRIVED IN.

(forgive me, this got long and turned into a rant/meta i’ve been meaning to write for such a long time but have been consistently failing to put into words effective enough for me to feel comfortable posting. …and hell, i’m still a bit apprehensive, but i’m going for it because i can’t stay silent about this forever.)


like this is one of the primary reasons korra is SO important to so many people, and the series is so importantly pro-feminist first and foremost, other issues with it aside. yes, there are other issues but when people focus on those at the expense of acknowledging how important korra is i just get really frustrated.

i know people are also concerned about the more “feminine” women in lok (namely asami) being thrown under the bus, people are concerned at femininity being perceived as weakness and people worry that korra as a character is implying/stating that femininity is weak. and i completely respect that concern. but at the same time people seem to be actively ignoring the horrible prejudice more quote “masculine” or simply athletic women face and how important lok is in fighting against that.

the thing is we need to focus on both issues equally. people who pit korra and asami against each other and try to argue who has it “worse”/who gets more hate from the fandom instead of respecting them as individual women who both have their own unique styles and BOTH NEED TO BE PROTECTED AND DEFENDED AT ALL COSTS - these people need to stop.

sorry for going off on a slightly different tangent, it’s just that this is the thing that drives me crazy about this fandom every single day, a thing i usually don’t know how to put into words and have been trying and failing to for a long time, and this article just kinda prompted me to give it a go. because holy shit women being tortured for being too quote “masculine” or too athletic…disgusting, disgusting, disgusting and dangerous bullshit.

and you know what…i’m just gonna try to say this thing i’ve been putting off discussing for a long time. i’ve come to believe that people reading korra’s character as being “anti-femininity,” although an important concern, is a fundamental misreading of the text. yes, earlier in book 1 korra makes some comments about asami being feminine as a feeble attempt to insult her, and that IS problematic, but people seem to forget it is done from korra out of jealousy, not out of a true hatred of femininity. korra wears a dress to the gala, wants to try asami’s makeup at her mansion - she isn’t avoiding these things.

the truth of the matter is, however much i appreciate critiques and concerns about lok making femininity look “negative,” i see this reading as coming far more from the fandom than from the show itself. not to say it isn’t coming from the show, but the irony is the show actually pits korra and asami against each other SO MUCH LESS than the entire fandom does. this fandom’s obsession with defending one girl while putting the other down DISGUSTS me, and it needs to fucking stop. ultimately the show has portrayed korra and asami as friends with the unfortunate dumb roadblock of being in a love triangle, but it’s how far it goes with this that matters, and the fandom has gone so much further. the fandom continues to willfully ignore all the signs the show has given (and bryan has given) that ultimately korra and asami will become the best of friends before anything else in the coming seasons, and ultimately they will prove that you don’t fucking pit girls against each other, you don’t fucking try to shame and police the way girls choose to express themselves, you don’t come up with dumbshit false binaries of “femininity” vs. “masculinity” - IF YOU WANT TO BE A FEMINIST YOU FUCKING SUPPORT EVERYONE REGARDLESS OF HOW THEY CHOOSE TO PRESENT THEMSELVES. H O L Y. S H I T.

25,82 Jahre alt, 183,5 Zentimeter groß und 78 Kilo schwer: So sieht der exakte Durchschnittsprofi der vergangenen Saison aus. Er gab 1,2 Torschüsse pro Spiel ab und lief 10,5 Kilometer pro Spiel. Sven Bender von Borussia Dortmund kommt dem Durchschnittsprofi übrigens am allernächsten.

Dabei ist “unser” Manni alles andere als Durchschnitt :)

“Did you see that!” Korra leaned over the edge of the railing, trying to get an even closer look at the pro-benders. “I have got to learn that move!”

Asami smiled, shaking her head, “What you need to do is sit down; you’re going to flip yourself over and if you come back all bruised up Tenzin is going to kill me.”

“Hey I can airbend my way down, or use water. Avatar it. Besides,” Korra fell back in to her chair and threw an arm around Asami, “I promise to keep you safe from Tenzin’s wrath. If anything I’d be the one getting into trouble still.”

“Well let’s keep trouble out of our date nights for as long as possible.” Asami teased, tugging on a lock of Korra’s hair; leaning in for a kiss. They were just a breath away when Korra turned her head suddenly.

“Whoa, I can’t believe he blocked that!” Her attention was back on the game.

Asami groaned, “Next time I’m picking the date location.” But there was a hint of smile still on her face, pleased to see Korra so happy and knowing that so long as that kept up she would follow Korra wherever she wanted to go.