Day 2 of The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena Kickstarter reveals!

And things are glorious!!!!!

First up we have some fully-painted figurines for the Fire Ferrets and Wolfbats. They look SO awesome. Keep in mind the figurines in the game come unpainted, but this shows the possibilities for what you can do on your own. I’m definitely going to be painting mine!

Next, we have the team boards for the Fire Ferrets and Wolfbats. Finally a closeup! Note that on these renders the element order of the pro-benders is water-earth-fire while in all the other promo materials and the demo version it has been earth-water-fire. We’ll see what it ends up being in the final game.

Lastly, our first expansion team has been revealed: the all-female Red Sands Rabaroos! Adi (fire), Ula (earth), and Umi (water) join our main teams as the first of SEVEN expansion teams that are being unveiled over the following two weeks. These mystery teams, along with tonnes of other extras, are only available in the Kickstarter version of the game that comes if you back the campaign. Which, by the way, is already 300% funded in just over a day.

Stay tuned for the rest of the reveals!

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idk if you have ever watched avatar the last airbender but if you have, what type of bender would each of the b99 squad be in your opinion? :o

OMG I LOVE AVATAR: THE LAST AIRBENDER AND LEGEND OF KORRA & I LOVE THIS ASK !! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (PS: Sorry this reply took so long. I’m evidently a Mess.) 

Before anything tho, I’d like to say that these are *my* headcanons, and I totally get that other people might have different thoughts about what element each character bends! Let’s all respect each other’s opinions and just agree that CHEDDAR IS THE AVATAR. (Okay, maybe not. But let’s still keep the angry arguments to a minimum, yeah??)

Terry is an earthbender. He’s brute strength and all muscle. While he’s never managed to metalbend, he’s known for literally moving mountains.

He once participated in the Earth Rumble competition as part of an undercover op and ended up winning the title of Earthbending Champion. His prize belt had to be submitted as evidence because it was rumored to be made of solid cocaine, and Jake has definitely tried to dig it up out of the locker to pose with. (”Peralta! No tampering with past evidence!” “I’m wearing gloves, Sarge! And the belt’s in a baggy! It’s fine! Just let me be Champion for once!!!” “You don’t even earthbend!”)

Holt is a firebender. He had the brash recklessness of a firebender in his youth, but time and experience have given him the wisdom and clarity of mind to master lightningbending. When he isn’t busy running the Nine-Nine, he enjoys honing his sword fighting skills and playing Pai Sho.

Rosa is an earthbender. In her days as a ballerina, her seismic sense had come in handy when she had to keep track of the precise positions of her fellow dancers. Now, her seismic sense allows her to pinpoint criminals in hiding and is especially useful before/during raids. Metalbending had come naturally to her, and she likes using the skill in crafting everything from jewelry to swords. 

Jake is a firebender. He’s all attack and impulse and “eyes closed, head first, can’t lose.”

He had actually gotten firebending from his dad; Nana and his mom were both airbenders. Roger had stuck around long enough to teach him the basics (i.e. how not to burn the house down), but he walked out before Jake could learn the more advanced techniques. Jake had grown up pretty much wishing he was an airbender, like the strong women he knew and loved.

When Jake figured out at age 9 that he could lightningbend, he was so excited about it – except he accidentally hurt Gina while trying to show off his new skill, and he vowed never to attempt lightningbending after. It’s Holt who eventually teaches him how to master, not fear his power.

Charles is an earthbender. The Boyles had always been burrowers, and Charles swears Great Nana Boyle learned how to earthbound from the badger moles themselves. Charles was a beast of a pro-bender in his college days but gave up the sport because it brought out his competitive side (and also because he ate half a rock disk and was strongly advised by his doctor to take a break for an indefinite amount of time).  

Gina is an airbender. She’s not one for training or practicing forms, but she does enjoy meditating and visiting the spirit world every now and then. When she and Jake were younger, she tried to “firebend” with him using a lighter and a can of hairspray. He also once tried to “airbend” with her when she was learning how to fly. (Needless to say, Nana was not happy either of those times.)

Amy is a waterbender. She comes from a long line of waterbenders and learned how to heal from her abuela. (None of her brothers can do it, so she’s very proud of herself.) 

As a child, she heard about bloodbending in myths. As a cop, she reads about it in case files that make her stomach churn. She could never even imagine using her bending to directly manipulate another person. That is, until an escaped convict is 2 seconds away from slashing Jake’s throat, and she finds herself acting on autopilot to save the love of her life.

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how do kasey and jason (aka the kitsune) meet in the avatar au? ;o

oh! it’s Jasper! and in the Avatar AU, Kasey meets Jasper at the pro-bending arena, because Jasper’s little brother is a pro-bender and he likes to watch his games. Kasey offers to buy Jasper a drink because he thinks he’s cute, and Jasper originally brushes him off, gladly taking a free drink but not wanting to bother talking to him. Jasper doesn’t like to let anyone close to him in Avatar AU, because he’s secretly the Kitsune working for Dahlia. (As with most AUs, Jasper’s manipulated and used by others, leading him to have trust issues) Kasey continues to see him week after week and eventually Jasper realizes he likes Kasey back. That scares him a lot, and then Dahlia asks Jasper/Kitsune to capture Kasey for something she’s scheming and Jasper hates having to. He doesn’t want Kasey to ever find out that he’s the Kitsune. 

Sorry for going on a tangent!! here’s some old art of them :~)


The Legend of Korra: Pro-bending Arena @ Gen Con 50

So this past weekend was Gen Con 50, and a prototype of IDW Games’ upcoming Legend of Korra game, Pro-bending Arena was demoed! In this table-top board game, the Future Industries Fire Ferrets and the White Falls Wolfbats go head to head in Republic City’s favorite sporting event.

At least 18 figurines of the pro-benders were displayed: Korra, Mako, and Bolin for the Fire Ferrets and Tahno, Ming, and Shaozu for the Wolfbats. And they. Look. Amazing. The details are gorgeous, the characters are on-model, the and the poses and bending look awesome! In the first image above is a compilation of all the figurines that were obviously Korra. The other characters are harder to tell apart from the available pictures and angles, hopefully we get some nice closeups soon!

As well as this, the game features some cool artwork on the board and various cards and game pieces. We got a clear look at the Wolfbats team card and it looks really nice, plus Tahno’s expression is golden and iconic. Unfortunately we still haven’t been able to see the Fire Ferrets’ faces in full, but fear not, because we’ll definitely be able to see them– and everything else– when the official Kickstarter launches on September 6th!

Until then, check out the above pictures con-goers took!

sources: x x x x x x x x all retweeted on our twitter @korranews!

Fics That I Read While Not Answering Your Asks (Sorry) Part 1

TBH, since I do this for fun I don’t really make myself stick to strictly reading fics while in search of things that will answer your asks. Anyways, here’s some awesome fics I’ve read recently!

Homesick at Space Camp by K0bot (Teen) (Complete, 74280 words)

“Lance realizes he’s been an asshole to Keith, and on a diplomatic mission to a key planet for the Voltron alliance he… overcompensates.”

break it with a kiss by ciuucalata (Teen) (complete, 1956 words)

“Lance drinks a love potion by mistake and Keith is a weak man.”

If I Ever Let You Down, Forgive Me by Katsudonace (teen) (Incomplete, 40441 words so far)

“ Former Pro-Bender and friend of Avatar Allura, Keith has finally secured his dream job of being on the Republic City police force as a detective. He’s taking down crime on the streets, and it looks like his life is finally getting back on track. That is until the civil war in the Water Tribe escalates beyond control. Keith is given the duty to watch the spoiled Tribe Prince, Lance, and make certain that no harm comes to him during his stay. That is if Keith doesn’t kill the annoying jerk first.”

Shadow of the Past and Ghost of the Future by wittyy_name and Zizzani (Not Rated) (incomplete, Shadow has 54246 words so far and Ghost has 49186 words so far)

Companion pieces, where in Shadow of the Past, Lance is transported to a year in the future and his counter part from the future is transported to a year in the past in Ghost of the Future.

Smokey the Bear Has Nothing On You by psychicScavenger (Not Rated)(Complete, 50804 words)

“ Keith Kogane is on the Altea Fire Department and while volunteering for Altea Elementary’s Safety day, he runs into his high school rival/crush Lance McClain.”

Flirting With Death by drippingpen (Teen) (Incomplete, 46879 words so far)

“Keith commits the ultimate taboo as a grim reaper: he saves a life.More specifically, he saves Lance’s life.Now they are forever linked, unable to survive without the other. Keith must protect Lance from the forces that are trying to right Keith’s wrong and kill Lance.”

**I just want to note that this author has an awesome style for writing, and this fic is amazing. The author has put a lot of thought into this and it shows, same for a lot of the other fics I’m recommending on this post**

Headcanon time!

Headcanons for LOK characters after the series end. I always enjoy doing these!

Korra and Asami have an amazing vacation in the spirit world, which fuels Asami’s imagination inspire many innovations that will help humanity, while also maintaining a balance with nature and the spirit world. Korra’s own sense of spirituality and understanding is heightened during this trip.

Korra and Asami eventually become wives, and spend the rest of their lives bringing peace and balance to all nations. Korra through her avatar powers and Asami her invention powers (shhh, it’s a power). Korra also becomes an awesome avatar, and is no longer considered the worst avatar ever.

Bolin and Opal eventually fade apart, and in grief and confusion Bolin joins this weird ass circus almost every other Avatar universe character has been apart of. There he meets his future wife, a water tribe girl who is an aspiring director ( I will forever ship Bolin and water tribe girls). Together she re-starts Bolins career as an actor and they make some of the most successful movers of the time. During that time Bolin works hard to use his celebrity and new found wealth for philanthropy, eventually transitioning from actor to politician since he wants to be more proactive with helping. Plus his years in the entertainment career has solidified his public speaking skills. Also with his money he is able to move him and Mako’s family out of Asami’s house. Bolin and his wife give birth to a firebender kid in a weird skip of genetics.

Mako decides to remain Wu’s body guard during his attempts at becoming a pop singer, which of course Wu fails at but on the plus side lands a gig as a radio show host. It’s only a short five years, but during that time him and Wu get into some crazy shenanigans before, with a heartfelt goodbye Wu let’s Mako go, because they both know it’s time. Mako rejoins the police force as a detective, but he will always remember fondly his day with the man formerly known as Prince Wu. Everyday he starts his day listening to the radio show ‘Waking up with Wu’.

Yes, Lin Beifong ends up taping that nuktuk waiters cute booty. The waiter was very honored. Lin Beifong adopts both Bolin and Mako as her little chicakdee’s and nurtures her little babies with that good ol’ fashion tough love. She remains Republic Cities greatest chief of police and a statue is erected of her next to Toph, made by her own nephew Huan.When Huan was asked about the statue he had this to say “ I don’t normally do straight forward stuff, I like to make the audience work for it, suffer in their efforts to obtain it’s meaning, but then I thought about it and my Aunt is one of the most straightforward people I know. So I made a statue that’s like her, straightforward in resemblance and meaning.” Lin also now visits her family during the holidays.

Mako follows a similar path as Lin Beifong and ends up being devoted to his work. While he dates a few other people along the way, he never settles down with anyone and has no kids, well, in a gesture of goodwill he donates his DNA to Asami and Korra so that they can have a kid together. He is an excellent Uncle and so is Bolin, and at the end the day very satisfied with being “BatMako”.

Toph Beifong, remains a badass swamp witch. Also gives Lin Beifong a proper apology.

Katara awakens from her four year stupor and returns to being the badass old lady she always was. Immediately gets involved with everything, including helping with the transition of spirits in the human world. Being the avatar’s wife gives her some pull with the spirits.

Since Katara seems back to her old self and doesn’t really need to be taken care of, Kya is free to start roaming again. This time she decides to explore the spirit world.

Desna and Eska lead the Northern water tribe nation into becoming the world’s most fashionable place to be, seriously they are like Paris or Milan or something fashionable. Apparently the southern nation can’t get down with the Northern Fashion, and insist on maintaining a certain Southern flair. With great irritation Desna and Eska releases Southern Watertribe from their care. Katara is elected chief of the Southern Water tribe. A statue of her is immediately put up.

Water Tribe remain the sexiest nation.

Tenzin and all his airbender children work on rebuilding the air nation and custom, refitting it to fit with modern times. Meelo joins the United Army, becoming the first air nation member to become Admiral.

Tahno and the Wolfbats are still Pro-benders, although honest pro-benders. They also start a jazz band with the same name, and are quite successful. Their music is often seen as risque and not at all respectable, very big with the youth. Tahno, the wolfbats and the two fangirls are in a life long committed polyamorous relationship, loyal to only each other. With that said the ‘Uh-vatar” is always welcome to free ‘private lessons’. It was reported in one of the teen magazines that their favorite food is noodles. Desna has Tahno posters in his office, and has been known to frequently invite him to the northern tribe palace.

Korra regularly visits Kuvira, and consults her on occasion about various different Earth nation customs, but mostly to keep her company. In later years she is also known to visit Zaheer and have philosophical debates.

In true Beifong style, it takes Bataar 15 years before he is able to speak with Kuvira.

General Iroh II marries a respectable, intelligent, good hearted fire nation noblewoman. Teen magazine reports that many hearts were broken.

Zuko splits his time between the fire nation and the southern water tribe. At first to help with the spirit portal, then to visit his uncle and eventually to spend time with a certain special Southern tribe girl whom he always fancied since boyhood. Their wedding is very quiet, but beautiful and long awaited.

Korra leaves behind a most excellent legacy.

Avatar AU

Source : tamiyne

If I Ever Let You Down, Forgive Me by Katsudonace
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~17K - WIP
Summary : “Former Pro-Bender and friend of Avatar Allura, Keith has finally secured his dream job of being on the Republic City police force as a detective. He’s taking down crime on the streets, and it looks like his life is finally getting back on track. That is until the civil war happens in the Water Tribe escalates beyond control. Keith is given the duty to watch the spoiled Tribe Prince, Lance, and make certain that no harm comes to him during his stay. That is if Keith doesn’t kill the annoying jerk first. “

Fountains Don’t Always Flow with Water by Vurelly
Rated M - Shiro/Kleith and future Shiro/Keith/Lance - ~10K
Summary : “Lance has spent the better half of his life under constant watch behind the walls of the Southern Water Tribe, hiding a secret only meant to be known by his parents and his closest family members. Still, secrets get out just as easily as waterbending princes tired of being watched and kept behind walls like his life depends on it.Then again, once out on the ice and in the hold of a pair of benders he’s never even seen before, Lance begins to think those walls kept him in for a reason.

Healing Secrets by fearfulGuillotine, InfernusCerberus
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~6K - COMPLETE
Summary : “ Everyone knows that the Water Tribes have healers -waterbenders who have learned the ability to heal other with their element-. Most of them are women, true, but a little portion of those healers are males.
And he was one of them

Go Not Softly by Methoxyethane
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~2K - COMPLETE
Summary :  “ Keith wakes up to find Lance saving his life.

simmer by eso (cazzy)
Rated M - Keith/Lance - ~7K - COMPLETE
Summary : ““Hey, boss lady,” he says casually. “Have a delivery for you.”The leader of Altea doesn’t even pick her head up from the mass of papers on her desk. “I really don’t have time for your jokes right now, Lance.”“Damn. Guess I’ll just take these two incredibly suspicious firebenders elsewhere.”

Something Borrowed, Something Blue by cheshireree
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~2K - COMPLETE
Summary : “Keith asks Shiro to help him make Lance a betrothal necklace. The results are less than stellar, but that’s okay. ATLA AU.

Book 1: Freedom by crescentdescent
Rated T - Keith/Lance - ~40K - WIP
Summary :  “ A Legend of Korra universe crossed over with Voltron Legendary Defender. Book 1 revolves around Lance, a waterbender of the Southern Water Tribe who runs away from home to Republic City for hidden reasons. There, he meets Hunk (the earthbender engineer), Pidge (the nonbending child-genius), Shiro (deputy of the city police), Keith (pro-motorcyclist and rival??), and the unknown firebender with a Red Lion mask. When the Galra and family matters get mixed into play, things really start to go downhill.
Like how every Avatar season starts with a single-word book title, so will this series. The overarching theme of this book will be “freedom.”

Broken Rules by DoNotEatRaw
Rated T - Keith/Lance, Hunk/Shay - ~100K - WIP
Summary : “Lance couldn’t believe it. He was sitting in the pro-bending arena. If anyone from the Garrison saw him here, if anyone recognized him as the waterbending noble from the Northern Water Tribe, he’d be ruined.But it wasn’t a total lost. After all, he just got the best black mail ever thought possible. Keith Kogane was a pro-bender, and it was Lance’s job to expose him.

The Legend of the Five Book One: Training by I_am_not_yurionice
Rated M - Keith/Lance - ~10K - WIP
Summary : “In a Republic of the future, where bending and the Avatar are nothing more than an entertaining relict of the past, Lance thought the whole extent of his problems were how to pay his next rent and his stupidly handsome, too-good-for-you firebending rival in the Arena. When his and his best friend Hunk`s newest quest to acquire money lead them to the start of the unfolding of dark intrigues over the known world, they end up in a far greater adventure than they would have ever dreamed possible for themselves.Keith just wanted a goal in life, an adventure to live. When his brother asks for his support in his mission to rescue the world from its presumably looming doom he doesn`t hesitate to agree. What he didn`t calculate on was that the arrogant, but annoyingly pretty waterbender that made his personal goal to be a royal pain in Keith`s neck, would also be part of said mission. He really started to doubt his trust in Shiro`s Avatar abilities.

Aside from that one time in the very first episode where Korra does away with the fire kind of like a waterbender would, this is the only other time we’ve seen Korra do a waterbender style firebending move.

But also, her stance is very much guarded and pro-bender like–the hands drawn up close, and the legs parallel and bent ready to move in an instant. 

fangurls-united  asked:

Anything that you would have liked to see from an Avatar sequel? Basically how would you have done Korra? (I enjoyed parts of Korra but it was a hot mess and since you're so educated on ATLA it would be nice to hear your opinion.) this is one of my favorite blogs!

Oh, Legend of Korra. So many of your concepts are terrific, right up there with the original. But the devil, as they say, is in the details. Amon is an intriguing villain, and meeting the Krew through the pro-bending arena was a good idea. But Bryke never really dug any deeper than that. They didn’t explore what it meant to be a non-bender in Republic City, even though they had a prime opportunity with Asami, and later Tahno or Lin (showing how their lives might change with their bending taken away). Nor did we see people combining elemental knowledge with the other three nations in a meaningful way, something that the entire point of A:TLA was about. We saw “nifty” bending with the triads and pro-benders, but there was no emphasis on technique, cultural blending, philosophy.

The same thing happened with Book 2. Having a non-spiritual Avatar trying to wrestle with a new spiritual awakening was fine conceptually. But Bryke didn’t make good use of this idea or any other. We don’t know what the spirits’ culture is like (apart from hating humans), whether there are wars in the spirit world or differing ideals among its denizens, and leaving the portals open has so many problems I did an entire series on it. It’s like the whole show was a model spaceship—you want to climb in and let it take you places, but there’s a giant sign overhead that says, “FOR DISPLAY ONLY.”

Here’s what we needed to see: interconnectedness. We needed to see the protagonists establish deep bonds with each other, rather than meet up every once in a while for bending battles. We needed to see the long-term consequences of a major Avatar decision, rather than just sweeping everything under the rug at the end. We needed an archvillain for all four books, not antagonists who were neatly contained within the boundaries of each season. And including cameos of the GAang to connect to the original story is useless without showing us the beauty and complexity of the world they were trying to build. Did Republic City, the main setting of the show, have even a fraction of Ba Sing Se’s scope? Did Bolin have a tenth of the staying power of Sokka? Do we even know the political situation of the Fire Nation, or the nonbending Equalist movement?

I have rarely been more aware that I was watching a television show than when I was viewing The Legend of Korra. And it wasn’t because of the fantasy.

Five goddamn years of turning the Krew into trash bags!

Five years ago, while sleep deprived late one night, an idea came to me: Turn the Krew into those lovable scumbags from South Philly.

What started as just putting some funny Sunny quotes over Korra screencaps evolved into the mess it is today.

Korra became a volatile, closeted self-described “badass” with a criminal father and a cigarette for a mother, and she doesn’t know how to express herself unless through anger and personal attack. She’s made her own movers called “Project Badass,” and she also gained a nickname because of her catlike reflexes. She’s under the impression she can tuck and roll through a fifty-foot drop. She doesn’t think gaining and losing 60 pounds in three months is impossible, as “through Raava all things are possible, so jot that down,” though the only reason she dropped the weight was because of the “size pills” Asami gave her (they were really Fire Nation ephedra). Though she would never say it to her face, she thinks Asami has great thighs. Rather than get her own gym membership, she uses Asami’s, and it also turns out that she actually doesn’t own anything.

Asami became a vain, narcissistic, predatory sexual deviant who makes her own sex movers (all with star ratings), has her own dating system, calls herself a “golden god,” and she will bang your girlfriend. She also wrote her memoirs, Asami Sato: An Erotic Life, and she was once a cult leader for a cult she started to keep Korra from eating her Thin Mints. While trying to compliment Korra, she only complimented herself instead. She likes to keep her “tools” in a hidden compartment of her Satomobile’s trunk, and she tends to unleash her fury after containing her rage for as long as possible. Bolin thinks she’s as methodical as a serial killer. She once threatened Mako with turning him into a lampshade or a collection of high end luggage. After Korra told her that her body was in decline and Varrick said she had an “anteater nose,” she bought herself a billboard to show the world she still has “a rocking body that deserves to be worshiped.” She also wants people to sign “creepy documents.”

Mako became an angry “dirty, drunk whore” who looks like a bird and sets “bitches” on fire. He once had a dream of being a successful pro-bender, despite that “ship sailing three years ago,” but he ended up failing. He also once managed to drag the others to a gin bar which they all hated. He got a cat, to which Korra and Asami said would begin his transformation into “crazy cat man.” Because of their teasing, he pointed out they were “two co-dependent losers,” but when their “break up” affected everyone else, he brought them back together and assured them it was “perfectly natural for two grown women to need each other this badly.” When a serial killer was on the loose in Republic City, targeting “young, attractive firebenders,” the others assured Mako he didn’t fit the description. He faked his death with Korra and Bolin, and while Asami knew the latter two were alive, she thought he might have actually been murdered. To get on welfare, he and Asami both decided to smoke crack. And no matter what he does, he’ll always be the butt of everybody’s jokes.

And Bolin became an illiterate, fire-ferret-food-eating wild card. He knows everything about Bird Law, and he considers himself the best goddamn bird lawyer in the world. On top of that, he’s familiar a little bit of pigeon. He has anxiety about leaving Republic City, to the point he has to wear a sack on his head so they can all go to Ba Sing Se, and he had the Krew hunt for ghouls during Bolin Day, though none were found. He considers Korra his best friend over Asami, who had banged Ginger, and he and Varrick made up their own game they call “Night Crawlers,” which is exactly what it sounds like. Glue ODs are a regular thing in his life, and as he is a common man, he does not eat dragon. He considers his drawings art and likes to eat chalk. He also wrote a song called “Nightman.” Whenever he gets a little wound up, Asami will grab him and yell “Oi! Oi! Oi!” over and over, which seems to work.

Then there’s also the “Five Franks”:

So thanks to everyone following this blog because, honestly, without all y’all, this blog would not have lasted five years. So let us enjoy some cans of boxed wine and delicious milksteak!

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avatar au Hance on a date!!! :')

“You what?

“I mean, they’re just— an acquired taste. That I haven’t acquired yet.”

Lance’s chopsticks went as slack as his jaw, letting his seaweed noodles slosh back into the broth. “I can’t believe this,” he said, shaking his head, “Narook’s is the lifeblood of our people! I can’t believe you would do this to me-”

“Oh, c’mon,” Hunk poked at Lance’s hand with the butt of his utensil, “You know I’ve put away more five flavor soup than anyone in the Little Water Tribe. And you’re the one who brought me here without even asking, and I suggested that nice Earth Kingdom place near the bay-”

“-But everyone eats Earth Kingdom food all the time,” Lance drawled, reaching out to lay his hand over Hunk’s on the table. He flashed his best doe eyes, curling his lips into that smile he knew Hunk couldn’t resist. “I wanted this to be special.”

Hunk pursed his lips, asking flatly, “So you took me to your regular noodle shop?” Still, he didn’t pull away from Lance’s touch. 

Lance tightened his grip on Hunk’s hand, barely able to wrap his hand around the earthbender’s broad palm. “Hunk, I swear that some day, when I get that job in the firefighter brigade and I can really start saving, I’m gonna take you to the fanciest penthouse restaurant in the city and you can gorge yourself,” Lance’s eyes flashed as he leaned over the table. His smile widened into a mischievous grin. “But until then I’m poor and you’re stuck with seaweed noodles.”

“Firefighter, huh?” Hunk asked, a smirk playing at his lips as he considered Lance’s face, just inches away. “Not a pro-bender?”

“I’m trying to take a page out of your book, keep my fantasies practical.” Lance winked, “But you know I’d be happy to dream big if I could get a certain gorgeous, boulder-hurling dock worker to join me on the Spirit Lions. Then we’d just need a firebender.”

Hunk raised a brow, a twinkle coming into his eye. “Well, we do know a firebender.”

Lance’s face twisted into a scowl. “I can’t believe you’d even bring him up on our date. I’d rather ask a canyon crawler to be on our team than Keith. I’m sure the crawler would be a better sport-”

“Fine, fine, firefighter it is, then. As long as I’m getting my smoked sea slugs,” Hunk chuckled, folding his other hand over Lance’s and leaning forward to press a soft kiss against Lance’s lips. He pulled back just enough to whisper against Lance’s mouth, “You taste like seaweed.”

“Good-” Lance smiled as he reached up to cup his hand against Hunk’s chin and draw him deeper into his kiss. “-You can finally acquire the taste.”

Lin’s little move here–the way she spins around–is very much like airbending. 

Given how we’ve seen the metalbending police use a variety of spins and things when they’re up in the air, and given the overall Team Avatar dynamic, it would make sense that Lin would pick a few things up from Tenzin and Aang. 

And, given how everyone else in Republic City (the pro-benders especially) likes to mix and match fighting styles, it should come to no surprise that a lot of United Republic benders have learned to become light on their feet.

Korra and elemental identity (Book 1)

Every now and then, someone points out that Korra doesn’t seem to use her native element much, or act like a “proper” waterbender, or whatever. As a criticism of Korra, I agree that it’s particularly inane, but it seems people are in such a hurry to defend her that we don’t stop to think about why.

So, I’ve been thinking about why ;)

Keep reading