After 26 years in the business Matt Hardy has announced that he has wrestled his last match 💔

I wanna get all sentimental for a second… Matt & Jeff Hardy were the two people who got me to fall in love with pro wrestling. They are so unique & so undoubtedly talented. Matt has put so much creativity into wrestling. He’s one of the people who created the TLC match, he’s also created the whole woken warrior character that shook the whole wrestling community. He’s held the tag titles multiple times, he’s also won the Cruiserweight, United States, European, ECW, & Hardcore titles. That’s just in the WWE alone! In all of Matt Hardy’s career he has held 43 championships!

It’s so bittersweet to say goodbye to Matt Hardy. His health & family always needs to come first but it’s hard to say goodbye to a true legend.

Thank you Matt Hardy for giving us 26 years of jaw dropping entertainment.


WWE SmackDown cosplays ECW
[June 18th, 2018]

In the weeks leading up to Extreme Rules, members of the WWE’s SmackDown roster got together for a very cool photo shoot, cosplaying as some of ECW’s most notable stars. Shots include: