pro revenge stories

Ruined my stepsister's birthday and got her banned from all clubs in town.

warning: long story.

BACK STORY: When I was 12, my mom got married to a halfway decent guy. He’s not bad, but he’s not great either, but he made my mom happy and that’s all that I cared about. In fact, I cared so much about her happiness that I was willing to endure 6 years of living under the same roof as his self-obsessed, obnoxious, spoiled daughter, Amy. The entire time we lived together, she would project all of her insecurities onto me in the form of insults. Being young and wildly insecure about myself, these daily insults well and truly cut me to the core and just continued the cycle of crippling insecurity.

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I feel like the major difference between the petty revenge and pro revenge blogs is escalation

like, petty revenge stories tend to be “My roommate is an asshole and eats my lunch so i put hot sauce in my muffins, now her mouth is on fire, haha!”

 pro revenge stories however are like “my supervisor was a bitch so i’ve facebook stalked her and emailed her dirty laundry to every school she’s been in for the past 5 years, effectively ruining her chances at achieving her dreams or clawing her way out of debt as I force her to bounce from school to school”

and its like look man, you could have just given her a laxative cookie and made her shart during rounds or something you didn’t have to go on a 5 year campaign for destruction 

Don't we all long for that glorious moment when you show people from your past that they were wrong?

Back in high school I had a HUGE crush on the “mysterious” guy in the class above me. Let’s call him Tom. He was waaaaaaaaaay out of my league so by some screwed logic I figured I had nothing to lose and started talking to him one day. Lo and behold, we became friends and I started hanging out with his group of friends most days after school. Since I came from a small town almost 10 miles away it was great to have new friends to spend time with, or so I thought.

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I've been told you'd like to hear about my Grandmother...

My grandmother got married in 1962, to a young man in the military. For a wedding present, their parents bought them a house in a nice suburb. White picket fence, whole 9 yards. Not long after they moved in, the next door neighbor planted a mullberry tree on the side of his property, near my grandparent’s driveway. Nothing seemed amiss, but if you know Mullberry Trees, you know that sh*t is about to get real.

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Harass my daughter on Minecraft? You can't hide from me.

So, my daughter, who was about 8 at the time, was REALLY into Minecraft (as most kids are these days). Also desperately wanting to join the Youtube/Let’s Play culture, I had installed some screen recording software that would let her make videos of the games she was playing so she could later upload them to Youtube.

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Uncle bankrupts his previous employer.

Not sure if this is petty or pro or whatever. You be the judge.

My uncle is an Indian doctor. In the 90s there was a massive doctors shortage in Australia so the government gave him citizenship. Unfortunately you still had to sit 3 expensive exams to work as a doctor in Australia. These exams cost thousands of dollars, only happened twice a year, had limited sitting spots/times and had arbitrary pass/fail marks. So many Indian doctors ended up becoming taxi drivers/small businessmen etc. My uncle decided instead he would reapply and go through Australian medical school. Sure enough being a doctor for 10+years makes medical school easy and my uncle was top of his class.

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How to get rid of an home owners association (HOA)

A good friend of mine has about 4 years ago inherited the house of his grandparents. He decided to live there for the time being till he has decided what to do with the house. He grew up in it, so he did not really want to sell it.

Not even a week after he moved in, he got a visit from a neighborhood committee. They said they are the 3 board members of the HOA , and are here so he can sign his membership papers. They where extremely nosy and rude, for example one tried to get into the garage without so much as asking. When he stopped him and asked him where he wanted to go, he had the audacity to say:“I need to check your garage, if everything there is in order. I have a right to do this biweekly, and denying me access is a an offense that will cost a fine.”

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Re-use unfinished soups for the next customer? Lose your restaurant.

Very long post but worthy to read! A great recipe at the end.

This revenge story happened in the early 90s when I was working after school as a line cook / chef’s assistant at a Chinese restaurant. The place specialized in noodle soups, with the main attraction being our soup stock. The owner used a much revered passed down family recipe. It consisted of freshly cracked pork bones, fresh spices and fresh vegetables all kept at a rolling boil for over 12 hours. It had to be started the night before and the owner was very particular about the soup stock. If it ran out, then it ran out. He refused to ‘cheat’ as some places do by adding water or powdered stock etc.

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It's not wise to be rude to your ride to the airport.

This was around Thanksgiving 2015.

My family gets together at a rural-ish cabin. I had agreed to give my younger sister a ride to the airport on Sunday, since she was on a short break from college. and had important classes and tests to get back to after Thanksgiving. I’d also agreed to lock up the cabin for my parents, since they had to leave on Saturday to get back to pressing work matters.

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Disrespect me? Get Shut Down and Blacklisted

So I used to work as a waiter at a fairly okay steakhouse around the US. Enjoyed my job, got great satisfaction from making people happy, had regulars who loved me and would only come in to see me (even long after the menu items they originally came for stopped being offered).

Well the company decides that this particular location needs a new General Manager. This is someone who was, as it turns out, fired from his last GM position for toxic behaviors including but not limited to sexual harassment of younger female staff.

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Guy belittles me..I make him lose over $100K per year.

I am a Purchasing Manager for the city I work in. I have been doing this job for 11 years. We have contracts with various vendors but I want to talk about the company that does all of our dirt/gravel/limestone work. This story happened almost 4 years ago.

When I started we had a contract with this company. I spoke to the owner quite often and he was a pleasant guy. It was a family owned business that had only 4 employees but they were always ready to help the city when we needed. Every year, the owner would drop by and sign the contract before the new year began.

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Nuked a business from orbit because I got a D-

This revenge story is two years in the making and is long, so my apologies.

Two years ago I started a distance PhD program. My very first full semester in the program consisted of an intro course which is basically “Welcome back to school. Here’s how to do research. Here’s how to do APA citations.” A LOT of it focused on proper APA writing and one of the first assignments was just doing a simple abstract. Okay, I can do that. I pull out my trusty APA guide which I had just bought online and complete the assignment. And I get a D-. I was completely shocked. I’d followed the book to the letter. How the hell did I get a D-? I messaged my professor and told her I followed the book exactly and she did the academic equivalent of patting me on the head and saying, “Of course you did, dear.”

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Wanna take over my wife's job after her maternity leave? get yourself pushed out of the company instead.

LTL, FTP. I have almost no direct involvement in this tale. I’m writing it on behalf of my wife.

Sorry for the wall of text… TL;DR at the bottom. This story happened (ended) two weeks ago.


We live in a country that needs a lot of improvement on laws, their application and enforcement…. we are a lot better than a few years back, but still sometimes people can get away with forging some types of documents, like medical records, education degrees etc. Also, english is not our main language, so job titles, degrees and other details are translated to their best equivalence.

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I'm too poor for you? How about no mountain view for you?

When I bought my first house it was in a new neighborhood just being built. I was wealthy for being so young, so the house I bought was in an upscale neighborhood with 5 bedroom houses and long-established families as their primary residents. Almost everyone buying houses there was using money from the sale of an older home, thus they had equity to pay for things like landscaping and fences.

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