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They said that men joined the Wild Hunt sometimes when they had sustained a great loss, preferring to howl out their grief to the skies than to suffer in silence in their ordinary gray lives. Emma remembered soaring through the sky with Mark, his arms around her waist: She had let the wind take her screams of excitement, thrilling to the freedom of the sky where there was no pain, no worry, only forgetfulness.
And here was Mark, beautiful in that way that the night sky was beautiful, offering her that same freedom with an outstretched hand. What if I could love Mark? she thought. What if I could make this lie true?

Then it would be no lie. If she could love Mark, it would end all the danger. Julian would be safe.
She had nodded. Reached her hand out to Mark’s.


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Things you didn’t notice in GOT7 Dance Practice videos |
  Just right (Just Crazy Boyfriend Ver.) . 

170429 Fansign Event:

- Bambam said they’ll never do a sweet / cute concept

- Jackson said their next comeback concept will be “hard” and “intense” again

- A fan asked if the rumor about a comeback in July was true and Jinyoung said it’s not confimed yet but they’re working on a comeback

- Mark said his favorite dessert was whipped cream cake

Today during Daegu fansign, with the help of masternim ASiGoKi, the message of Gabbie (Youngjae’s fan who has passed away of leukemia) has been successfully delivered to Youngjae. Youngjae was sad hearing the news and wished her be in heaven as an angel. He also said he would sing for everyone forever. Youngjae was thankful for the support. You can read more on Gabbie’s story & her last request which sent by her mom below. I want to thank everyone especially IGOT7 who helped spread the message so the message can reach Youngjae. Thank you.


Mark Street Style

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