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205 Live superstar Cedric Alexander is currently injured. He’ll be out of action for 3-5 months with a return timeline taking place this Summer. Cedric suffered some kind of injury to his right knee, which couldn’t have come at a worse time as Cedric was quickly gaining popularity as one of the prominent superstars in the Cruiserweight division.

Jack Swagger has been officially released by the WWE, as they posted on their website with the all-too familiar “future endeavors” post. Swagger asked for his release somewhat recently, so you’ll be seeing him on the indies or perhaps in TNA within the next few weeks. You’ll hear about it on Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook when all your wrestlebuds make posts like “WHAT IS SWAG JACKER DOING IN THE IMPACT ZONE?!

It’s official, as has been confirmed by the WWE’s Twitter page that The Undertaker will go head-to-head against Roman Reigns at this year’s WrestleMania. The two first locked horns in 2013 when the Deadman teamed with Team Hell No to take on The Shield, with Reigns’ team picking up the victory. Recently, Reigns eliminated The Undertaker from the Royal Rumble titular bout, leading to a confrontation last Monday on Raw that ended with Reigns being chokeslammed.


Naomi’s running hurricarana on Natalya was unbelievable! Awesome! Glorious! The best thing going today! Okay, I’ll stop. You get the point: I’m excited she’s back.

Clearly, Naomi is the most physically gifted woman on the main roster; she brings a level of energy to the division which nobody else - other than Asuka, in my opinion - possesses. Her hometown of Orlando, WrestleMania’s host city, will be supporting her, for sure.

Now with her clearance for WrestleMania, I’m sincerely looking forward to Smackdown Women’s Championship match. It’s hard to predict an outcome to match that is open to all available women on the WWE roster. I’m curious to see who else will join the fray.