The Headbangers returning to the WWE
[August 30th, 2016]

My Facebook feed lit the hell up yesterday at the announcements made by Glenn Ruth and Chaz Warrington, formerly known as Thrasher and Mosh of The Headbangers. The announcements were as follows:

This Tuesday night at 8pm tune into the USA network to see THE HEADBANGERS back in a WWE ring!! Smack Down live here we come!!!
- Glenn Ruth (Thrasher)

Ever since Tyler was old enough to realize and understand that I wrestle, I’ve had a dream/wish. That dream/wish was to wrestle one more time in a WWE Ring so he could see it.

This dream/wish will come true this Tuesday night in Dallas, TX!!! I will be on WWE’s SmackDown Live show on the USA Network!!

Not only will he see me in [a WWE] ring but he’ll be able to watch it Live on TV!! This is truly a dream come true for me and I’m beyond excited!!!
- Chaz Warrington (Mosh)

This will be the first time The Headbangers have wrestled on WWE television since May of 2000. Mosh and Thrasher are former WWF World Tag Team Champions, and Thrasher is a former WWF Hardcore Champion. I’m actually really excited to see them back on TV, even if it’s just a one-off (which I think it is). I got the chance to be featured on a show with The Headbangers last June and they were both in great shape and even better dudes.


Luke Gallows recalls his time as Festus
[May 2016]

Prior to being part of Bullet Club and even just before Straight Edge Society, Luke Gallows was known as Festus, one half of a tag team with Ray Gordy, who was Jesse. Take a look:

Gallows speaks about how, in his early 20′s, he was pitched the idea by Vince McMahon and was told to grow his hair out (despite it not growing on top). A very funny story by Gallows, who seems like just the nicest guy on the planet.


The Wyatt Family debut, attack Kane
[July 8th, 2013]

I was just thinking about this segment the other day. For weeks, videos aired during Raw that showed some bizarre creature-like humans under some trance by a man only known as Bray Wyatt. On July 8th, 2013, The Wyatt Family finally made their presence known by attacking one of the biggest monsters in the yard, Kane. While this moment was awesome, and it was great to see something new and different on WWE television, the moment was nearly ruined by a handful of fans chanting “Husky Harris”, Wyatt’s former WWE pseudonym.

I can remember watching The Wyatt Family on NXT and wondering if their schtick would be killed by this type of reaction, simply because the WWE fans like to show how “smartened up” they are and make the show about themselves. It’s what happened in 2012 to Tensai, who could have been the new monster in the WWE had the fans given him a shot rather than chant “Albert” at him. Because of that, Tons Of Funk was born and I cringed for months because he was always better than that. Imagine where The Wyatt Family would be now if the WWE had acknowledged these chants and Wyatt was made to react to them rather than push forth. Would they have been a comedy act? Would they have been released? Shit like these questions and possibilities are why I despise wrestling fans and their inability to simply enjoy evolution.

Fortunately, the WWE machine backed The Wyatt Family and the group persevered through the bullshit and remains one of the strongest forces in the WWE today. It’s amazing that The Wyatt Family has lasted this long, and I hope they continue to thrive for some time before the inevitable split.


WCW International World Heavyweight Championship:
Rick Rude (Champion) Vs. The Boss
WCW Starrcade
[December 27th, 1993]

In an event that was headlined by the renowned Ric Flair Vs. Vader bout, “Ravishing” Rick Rude defends the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship against the challenger, The Boss (fka The Big Boss Man). On an episode of WCW Saturday Night, Rude made the mistake of asking if anyone in the locker room wanted a shot at his title, to which the 6′6″, 300+ pound Boss answered the challenge. This would be the second bout that these two had, and the first legitimate challenge Rude had for the title since defeating Flair for the gold only three months prior. Flair had originally came to WCW as the NWA World’s Heavyweight Champion, but when signed to WCW, the title became known as the WCW International World Heavyweight Championship, so technically, Rude was the NWA World Heavyweight Champion.