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Mr. McMahon wins the Royal Rumble
[January 24th, 1999]

1999 was a huge year for Mr. McMahon. As one of the top heels of the promotion he owned, McMahon became such a commodity during his feud with Stone Cold Steve Austin that the only way to go was to get in the ring and wrestle himself. In only his fourth ever wrestling match, Mr. McMahon entered the Royal Rumble match at number two, with his adversary Austin being number one. The two brawled through the arena into a bathroom, where The Corporation was waiting and attacked Austin, leaving him unconscious as the Rumble continued.

Later in the evening, Austin and McMahon returned to the match, neither of which having been eliminated from the match due to exiting from under the top rope. Going in and out of the Rumble, Austin and McMahon continued their fight around the ring until the final moments of the match when Triple H and The Big Boss Man were the other two members of the final four survivors of the match. After Triple H was eliminated by Austin, The Corporation had the numbers advantage over Austin until he successfully eliminated Boss Man. After McMahon low-blowed Austin, he delivered a Stone Cold Stunner to McMahon, which queued The Rock to come out and distract Austin. This led to Mr. McMahon sneaking up behind Austin and eliminating him, winning the match.

The following night on Raw, Mr. McMahon awarded $100,000 to the Rock for aiding him in eliminating Austin from the Royal Rumble match. McMahon also forfeited his shot at the WWF Championship at WrestleMania XV, which the winner of the Royal Rumble match always earns, in order to keep himself from facing a member of The Corporation. However, upon doing so, he failed to realize that according to WWF rules, if the spot is given up by the winner, the spot then goes to the runner-up, which was Austin. When he was given this information by WWF Commissioner Shawn Michaels, McMahon was furious, but Austin found a way to coax him into a match.

At WWF In Your House: St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Austin put his shot at the title on the line against McMahon in a steel cage, with The Corporation banned from ringside. It was in that match that Paul Wight (later known as The Big Show) made his debut, ripping through the canvas of the ring and attacking Austin within the cage. This attack, however, caused Austin to win the match when Wight threw Austin into a side of the cage which shook loose, causing Austin to spill to the floor and win the match.

Okay but for real

can we talk about the amazing body positivity and diversity WWE is literally FULL of

i mean we have little tiny gals who are built AF

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and we have tall, curvy ladies who will mess you up and look amazing doing it

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and we have ladies with adorable kid-friendly aesthetics who are there to have a good time

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and then there’s the hardcore punk gals who are NOT messing around

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we have your conventionally pretty ladies

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and your impressive AF ladies 

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and even adorable-as-hell ladies you will never see coming

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and you will never ONCE hear an announcer (male OR female) say a word about these women’s bodies or appearance or rude euphemisms or anything even remotely of that nature

no–instead, the announcers can’t say enough about how amazingly talented these wonderful women are, their impressive athleticism, their heart, their fire, their drive. not what they find attractive about these gals or how much they like watching them or any number of other less complimentary things

they talk about the things that make these women athletes. what makes them the best of the best. what makes them FIGHTERS.

like i don’t even care what you think about WWE or if you think it’s silly or fake (which, duh, it is) or whatever else

if you don’t think this is refreshing as hell then i’m sorry but you’re wrong

  • Taker: Honey?
  • Michelle: What?
  • Taker: Where's my coat and hat?
  • Michelle: What?
  • Taker: Where - are - my - coat - and - hat?
  • Michelle: I, uh, put them away.
  • [Dolph continues to talk shit]
  • Taker: *Where*?
  • Michelle: *Why* do you *need* to know?
  • Taker: I need them!
  • [Taker rummages through another room in his house]
  • Michelle: Uh-uh! Don't you think about running off doing no Takering. You are retired!
  • Taker: A bitch needs smacking!
  • Michelle: RE-TI-RED!
  • Taker: You tell me where my hat and coat are woman! We are talking about the greater good!
  • Michelle: 'Greater good?' I am your wife! I'm the greatest *good* you are ever gonna get!

Someday I will learn to love more wisely. Until then…