pro wrestling

Michael Elgin
[January 8th, 2011]

I was shown this photo of Michael Elgin somewhat recently and had a million questions. Upon seeing Michael this weekend, I finally had the chance to ask, and got a pretty great response. Elgin, smiling from ear to ear, explained that this was for the Toronto Underground Cinema Fest for WRESTLECRISIS 3-D, in which wrestlers on the show were encouraged to wear whatever costumes they could find to wrestle in. Elgin, donning a Tinky Winky costume from the children’s show Teletubbies, wrestled exactly the same, despite not being featured in his signature singlet. I’m happy enough that this photo exists, but… there’s also video evidence!

CZW World Champion Davey Richards
[May 26th, 2017]

If it seems like I only recently reported on the CZW World Championship changing hands, that’s because I did less than two weeks ago. Last night at DEFY Wrestling’s Defy 3, the now-former CZW World Champion Lio Rush, only 11 days removed from his title victory over Joe Gacy, defended the championship against a prolific champion in Davey Richards. The results ended up being catastrophic for the young champion, as the veteran wolf Richards conquered Rush for the CZW World Championship. This happened on the first show under Sami Callihan’s booking regime, so it’s caused a bit of uproar among CZW fans.

…as if Callihan doesn’t know what he’s doing?!