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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at this, to be honest. Do these women realize the irony of the fact that they wouldn’t even be ALLOWED to state their views this way had women before them not fought, starved, suffered, and died for their right to do so? That’s what feminism is, you poor, deluded fools.

If it wasn’t for feminists these women wouldn’t be allowed to vote, drive, work, or educate themselves. At all. Everything they have and enjoy in what makes up their life, every single right that these spoiled young women take for granted, their grandmothers, great-grandmothers, and great-great-grandmothers fought relentlessly for so that we wouldn’t be denied what was denied them. I’m appalled that the history of the Suffragettes and the women’s rights movement isn’t taught in schools alongside black history or the Holocaust. It should be a mandatory part of any curriculum because clearly, it’s needed.

And you may not want to “politicize your gender”, but guess what, sweetheart? That is done FOR you the second you are born whether you want it to or not. That’s kind of part of the whole problem. Someone needs to sit these women down and teach them what their parents clearly failed to teach because my God…they have no clue.
Susan B. Anthony would never have joined the Women’s March on Washington
Unlike march organizers, Anthony and many of her feminist compatriots were staunchly opposed to abortion.

Breaking my hiatus already, just because this issue is so relevant, with the (predominantly pro-choice) Women’s March only days away.

I’m a feminist. I’m a supporter of freedom, equality and choice. I will NOT stand for racism, sexism or homophobia. If you’ve got a problem with these views, then you are a problem for me.
—  Equality For All In Every Respect.
Pro choice isn’t pro abortion; No one would ever enthusiastically want to go through such a traumatizing experience, but it’s the only way unless they keep the baby. Pro choice is about giving women the choice at all. It’s defending a woman’s right to choose, not a woman’s right to abortion. You would think by now women would have entitlement to their own bodies. Because yeah, we were given the right to vote for the well being of our country–which happened less than 100 years ago–but when it comes to my own body, other people have to vote for me.
—  My amazing aunt calling people out on their shit

“Because laws affect women as much as men.” Here’s a rallying cry to vote today (if you’re in a primary state) from the pro-suffrage women of 1915! This flyer was produced by the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association and handed out during Suffrage Day at Mount Holyoke College, April 24, 1915. The flyer lists twelve reasons why women should have the right to vote. And that last line is a kicker: “Give this to a friend and ask him to vote for it.”