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Ships and Smut do not inherently support or normalize problematic behaviors and relationships.

For all the vore art there is out there, there’s practically no one who believes that canibalism is a healthy past time or habit.

That’s because unless it’s explicitly designed to function as social commentary or propaganda. (Or someone is desperate to use anything as an excuse for their beliefs and behaviors) As a whole, people aren’t gonna look at erotic fan artwork and Smut containing fetishes of things that would be problematic in real life, and then suddenly think that it isn’t problematic anymore.

Whether they are here because they are sexually attracted to these cartoon sexual abstractions. Neither real, nor simulating real things. (Because simulations are designed to realistically replicate processes from real life. Lewd fan material doesn’t do this so it isn’t “Sim” anything.) or not…

Let people ship and let artists draw lewds.

Fapping to fetishy cartoons and drawings isn’t normalization.

We’re here to relax, not idolize concepts and behaviors as if they were statues erected in town square.

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I don't know if anyone has asked you this before but, what are your honest thoughts about SasoSaku (romantically, sexually all that stuff and please note that while the ending of their fight was subpar acknowledge that during it Sasori was seeing her skills as a medic and ninja)?

Sorry for the long delay for this response Anon!

I’ve delayed answering because ahhhhhh I have so many feelings–not so much about SasoSaku as a ship, but about everything this fight and the circumstances was and wasn’t and could have been. Moreover, SasoSaku is one of the usual “dark fic” couples of the fandom, and I’ve got eleventy-two feelings about dark fic and female sexual imagination (both contemporary and historical) and taboo within and outside of fandom and and and. JUST LOTS OF THOUGHTS.

Dannnng I wish I had fewer interests because I want to meta and I want to write fic and I want to translate stuff and typeset comics and also play video games and watch movies and listen to BBC radio and also I have my real life responsibilities and exercise and social life??? What a drag.

So I’ve said before, SasoSaku is not one of my preferred couples, but I group the ship with a bunch of other ships where, while I don’t ship it, dang there’s some good art and fic for it. Regarding my thoughts about specifically the dark side of the ship, this is a matter that is worse to talk about briefly than not to talk about it at all, because it should be spoken about clearly, widely, and in depth so that there are no misunderstandings, and also because it’s bound to be a controversial topic and would probably involve follow-up.

So let’s go back to the SasoSaku interaction within the manga and cheer ourselves up with this iconic page.

Oh dude remember how Sakura allowed Sasori to poison her and faked out that she had been incapacitated but PSYCH she had actually already come up with an antidote and used the opportunity to fucking destroy Sasori’s favourite puppet? CLASSIC. ICONIC. PHENOMENAL.

My other favourite moment of this fight is when she socked his puppet face for sassing his grandma:

Sasori: uh wtf this is a puppet body? u just gonna hurt ur fist bae little girl
Sakura: fists heal, punching you in the face is FOREVER

Then Sasori literally offers her his body (”Do you want to try this body? If you do, you’ll understand a little of what it’s like.”), but he’s a gentleman about it:

What a sweetheart!

So yeah. Obviously I love this fight, but it’s bittersweet at the same time. This is one of the last fights where societal and cultural reform, and the toxicity of the shinobi system, is at the forefront of the narrative:

Given that in Naruto Gaiden, Sasuke scolds Sarada for not sufficiently understanding that The Mission is more important than family, and that in Boruto the manga, the Sunagakure customs and teachings that resulted in Gaara taking B-rank missions when he was a genin are praised, this means that rewatching this arc just reminds me of what a failure the series turned into.

Sasukarin trolled even in japanese myth

Ninigi met Konohanasakuya-hime (symbol of flowers), the daughter of Yamatsumi (master of mountains), and they fell in love. Ninigi asked Yamatsumi for his daughter’s hand. The father was delighted and offered both of his daughters, Iwanaga (symbol of rocks) and Sakuya (symbol of flowers). However, Ninigi married only Sakuya and refused Iwanaga.

Yamatsumi said:“Iwanaga is blessed with eternity and Sakuya with prosperity”,

Yamatsumi said in regret, “by refusing Iwanaga, your life will be brief from now on”. Consequently, Ninigi and his descendants became mortals.



So I just read Book!malec, and I was highly unimpressed. They are either completely in the background (or legit gone WTF) or fighting about immortality/being trivial/“you don’t tell me anything about you!”. Where is the powerful romance that was Clace every 2 seconds? I have to agree that malec was not give enough love by CC. They had some good moments (“This is me in pieces”), but I far prefer TV!malec. Magnus in the show already seems a lot more forthcoming with his vulnerabilities and (PRAISE THE LORD) Alec is not stuck on Camille/jealousy/biphobia, but rather on how always losing the people you love affects you. They just seem more mature and considerate of each other by the end of season 1 than they did in a large portion of the books. PLEASE SHADOWHUNTERS, KEEP DOING WHAT YOUR DOING WITH MALEC!

I was just reading this eloquent Doctor Who meta about River Song’s character depth and I realized what the source of so many arguments is between people who admire Moffat’s tenure and those who don’t.

It’s simply this: canon vs. head-canon.

Head-canons are lovely things. I indulge myself with them every time I encounter a character or situation in a show I particularly enjoy/dislike. However, I have to watch myself because, as I’ve discovered, I tend to want to take my head-canons and make them a part of canon. One example of this is my head-canon that in the weeks following Nine’s regeneration into Ten, Rose would wake screaming from nightmares to find Ten crouched by her bedside, eyes searching her tear-stained face with concern, until he just started cuddling with her every night to keep the nightmares away. Another example is my belief that the reason Ten didn’t tell Rose that he loved her at their first separation at Bad Wolf Bay was because he was aware of her finite lifespan and wasn’t ready to become so vulnerable with her. 

However, our personal head-canons about the characters and situations we’re faced with in the show are not canon. They cannot be brought into arguments to try and win a point.

For instance, I know many wonderful people who love Moffat’s characters. However, when I try to explain why I find Moffat’s characters so one-dimensional, they retort with the following claims: “We’re not shown much of Amy’s grief for the loss of her child, but I bet that she was suffering off-screen and that it lingering throughout her last episode;” “River Song’s whole life didn’t revolve around the Doctor. She had a bunch of outside activities that were important to her, like her job, as well as several close friends that she loved spending time with;” and “Clara and the Doctor love each other so much. He’s shared a lot of things with her and it’s no wonder that they’re so close.”

If you love Moffat’s characters, great! Keep on loving them. That’s your choice and I don’t want to dissuade you. I do implore those who love Moffat’s work (and fans of Doctor Who as a whole, really) to recognize that a lot of their explanations excusing the problematic aspects of Moffat’s characters are personal opinions and not facts, just as some arguments about RTD’s era are opinions and not actual facts. If you want to believe that Amy grieved for her lost child throughout the duration of her travels with the Doctor, that’s fine, but there is no canonical proof to support your opinion. If I want to believe that the Tenth Doctor didn’t tell Rose that he loved her because he didn’t want to be that vulnerable, then that’s fine, but I have no canonical proof to support it. 

If we’re going to discuss why we love/dislike Doctor Who then we can’t bring personal opinions and head-canons into said discussions. Firstly, these opinions in no way reflect the nature of Doctor Who’s canon. Secondly, personal opinions are a reflection of your personal passion for something and, if you’re debating about a certain topic, these opinions are closely followed by an emotional response instead of a logical one. 

Let’s be honest about what Doctor Who is actually composed of and what we wish it could be. More than that, let’s be respectful to each other. Because in the end, we all love the show. 

What does one vs one mean:

One opponent vs one opponent.  Snape vs James

What one vs one does not mean:

“I’m starting to lose this fight lol, so my buddy Sirius is going to help me out.”

Okay, it doesn’t matter if the person was a bystander for 99% of the time. If that person steps in to help, then it was NEVER one on one. In professional wrestling when it comes to a one on one fight, a second person doesn’t jump into to help the person losing. 

Technically it was 1.5 vs 3.

Lily was only half helpful lol. I love her but I’m just being honest. 

Because yeah Remus was a major bystander but let’s be honest with ourselves. If Snape was able to get the upper hand over Sirius and James, would Remus step in to help so that it would now be all 3 of them vs Snape?

I don’t know if Peter would run or jump in lmao.

So I’m making some NS gifset (be prepared, because I tried some new colorings haha !) and I couldn’t help but make some alterations with Sakura’s mouth because god Studio Pierrot is always screwing up with her design and body shapes and it’s scandalous.

I made a little gif to prove my point+comparaison with the manga version. Look how the eyes are drawn differently. She looks more determinated and badass in the manga while in the anime, she looks like she’s smiling in a weird way.

Studio Pierrot, I see what you’re doing with Sakura, everyone can see it.

This may be a little far-stretched, but I believe “pro-life” groups should be categorized as terrorist groups.
No matter how peaceful they may be, pro-lifers terrorize American women (people with uteruses - for the sake of simplicity I will be using PWU in this post) by either using physical force or psychological abuse such as manipulation, intimidation, and blatant lies. They work off of vulnerable PWU, pretend to take them in and care for them, while they really strip them of all bodily autonomy and choice, guilting them into carrying to term and giving them false medical information.

In addition, they are trying to pass laws that could be viewed as a security threat to people of our nation (I’m talking within the US only). If abortion is criminalized, it will become a national security threat to PWU all around the nation (and maybe in other countries as well). We will see death rates go up, whether it be through childbirth or back-alley abortions. The pro-life movement, with what they’re advocating, WANTS this.

If you look at all the facts, anti-choice groups are TERROR groups.

things that would happen if the get down had a more mainstream fandom:
  • pro vs anti mylene fights
  • “mylene is an oppurtunist who keeps manipulatng zeke” leading to “you just dont like her because she gets in the way of your gay shipping!”
  • “im white am i being racist by watching the get down” anons daily
  • white people trying to repopularize 70s hood slang
  • “fat annie is a badass feminist icon in this mysognistic time period! shes the boss of men so shes super bad ass” posts
  • “yolanda doesnt have a love interest because shes a strong independant bl-” you see where im goin with this
  • shipping cadillac with shao or some real whack shit like that
  • white ppl trying to write fics of these characters of color and misusing slang and using stereotypes 
  •  whitewashed edits and drawings 
  •  trying to make thor a central character/ more important than the main characters

It really pisses me off how the people who shouted from the rooftops after the Vegas shooting about how it was not the proper time to talk about gun control and that to do so would be insensitive to the victims they were politicizing, are the exact same people who didn’t wait even a full day before using the terrorist attack in New York as an argument for why they want stricter immigration laws.

I’m not going to get into the politics of whether I agree or disagree with what was being proposed in either case. I’m not getting into pro-gun control vs. anti-gun control or pro-immigration vs. anti-immigration, this rant isn’t meant to make a case for or against either issue or to make a case for or against either of those topics. It’s just a rant about hypocrites, because I do not like hypocrites, and if you think that immediately after a domestic terrorist attack is “the wrong time” to talk about political issue X and the legal changes you want to see in regards to it, but is the perfect time to talk about political issue Y and the legal changes you want to see in regards to it, you’re a hypocrite.

I got teh dramaz on my dashboard


SJWs: You’re super racist!

AFPE: Prove it.

SJW 1: don’t have time *continues reblogging and hating on AFPE*

SJW 2: *presents quote from A DIFFERENT USER* look how racist you are

AFPE: I didn’t say that.

SJW 2: But you associate with them.

AFPE: No I literally don’t.

SJW 3: *presents link to quote from SJW2* ultimate solid proooooooof

AFPE: what.

Oh, and something that was supposed to be a special event (Blackout) being repeated monthly doesn’t make it lose meaning at all, apparently. Yet they planned Blackout #2 on Autism Awareness Day, yet AFPE is in the wrong for planning an Autism selfie day on AAD, because ermagerd trying to overshadow Blackout #2.

And I’m just sat here like 

go on…


The hubs and I got to talking last night about Civil War and the pro-Accords side vs. the anti-Accords side and how, as a Steve Rogers fan, I am finding the pro-Accords side using their stance to attack Steve as a character and paint him out to be the devil incarnate to be beyond insufferable (the whole conversation started because the parks and recreation department here in San Diego puts on Summer Movie Nights where families can come camp out on the lawn of one of our local parks with their folding chairs and their blankets and watch a movie for free and it just so happens that the first movie they are showing is Avengers). And he pointed out something which falls under the header of Occam’s Razor, i.e. the simplest answer is key.

Those villains pictured up there? We don’t have those in real life. Aliens with advanced technology and a desire to eradicate/conquer mankind. Indestructible, self-aware, constantly evolving robots capable of commandeering all of the internet and any program or system in nanoseconds. Genetically enhanced Nazis. Omnipotent Titans with fancy gauntlets and six all-powerful gems encased within them. So using a real world concept of ‘sovereign borders’ is pretty much negated when considering Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and applying it to extraordinary, otherworldly threats. The most essential tier being survival, which comes before diplomacy, before belonging, before esteem, before self-actualization.

Because if a swarm of aliens with advanced tech surprised you with a sneak attack and the goal of world domination, are you really going to want to take the time to check the visas of the only guys strong enough, fast enough and powerful enough to give the world a fighting chance against this threat? Are you really going to want to wait around to let an UN panel decide whether to engage said aliens or not when every single second counts?

Were these threats to exist in real life, along with superheroes, and I’m sitting there with no powers about to get disintegrated by Marvin the Martian, am I going to care whether Captain America has permission to save my ass? Oh hell no, I’m just going to want my ass to be saved. 

BTW, seriously doubt Red Skull is going to take visas into consideration when deciding which countries to invade, i.e. the Accords cripples the good guys while the bad ones just laugh and laugh “haha, thank you Accords for the tremendous head start you granted me, yay”. And aliens don’t recognize borders either. I can guarantee you that Thanos sure as hell doesn’t, I’ve read the Infinity series many a time thank you very much, he not only thinks humans are ants, he thinks the superheroes are, too, and he kills them all, one by one, by playing with them first FOR AMUSEMENT. She-Hulk and Namor get consumed by bugs, Wanda gets disintegrated, for Hulk Thanos becomes giant then squashes him, Thor gets turned to glass and shattered, Peter suffocated, Tony beheaded, Steve beaten to death. But okay, explain to Adam Warlock about international borders and sovereignty. “Warlock, you want us to go with you into space to fight this guy? The same guy who snapped his fingers and took out half the sentient life in the universe just like that, in less than a second? Well, we really wish we could go with you right now because time is surely of the essence but sorry, you have to clear it with the UN first.”

A thought

-One of the big objections to Autism Speaks among the sector of the autistic community with which I’m most familiar is their pro-cure agenda.

-Practically every debate about why Autism Speaks sucks more or less, sooner or later, turns into a pro-cure vs. anti-cure debate.

-In some ways, this is missing important key points, and also probably serves to alienate autistic people who are, in fact, really unhappy being autistic for not necessarily bad reasons.

-I think you really don’t have to be anti-cure, necessarily, to be severely troubled by Autism Speaks and opposed to their tactics and representation of autistic people.  Their treatment of and exclusion of and the way they talk about autistic people would still be appalling and unacceptable even if the majority of us were in favor of a cure.  They’re a bad organization for so many other reasons.

-The reflexive focus on the cure issue (from both sides) can wind up feeding into the straw man argument that the “high-functioning” people who are against a cure don’t care about making things better for the “lower-functioning.”  (Regardless of the fact that it’s not true at all and that the vast majority of the neurodiversity proponents who I know are very much in favor of research into better therapies and treatments for specific autism-related issues.)

I really think we can do better in this debate.  Some autistic people really do favor a cure.  Even more do want some kind of alleviation of specific aspects.  Autism Speaks still treats those people incredibly badly.

It’s not just the cure issue.  It’s the lack of meaningful representation, dehumanization, pseudoscience, infantilization, plagiarism/misappropriation, job discrimination, fear- and stigma-peddling, erasure of adult issues, and the financials, good lord.