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Honestly, the fact that people actually may blame Zack for the whole scene of Barry falling onto Diana’s chest and Amazon costume change is kinda gross…..

Like, y'all…are forgetting who took over from Zack here, right? You know, the person that took over was also responsible for Bruce falling onto Natasha’s chest, sexualising Natasha actually period, having Natasha refer to herself as a monster for being unable to have kids, having Natasha being called a whining cunt by Loki, having Buffy nearly being raped by Spike, actually planning for Firefly season 2 to have a rape scene so that a male can develop, mistreating actresses in the past and literally, HIS WONDER WOMAN SCRIPT?!

Now what was that persons name…..hmm….hes directing Batgirl and already planning to fuck up her backstory next….hmm…

Oh, thats right.

Joss Whedon.

Overall? Don’t even consider Zack would include any jokes like a male character falling into a female characters breasts- and we have no clue what happened with the amazon costume change but I just don’t think that’s on Zack either- Zacks pretty much respected woman in every film hes made- hes included WOC in his movies and treated woman all together in his films as characters- not just there for man pain and male gaze.

On the other hand with Joss well….*nervous laugh*…lets just say its clear who wanted that Barry falling onto Dianas chest scene there….

Can you guys believe there are really ppl so anti vision they say his line “I became distracted” is him blaming Wanda??

It’s literally the opposite. He didn’t say “she distracted me.” He said “I became distracted” putting all of the blame on himself. Sure some ppl are mad he called Wanda a distraction but he by no means blamed her.

You anti vision ppl are wild in how far you reach its almost entertaining.


for your viewing pleasure, i provide…

caity lotz b-girling like a pro

Being a couple who both have glasses

- yall look cute
- vision is nice
- trading glasses and laughing about each other’s shitty eyesight
- ??????
- ya know how to clean eachother glasses correctly

- when they touch your face and smudge your lenses
- you gotta take off your glasses to snuggle sometimes
- glasses go tap tap when u go kiss kiss
- one of you is always stuck putting the glasses on the night stand b4 bed
- swimming dates are literally blind dates

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i know you're really hate Naruto ending n new generations and i've gotten information the Naruto new generations will continue in another project or whatever Kishi want. And i just wanna know if older Sasuke (in new generations) meet again with Itachi? I mean if Itachi be reanimated again by another villain and Sasuke reunite with him again after more than 15 years, what do you think Sasuke's reaction?

I think kishi is a greedy bastard so I’m not surprised if he’s planning another project. 

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Katsuki: "I'm going to punch you in the mouth! With my own mouth!"

„Fuck you, Deku.“

„You know, it’s not my fault.“

They were at it again. Everyone in their dorm building knew what was going to happen, but nobody dared to get between them. Aizawa had assigned them to some special training, so they could finally learn to work together and Katsuki learned that he wouldn’t be the one giving the commands every time they got a mission.

Katsuki and Izuku had both got their Pro Visional Hero Licenses, as well as Todoroki, Yaoyorozu, Kirishima and Kaminari (no one knew how he got it, but yeah, he did). And after Aizawa told them, they should never act alone, he formed teams.

Since then, they both fought every day after they came back from the training grounds.  Normally it lasted for about ten minutes ‘til the ash-blond male had enough and locked himself in his room; destroying something of his own belongings.

That was some process, because when they fought for the first three to four times, he barged in in Izukus’ room and destroyed almost everything he got his hands on.

Thanks to Todoroki he stopped. Katsuki just didn’t want to be freezed up again.

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Cultural Appropriation: My thoughts and views

Cultural appropriation has been going on for years. Cultural appropriation is when an ethnic group or members of a different cultural group adopt styles of one culture, claiming it as their own and giving the original people no credit. This has been happening a lot lately with white people, using black culture as high fashion while blacks are being shamed for embracing their culture. Many people especially those who are pro black have problems with this because they feel as though blacks never get any credit for their culture. In this case, whites getting dreads and braids stir up anger within blacks because when a black person has braids or dreads they are looked down upon and shamed for it. Here’s where social media comes into play. Today, social media has become the most known form of freedom of speech and freedom of expression. To me, that is completely fine because I use social media to express and communicate what I feel and stand for. But sometimes I feel as though people take too much advantage of social media. For example, on Twitter there are people who voice their opinions in the wrong way not paying heed to the things they tweet. People tweet and post without thinking or acknowledging what they typed before hitting send. I respect those who are about what they say they are about. Those who tweet mindfully about social issues and don’t care when they are called “wanna be activist”. But I will get to the point about cultural appropriation and how it connects with social media. I feel like there are people who are focused on things that will not aid the black community. I believe that cultural appropriation is an issue that must be addressed and it should also come to an end. Yes, black people are tired of their culture being claimed by white people. They are tired of being looked at in a bad way for embracing their culture while whites are praised for appropriating. But there are other issues within the black community that deserves attention. I’m not saying culture appropriation is not as important but I feel like there are people who say they are here for “black empowerment” but aren’t truly empowering blacks. Listen, wasting your time on social media “dragging” white people for appropriating culture is not empowering your people. I understand that as a community we have every right to defend ourselves, our culture and our people but being stupid and childish thinking you’re doing something for blacks is not at all the right thing to do. Crying about culture appropriation every single day you get on the Internet will not improve black communities. As a person who is pro black my only vision and goal is to empower and uplift my people and someday doing something meaningful for the black community. No not everyone has to agree with each other but sometimes I can’t take certain people serious. The people who scream black empowerment but waste their time empowering the white man by entertaining his ignorance. You could be uplifting your own and empowering your own instead of wasting your energy on a white girl with freaking braids. So what if people are praising her for it? She is Kylie Jenner for goodness sake. She is a celebrity and people will always obsess over what she does. You guys sit here and whine all day about how blacks can’t claim their culture and identity as their own without being called “ghetto” or “unprofessional” but forget about the other issues just as important that’s happening in our community. Black culture gets appropriated every single day, but there are also black people dying every single day. There are black families struggling and suffering. There are black communities that lack opportunity for the youth. That lack a school system which could give black students the education they need to be successful in life. But ya’ll want to sit on Twitter and cry about Kylie Jenner. She does not care about how you feel and she never will. She is a 17 year old girl who also is growing and finding herself. I don’t care if she is rich. She is still a teenager. And it does not seem like you guys are informing her about the black struggle and how we have to endure maltreatment for embracing our culture. You guys are creating an entire problem, revolving the world around Kylie. You guys are giving her the attention she wants. If you really care about black lives the way you say you do you will stop giving her her and white people the attention. All you guys do is feed ignorance. Two wrongs don’t make a right and it will not solve anything. You guys have to stop reacting to every little thing. It is a different story when a black person’s life is taken by a white man unjustly but as for some fucking braids? Ya’ll are too wild and need to take things down a notch. You are not contributing to the growth and advancement of the black community. Ya’ll energy does not add up. Preaching about black lives and empowerment but you don’t focus your attention on empowering blacks. I will say this one hundred times, I don’t care. And I’ll say this once more, I know blacks are TIRED and need ANSWERS but if we don’t come together to fix what’s broken within our community I don’t see us progressing. That is why it is called BLACK EMPOWERMENT. You guys love to claim that you are here to empower blacks but constantly focusing your attention on what a white person is doing. They say “nigga” and ya’ll wanna get wild. Like WHY? I understand that it isn’t their place to say nigga but that’s not the point. The point is, you are giving them more power when you sit around and cry about what they do. There are other things to be angry about besides cultural appropriation. You should be empowering those who are oppressed, blacks need words of encouragement. The black community needs to see that our people are here for each other and we are doing everything we can to build a stronger community. Even though whites have been “dragging” blacks for years, we can’t do that shit. We are better than that as a people. We can inform them and continue to tell them about the black struggle if they don’t don’t want to understand then shut up and keep it moving. You guys are confused. Don’t know the true meaning of empowerment. You give white people more authority when you waste your breath on them. Half of ya’ll saying ya’ll woke but you guys are SLEEP.  You cannot change the mindset of a white person who has been taught and injected hate and hostility for black people. Racism is alive. OUR IDENTITY IS DEEPER THAN BRAIDS. WAKE UP BLACK PEOPLE.

– Elisabeth Bellevue

Obama’s final speech to US troops slammed Trump without ever mentioning his name

Obama’s closing passage was a stirring defense of American values — and an unmistakable repudiation of his successor’s vision for the country.

In his final remarks, Obama laid out a description of several core American values — religious freedom, free speech, an international order based on rules and law — that directly contrast with Trump’s anti-Muslim, anti–free press, pro–stealing Iraq’s oil vision for America.

It was a moving, important, and deeply emotional moment for many as the United States looks towards the future with President-elect Donald Trump. Only time will tell whether our new Commander-in-Chief will heed Obama’s words.