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Your very official very real source for the cast of the new chaos walking movie starring two adults!

Mistress Coyle will be played by the Wine Drinking Model from this image. So niche! 

Mayor Prentiss will be played by this guy! Aka Stanley from the Office! Good to see him diversifying his portfolio!

Manchee, in a shock decision, has been recast as Biggie Cheese

David Prentiss Jr Will Be Played by whichever 4chan artist made this stupid dumb ass unfunny pro-Ted Cruz meme. The idea is to reach out to the 3% minority that yell a lot on facebook posts. 

Aaron will be played by this freaking lefty’s (me) political alignment! I hope he succeeds in the role :)

Hammer, one of the Mayor’s generals, will be played by Bill Shorten australias opposition leader. It makes some sense depending on the day and how powerful the Labor Right faction is feeling that day! As his first major motion picture, Bill admits to a bit of nervousness. I say we all give Bill a big clap!

Thanks everyone for watching! will fill you in on more as the details come to me

A strange and unsettling thought: There is a room full of old white dudes, nearly 1000 miles away, who have no idea that I personally exist, yet are trying to pass laws in order to control my body.

These are the same old white dudes who could give a flying fuck what happens to the child that I might be forced to have as a result of their laws.
Women deserve better than two clowns reducing the presidential race to a hottest wife contest | Lindy West
Donald Trump and Ted Cruz’s Twitter slap-fight reveals the misogynist bigotry in the Republican DNA
By Lindy West

Setting aside the notion that a woman’s looks determine her value, as well as the dehumanising reduction of Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump (two successful, professional women with fully formed, complex lives) to inanimate chips in a dick-swinging contest, the most odious thing about this whole exchange is that it positions Ted Cruz as the good guy when it comes to gender.

Cruz is a man who believes that “every human life is a precious gift from God, which should be protected from the moment of conception until the moment of natural death” – in other words, all pregnant people should be treated as incubators and forced to give birth. He supports a federal ban on abortion after 20 weeks, without exception. Are you a woman with a wanted pregnancy who found out at 21 weeks that your foetus is not viable? Sorry! Carry it inside of you for four more months because Ted Cruz says so! Are you a developmentally disabled 11-year-old girl who was raped by your father and no one discovered it until you were six months along? Hope you survive pregnancy so you can claim your gift from God!

The Great Trump v Cruz objectification-off of 2016 isn’t just bad statesmanship or a goofy sideshow; it’s one manifestation of a fundamental misogynist bigotry that is in the Republican party’s DNA. Whether you’re Trump, leveraging your wife’s body as social capital while calling women who challenge you “fat pigs” and “dogs”, or Cruz, paying watery lip service to not attacking women while working full-time to strip women of basic, life-saving healthcare, American conservatives make it abundantly clear that they do not fully believe that women are people. Not even if they’re in the same party. Not even if they’re in the same house. Not even if they’re in the same bed.

Making a Murderer on Netflix aka Middle America once again gets its kick out of being entertained by poor people and their problems.

“Oh, this is so outrageous! And shocking! How can the cops be so evil?!?”

But you’ll never dare to do anything about it, will you? You’ll still support Blue Lives Matter. You’ll still claim Tamir Rice had it coming because he dared to play with a toy gun in a playground. You sick, sociopathic, sad silly fucks.

The status quo and voting Republican and pretending Trump is simply a cool  truth-teller is just too nice and comfortable, isn’t it?  God forbid, you ever question anything. 

Jesus Christ. Literally everyone on the planet simultaneously detests and pities you. I want you to know that. I truly do.

“Banning abortion in a country will totally stop it altogether!” Yeah, tell that to the women of Ireland who only have to book a quick plane or ferry ticket to get to London. And have frequently been doing so for years.

Religious conservatives: Too dumb to realize women know about methods of transport.

“When they’re funding the murder of children, this is where say, enough is enough,” said Evangelicals when they learn about the Republican inclusion in a recent planned parenthood finance bill.

Sshh, guys…no one tell them about all those US-funded dead Iraqi and Palestinian kids. It would ruin the rose-tinted fantasy, for them, I suppose.

Zygotes, man. They’re the only thing they’ll ever give a shit about. 

“I’m a real, live little human child from Iran!” “Are you a three-week old zygote cell?” “Um… no”. “Well, then I don’t give a flying fuck about you or your inevitably bombed, mutilated corpse…Praise Jesus!”

People in The Republican Party. Folks who will whine and moan and cry about being stereotyped as redneck, idiot trailer-living idiots who read nothing but The Bible. Even though they spend most of their lives stereotyping other people, like saying Mexican immigrants are all criminals, calling all Iranians terrorists and coming up with all these reasons that unarmed black people deserve to die at the hands of the police. OK, then.  I’d insult you people, but honestly, nothing I could come up with could even justify this absurdity. Fucking hell. It’s beyond me.

Ted Cruz celebrates anti-abortion extremist 8 days before the Planned Parenthood shooting

Just eight days before Robert L. Dear, 57, attacked a Planned Parenthood in Colorado, Ted Cruz bragged about an endorsement he received from the head of Christian pro-life organization Operation Rescue, Troy Newman. Newman has a history of openly endorsing violence against abortion providers.