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What I got from the books and my simplistic conclusion:

James Potter: 

  • had perfect life, was rich and carefree
  • had loving parents
  • had good loyal friends (ok Wormtail doesn’t count in the school years)
  • popular and successful
  • was a bully who hit, embarassed and exposed kids (even sexually) just because he was bored
  • not discriminatory of muggle borns or werewolves, discriminatory of people with different personalities or aspirations
  • massive ego
  • forced his presence to Lily even though she made clear she didn’t like him, was annoying to her for years, pushy
  • grew up and became a better person and eventually charming to Lily
  • was a great friend
  • died for Lily and Harry, his son

Severus Snape:

  • all his life has been terrible
  • father in constant conflict with his mother, verbal abuse, implications of physical abuse to both Snape and his mother, his father was a Muggle, such experiences can easily distort the perception kids have about things, it was easy for Snape (or even a relief) to believe people like his father were inferior
  • no real friends except Lily who eventually left him too (for his biggest enemy)
  • bullied, abused, lonely, unpopular, nobody cared about him at school although he was a brilliant student
  • has not shown signs of being a bully at school, never attacked anyone physically first, most things he did were in defense aside from being snarky to those he disliked and inventing bad spells he didn’t really use (James Potter did though!), eventually made (fake) bad friends, supported Voldemort 
  • used a racistic slur against Lily during the most embarassing experience of his life, apologized for it a million times, started  hating the term and telling people off for using it (ie Malfoy)
  • never forced his presence to Lily after she explicitly stated his company was not wanted anymore, accepting and respectful of all her choices, kept loving her quietly forever
  • grew up to become a very unpleasant, lonely, miserable man who followed Voldemort in hopes of finding acceptance this way, he was punished for this mistake by becoming unknowingly responible for his only love’s death, fell in despair, he was lucky enough to be guided by Dumbledore to the right path and see his mistakes, promised to do everything, even risk his life every single day to fight Voldemort and protect Lily (and James’) son 
  • meanwhile was an unpleasant, very strict teacher especially to Gryffindor house (Harry’s friends and Harry), demeaning behaviour to quite a few students, sometimes plain horrible, a very demanding teacher but one of the most proficient and competent professors in Hogwarts (as Hermione said many times)
  • indeed risked his life every single day to fight Voldemort and save Harry as he promised, was loyal to Dumbledore to death (literally), even after he found out Dumbledore was not telling him all the truth
  • died for Lily and Harry, James’ son

Conclusion: It is stupid to constantly compare these two people and try to make the one look redeemed while the other is a monster. These people have different backgrounds, different upbringing, different experiences, were heavily flawed in different periods of their lives and the only thing they share is their genuine love for the same woman. Both did inexcusable mistakes but either they changed entirely (James) or that was not a true reflection of their soul (Snape). They are both dead and redeemed. 

James Potter died as a great friend, husband and father. Severus Snape died after a cursed life that offered him nothing but sadness and misery since the day he was born, he struggled but managed to make this whole life worth living for the victory of good over evil, of love over cruelty. Hating one of them as much as Voldemort or Umbridge or Bellatrix Lestrage is not understanding what J.K. Rowling was trying to say.

You can ship what you want. But you can't automatically expect it to be cannon, and if it isn't made cannon don't fucking harass the creators. Don't start stupid petitions. Don't harass those who like the cannon ship. Just accept it. Even if it's non cannon it's okay. Just go enjoy your ship.

favourite sherlock moments → 8 / ∞
“How? Every movement I made was entirely random, every new personality just on the roll of a dice!”
“Mary, no human action is ever truly random. An advanced grasp of the mathematics of probability, mapped onto a thorough apprehension of human psychology and the known disposition of any given individual,can reduce the number of variables considerably. I, myself, know of at least 58 techniques to refine a seemingly infinite array of randomly generated possibilities down to the smallest number of feasible variables.”

I roll my eyes so hard every time I see people blaming Snape for asking Voldemort to only spare Lily’s life and not Harry’s or James’.

Harry was specifically Voldemort’s target. Is there any case Snape would ask Voldemort to not kill his future fatal enemy and Voldemort would be like “Sure mate”? It’s not that Snape didn’t care Lily would lose her child, it’s that he could by default do NOTHING about him at his situation. 

Snape begged Voldemort to let Lily live because he desired her - lust is an egoistical feeling and it was something Voldemort could understand. Snape wanted Lily for himself, he could understand that.

Is there any case Snape could ask him to let both Lily and James live and Voldemort wouldn’t cock the eyebrow (he didn’t have)? If Snape asked him to spare them both, Voldemort would conclude that Snape genuinely cared for one or both, the family of his enemy. Voldemort would probably also doubt Snape’s loyalty and fear that he would side with the Potters eventually. 

It’s not that Snape didn’t understand how destructive the loss of Harry and James would be for Lily. Of course he knew but asking Voldemort to spare her life, except being a very brave effort on its own, was the maximum risk he could take without certainly triggering an even more ruthless reaction from Voldemort. I am not saying Snape cared much whether James would live or not but he did care selflessly about Lily and her happiness. 

But what’s even more interesting is that Voldemort sort of listened to him. Not that he cared for Snape’s feelings in the slightest but he initially planned not to kill Lily. She was delaying him, she was causing him trouble, that’s why he eventually killed her. My point is, Voldemort cared enough to promise Snape he wouldn’t harm the woman Severus wanted. But Voldemort is not a man of logic or understanding, he is a villain of the “kill them all so we’re sure” mentality. He initally planned to go against his mentality here, especially since Lily was also a Muggle born, aka having 0 worth according to him. This shows that Voldemort valued Snape a lot as a supporter, as part of his army, he planned to satisfy his wish. Voldemort has been showing more respect to Snape than he ever showed to, say, Bellatrix. And then he killed him. Voldy, Voldy. 

Sometimes I can’t quite believe that “that horrible goatee” is a real canonical line. (K. made that joke and insisted that I should draw it, and there it is.)

What Were The Bad Things Mary Did?

The Tbilisi operation is the only detailed information we get about Mary’s past actions, an anti-terror operation in which she herself became a victim of treason. There is nothing in it that would explain this:

  • bad, bad girl
  • If you love me, don’t read it in front of me. Because you won’t love me when you’ve finished and I don’t want to see that happen.
  • The stuff Magnussen has on me, I would go to prison for the rest of my life.
  • They were always such reliable killers.

The thing is we are never really shown Mary’s bad sides, at least not where her professional work is concerned. Her actions are mentioned in passing but John is never really confronted with them. He learns about the one story in which she herself became a victim. 

  • Team of agents, the best. 
  • AGRA were very reliable; then came the Tbilisi incident. They were sent in to free the hostages but it all went horribly wrong.

This is what we are told about AGRA (and that they worked for the highest bidder which is not a crime in itself.) They were meant to free hostages - where is the crime in that? 

So Mary’s one really bad action we observe and which John knows about is her shooting Sherlock. And for this she is forgiven by both Sherlock and John. Which results in a logical problem: As long as we do not learn about the bad things she did and wanted to hide from John, her shooting Sherlock is not justifiable and she does not deserve forgiveness. 

The writers seem to realise this and let Mary sacrifice herself for Sherlock. Quid pro quo. 

But this is does not work either because now John blames Sherlock and eliminates him from his life. The problem is that John ignored what Mary really did and that we - the audience - were not shown either. Even after TST John can keep ignoring her past. He saw what became of Ajay but this was not Mary’s fault but Norbury’s. So the fact that with Mary we get the exact opposite of “show, don’t tell”, that is “tell, don’t show”, makes it impossible to really understand the whole Mary arc. And it does not explain either why in TLD she suddenly embodies John’s better self. 


Seriously, if you don’t like something, block the tags, block/unfollow people who blog about it, don’t make side blogs completely dedicated to hate and drama. It is not worth your time.

I don’t care which side you’re on. As long as you’re not hurting anybody, you should be allowed to do whatever the hell you want in your fandom. This exists so we can have fun. It does not exist so we can start policing and bullying each other.

I hate that so many people are divided because they disagree on a fictional relationship. A FICTIONAL RELATIONSHIP THAT HAS ABSOLUTELY NO AFFECT ON REAL LIFE UNLESS YOU TAKE IT TOO FAR.

Clearly, we’re all passionate about our fandoms. We cherish these character, these stories, and we get emotional when someone disagrees with us. That’s normal.

But we should be coming together as a fan base that loves the same thing instead of arguing over something so stupid. Because it’s obvious you and the person you’re arguing with know a lot about the same subject. You could rejoicing over that instead of tearing each other apart over personal opinions.

I will gladly talk to you about your favorite pairing, even if it’s not something I ship. I’d love to hear your opinion! I’d love to have a discussion about these things. But too many people get too aggressive and take it too far and that’s why it’s been a blocking day for me.

TL;DR: basically y’all need to calm the fuck down and respect your fellow fans (this also applies to non-shipping related discourse)