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I always feel like I'm lying when I say Buddy is pitbull

He’s ½ pitbull and ½ American Bulldog or Rottweiler. I think it’s American Bulldog, but the guy we got him (and his sister, we found her a good home, different post different time) from said he’s half Rottweiler, but he also said he was 3 months old in April and y'all have seen how small he was, he was no more than 1 month. Also he was basically raised by Bear (my nana’s Pomeranian) so that’s gotta count for something. However, elder gods forbid it happens, if he ever did something bad the media would say he’s a pitbull, nothing more.

I’m still very pro pitbulls, and I can understand why people don’t like them. They aren’t all good dogs, but they all could be with enough love and training. Banned/killing them isn’t going to solve anything, it will just create a black market for them. And that makes everything so much worse.

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Okay so I'm not trying to get a debate growing here. I've been given some information in regards to pro choice pro life. After reading the facts and hearing opinions I decided my personal opinion was pro life. I see in your bio that you're pro choice so can I ask what brought you to the decision to be pro choice over pro life? Understandably it's a woman's body and what not and it is her choice I do respect that. But do you have exceptions to being pro choice do in some instances become pro life

Each individual person owns their own body. There isn’t a SINGLE Instance in which the law has allowed a person to use a persons body without that persons consent even when the reason was ‘I will die’. But somehow, pregnancy is something you’re allowed to override a persons bodily rights for?

It is a wonder then why we won’t strap someone down and force them to give blood, a very easy, non-invasive procedure that takes an hour at most. I’ve given blood before, so I know exactly how non-invasive and comfortable the entire procedure is, they even give you two stickers with two different bar codes on them one that is a ‘yes’ and one that is a ‘no’ and leave the room so that if you’re feeling pressured into donating you can put the ‘no’ sticker on and they will throw your perfectly good blood away. That is how much we respect bodily rights when it comes to giving blood.

And yet you and every other pro lifer is perfectly comfortable with FORCING (yes, FORCING) a person to undergo a potentially deadly situation against their will?

If you consider strapping someone down to remove organs, tissue, bone marrow or blood to be wrong, but you’re comfortable with forcing a person to either seek an unbelievably dangerous abortion or give birth against their will then you are doing some extreme mental gymnastics there.

If they need my continuous consent to take blood out  of my arm and I can say while they are wheeling it away after I put the ‘yes’ bar-code on it ‘stop, I just changed my mind’ they have to stop. If I say ‘stop, I changed my mind’ right as tey are putting me under to take my kidney and give it to someone else, they have got to stop. But for some reason, if I said ‘stop’ to a fetus I didn’t want in the first place, and probably took active measures to avoid… somehow I’m liable to see it through for months, ending in excruciating pain, all while putting my life, physical and emotional well-being, other dependents, my job, my home, my financial security all on the line? Why only in pregnancy?

The lives I could save donating blood are sentient, aware, fully autonomous, capable of suffering and not infringing on any rights just by existing.

A fetus is not sentient, unaware of everything including it’s own existence, non-autonomous, not capable of suffering, and is actively infringing upon my right to bodily autonomy.

Why is it then, that I can deny the use of my body to a sentient person and no one bats an eyelash, but if I deny the use of my body to a non-sentient, unaware fetus, suddenly I’m a murderer?

We allow people to kill those who would infringe upon their bodily autonomy too. Legally, it is called ‘self defense’ (and yes, defending your life falls under bodily autonomy). If I can kill a fully sentient, fully autonomous person who is violating my right to bodily autonomy, then I should have equal right to remove a non-sentient, non autonomous entity from my body by any means necessary.

Not to mention pro lifers literally have a page dedicated to their violence, legal abortion SAVES lives, 70,000 die from lack of access to abortions, abortion rates are actually lower in places with easy access to them.

Abortion also has no link to any severe health issues later in life.

In short, I’m pro choice because I care about people, their well being, their security, and understand that I cannot begin to understand their reasons or need for an abortion nearly as well as they can. I’m not an expert on anyones life but my own.

Pro choice is “You know your life best”.
Pro life is “I know your life best”.

FYI, those sites I linked you are unbiased ones. If you used pro life sites for your ‘facts’ then most of them were blatantly false. Pro life sites regularly lie and make up ‘horror stories’ that can be found only on pro life sites (meaning they aren’t true or legitimate news sources would have picked up on them). They’ve literally made up doctors that do not exist in any medical databases to make what they’re lying about sound more credible.