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Rukia rushes to the living world, quickly getting into her gigai, renji behind her. She’s running as fast as she can, right as she’s about to get to the clinic door Ichigo opens it. He was waiting what took so long. She had to pick up this fool, points to Renji and check on their squad. She says hi to everyone. The asks ichigo ask “where are my boys?” Ichigo says “they ran upstairs, you know how they love to play our old room”. Cut to their kids playing hide and seek in rukias old closet one kid distracted by the Ichiogs old badge. Right as hes about to touch it his twin pops out of the closet asking what’s taking so long. Distracted he forgets about it. Rukia opens the door and both boys run to mommy. She playfully scolds them, they’re going it miss aunt tatsukis championship fight. The three go down stairs, the boys run to the couch with grandpa isshin going to hug them only for them to slip right past him. Isshin starts to cry and yuzu and Karin like always deal with him. Ichigo walks up to rukia slides his arm around her waist and says “you did good shinigami”, rukia looks to him says “my name’s not shinigami fool, its kurosaki, kurosaki rukia”.

They’re both shinigami. Ichigo left ahead of her with the kids. Rukia stayed back to take care of the squad and to pick up renji.

Have a quick messy alternative ending

“Regina wasn’t trapped into any marriage, she chose to marry Leopold.” -

Actual thing I just read on one of my post