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This Is Important

People who are beautiful:
Trans men
Trans women
Nonbinary people
Sex workers
People who practice kinks safely and flag their stuff as NSFW

People that are ugly, smelly, and shitty:
Asses who don’t flag jack shit and pretty much uses their kinks as an excuse to abuse their lover

  • Feminist: You can't support equality, without being a Feminist.
  • Anti-Feminist: I disagree. I support equality, but I don't identify as a feminist.
  • Feminist: Then you clearly don't understand what Feminism is.
  • Anti-Feminist: I know what Feminism is, I used to identify as a Feminist.
  • Feminist: Wow, so you must really hate women, huh?
  • Anti-Feminist: You clearly don't understand what anti-feminism is.

- Married men commit suicide at a HIGHER RATE in our society.

- A married man lives his life supporting his wife and children.

- When he faces an abuse, we as society, are INDIFFERENT to him [eg “He is lying, men are stronger”, “He must’ve abused her”, “He probably deserved it”, “It’s a rare scenario”].

A man is severely assaulted by his wife or girlfriend EVERY 14,6 SECONDS.

- When a man is battered by his spouse, there is NO SHELTER which could take him.

- The goverment which should protect him, will IMPRISON him EVEN IF HE’S FALSELY ACCUSEDd by his wife. He will LOSE HIS JOB and will be SUBJECTED TO SOCIAL SHAME.. 


- Divorce ALIENATES him from his children, TAKES AWAY his house and his money.

- A man who has lost his children, house and social image, RECEIVES NO HELP from the same government which he pays tax to.

- All this helplessness LEADS to DRUG and ALCOHOL ABUSE, which also makes him DEPRESSED and SUICIDAL. THIS IS A GLOBAL PHENOMENON. 

Lists of various suicide statistics per year of men which FAR EXCEEDS women’s rates [ America: 1727m - 546w,  India: 63,343m - 31,92w, Australia: 1727m - 546w,  Canada: 2989m - 501w,  Lithuania: 952m - 186w,  Russia: 35608m - 7247w,  UK: 4552m - 1493w ]. So many men kill themselves EVERY YEAR. What are we doing about it?


Just because a small amount of men are assholes, doesn’t mean you get to say “KILL ALL MEN ALL MEN ARE EVIL RAPISTS!!!1″ It’s the same with Cisgenders and White People. Don’t make someone ashamed to be who they are over some bullshit someone who happened to share their gender/race/sexuality did.

Why are some women so possesive over their partners? Especially with males, ‘‘I don’t like this female friend you have you can’t see her again’‘ is bs, you probably have a best friend too, ‘’It’s not the same!!!11′’ yes it it, a vagina isn’t an automatic dick magnet to every single dick owner. What are you gonna do if your partner is bisexual? No friends at all? Fuck off.

 Let men have female friends without sexual/romantic attraction needed.

A message for feminists and anti-feminists

Don’t be a feminist because:

  1. Men have hurt you in past experiences.
  2. You believe it is the only group that advocates for true gender equality.
  3. You believe women are the only ones that need help. 
  4. You believe men suffer from their own ‘toxic masculinity’. 
  5. You or others feel excluded from anything that is ‘male-dominated’.
  6. Women in third-world countries suffer from sexism. 
  7. You blame men for everybody’s problems.  
  8. You don’t think men are important.
  9. You believe in a world without men.  
  10. You dislike men in general. 

Be a feminist because:

  1. You do not allow your experiences to define you. 
  2. You, personally, want to advocate for true gender equality. 
  3. You believe that everyone needs help. 
  4. You acknowledge men experience issues beyond gender expectations. 
  5. You have the confidence to apply yourself, despite gender disparities. 
  6. You actively help women in third-world countries that suffer from sexism. 
  7. You tackle issues without asserting blame. 
  8. You believe sex and gender is irrelevant to somebody’s worth. 
  9. Want to improve gender relations between men and women. 
  10. Your fight for gender equality is unmotivated by sexism and hatred. 

Don’t be anti-feminist because:

  1. Women have hurt you in past experiences. 
  2. You believe that men are oppressed by women and society. 
  3. Of religious reasons. 
  4. You believe feminism has generated weaker men. 
  5. You believe in traditional gender roles, only. 
  6. Feminists focus on women’s issues in the first world. 
  7. You blame women for men’s issues. 
  8. You don’t think women are trustworthy towards men. 
  9. You assume that anyone with an alternative view is Feminist or misandric.
  10. You do not trust women. 

Be anti-feminist because:

  1. You are motivated by logic and critical thinking, not emotions. 
  2. Men suffer from a variety of marginalized issues.  
  3. Of logical and critical reasons. 
  4. You believe gender roles do not define a man.
  5. Both sexes deserve options. 
  6. Feminism can prevent spreading awareness on male issues. 
  7. You tackle issues without asserting blame. 
  8. You acknowledge women can be just as sexist as men. 
  9. You cannot label someone’s identity necessarily by their beliefs. 
  10. Your fight for gender equality is unmotivated by sexism and hatred. 

If you believe there are somethings that I left out, let me know. 

If you disagree, tell me and I might change my mind. 

I’ve noticed that the same feminists who get mad at anti-feminism-pro-equality ‘s url are the same feminists who acknowledge that other feminists make and support sexist laws against men (though they claim that those aren’t real feminists >_>), make fun of men and men’s issues, then laugh and claim that misandry doesn’t exist.

Like…do you not realize that you are an example of why that url exists?

official sjw dress code

if you want to be a sjw you have to follow this strict dress code:

  • dyed hair, preferably a vibrant colour; highlights acceptable
    • bonus sjw points if you dye your hair with the blood of your fallen enemies
  • the shorter your hair the more sjw-y you are
  • faux/leather! be it a jacket, pants, underwear, whatever you want but you have to have one article of clothing thats faux/leather
  • combat boots, any colour works but black gets you the most points
    • steel toe optional
  • trans/gender/sexuality/racial/neurodivergent/disabled/marginalized pride accent, like a button, shirt, tie, bracelet, etc.
    • cis/het/white/ablebodied/oppressor pride prohibited
  • piercings/tattoos!! not a necessity but extra sjw points! the more piercings/tattooes the more points!
  • glasses, any kind, sunglasses, reading glasses, regular glasses, whichever!
  • bedazzled/studded things, like a bracelet or jacket or shirt
  • pro feminist/pro misandry symbolism
A PSA on politics by yours truly






















Side Note: If you don’t know what the heck you’re talking about, there’s a simple solution: don’t get involved.


If you are a man who believes you have the “right” to ban your sexual partner from terminating their pregnancy because “its your baby”, I’ve got news for you…

Your semen is not a potion of transfiguration - your partner did not magically transform into a storage closet once touching it, they remain your equal and their body remains their own body.