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*dude touchingly weeps on TV about his sick baby and hopes other sick babies, even if they’re poor, can be cared for and properly medically treated*

“He’s attacking Trump! He’s a bad person!”

Look, I don’t know who or what it is you morons worship. But it ain’t Jesus. You are literally about as far away from Jesus as it possible to get. 

I finally figured out why people say that shaladin is pedophilia. Shiro’s birthday is on February 29, he’s technically only six years old.

Wow, I can’t believe you people would ship a child with a bunch of teenagers, how disgraceful  

The Hardy Boyz leave TNA
[February 27th, 2017]

So negotiations for Matt and Jeff Hardy in TNA haven’t gone so well, as it seems the two parties have decided to go their separate ways. Rumors about the split include that the rushed nature of the company, potential loss of direction with Matt’s “Broken” character, and an Anthem Sports executive getting shitty and saying “well, tell them to go to WWE” pissed the brothers off, so the two parties have parted ways. The funny thing is, now TNA is scrambling, trying to get the TNA Tag Team Championship belts back from Matt & Jeff.

Imagine if these two show up on Raw tonight, or better yet, on Raw After Mania, and immediately start a program with The New Day. That’d make for some entertaining television. I guess time will tell, but I can’t imagine a WWE return would be out of the question.