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only the pro magic players can read this k

First you gotta play this

Then you gotta play a land then. My favorite land to play is Ghost Quarter because that part of town is a little spooky and monsters generally don’t go around there

Then you gotta play this guy here

You can put a lotta charge counters on a thing but the question is whats the good stuff to put counters onto which I have right here in this pocket

You’re gonna need this bowl of soup to make it work first but you can only pour it on one thing so what one thing do you pour it on to make it-


Whenever there’s something talking about how women in magic need more representation, there’s always douchebags saying “well you’re just being sexist, you shouldn’t put somebody on commentary just because they’re a woman!” and it’s the most absurdly stupid thing. But okay. You want somebody qualified?

Melissa DeTora. Former pro magic player. Currently interning at wotc. Hire her to run deck techs, commentary, or floor coverage. She’s an amazing player. Why hasn’t she done commentary?

Kathleen De Vere. Comedian and member of loading ready run. Great magic player, awesome comedic personality, has lots of stage and coverage experience through loading ready run. Graham Stark has done coverage for MOCS finals, why couldn’t she?

Feline Longmore. One of the best high tide players of all times. An overall expert in the legacy format. She could easily take the place of somebody with a quarter of her experience on the format on a US coverage team.

It took me a second to come up with three great examples of three totally deserving women who could do commentary. There are other women who have top8 finishes at GPs. What if we got one of them on commentary? Would you call that sexist? Examine yourself, examine why you think that any of these people are underqualified.

silpheed-tandy  asked:

is it permissible to write fanfiction about pro magic players (or R&D folks / Rules Managers)?

I don’t think anyone needs to give you permission to be creepy, and if someone does, it damn sure ain’t me.

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I keep unfollowing you on accident I'm such a screw up. What's your favorite mistake in Magic's history?

Pro player Terry Borer is playing the semi-finals against future Hall-of-Famer Darwin Kastle. He has the win in his hand (which decided not just the game but the match) but decides to be tricky about it. He says to Darwin after declaring attackers, “Do you have any fast effects?” When Darwin says no, Terry is shut out from being able to cast the spell that would have won him the game.

If Terry had won that game, and thus the match, it would have been enough that he would have been Pro Player of the Year that year instead of winner Paul McCabe. It is to me the most classic mistake in Pro Tour history.

can you imagine if pro Magic players had strict tribal gimmicks like Yugioh characters like Oh who’s in the Pro Tour finals? Is it the Slivers player vs the Zombies player?