pro life problems

Yup so, in the last week or so I’ve started noticing ^^ this. This notice literally has ONLY ever showed up for me on Christian and/or pro-life blogs. It hasn’t showed up on porn bots, racist crap, or the gore blog that tried to follow me.

Only Christian and pro-life blogs.

Thanks, @staff, for proving yet again that this site is about as hostile to Christian and conservative values as it gets, and hypocritical about how your system filters perceived problems. Tbh, I like the idea of this filter. I don’t even care if you DO want to filter Christian/pro-life stuff, like – whatever. But you wanna maybe get a little better about defining “sensitive media” maybe? So maybe for once you’d do something that would block porn and gore and actual hate blogs? ‘Cuz that’d be real nice.


Pro Tip

Be nice to cashiers. They’re working a minimum wage job and most likely don’t have answers to all of your dumb ass questions. Don’t make a joke about the chip cards. Don’t say anything about the chip cards actually. Smile and be polite because most likely they’ve been yelled at by multiple customers that day for something that they couldn’t help. Don’t be a douche in general. Just be nice to the poor smoll cashier who is trying to have small talk with you so the check out isn’t as awkward. We’re people and we’re squishy and sad when you treat us mean. Please think next time you buy something.