pro life problems

A friend and I outside of a Planned Parenthood.  The one we went to didn’t preform actual abortions, but gave referrals for them.  We prayed, held up signs, and then went to Chick-Fil-A and got our picture taken with their cow mascot.  It was a very sad but enlightening day.  I blurred out her face because I didn’t want to post her picture without permission.

I have been affected by abortion. My brother was aborted and because of that and happenings stemming directly from that, I have depression, anxiety, and trust issues severe enough to land me two separate stays in the hospital and asked to leave college because my self harming was “a danger to the university community.”

This is from the blog “prolifeproblems”

I’m not sure who got into this person’s head or who they have talked to, but how someone gets to the state of “my mother’s previous abortions are the reason for my mental illness” sounds like an idea that was put there by someone who didn’t have their best interests in mind.

It sounds like “religious counseling” and it sounds like this person isn’t getting the help they need.

I sent them several advice asks about getting non-biased help.  I hope they take it.