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One large-scale study of pregnant rape victims found that approximately 70 percent chose to give birth. Many sexual assault victims see giving birth as a selfless, loving act that helps bring healing from the horrific experience of the rape itself. Women who abort children conceived through rape often report that they didn’t feel that they had any other choice, since everyone around them assumed that they would not want to give birth to a rapist’s baby.

The case against abortion for pregnant victims of incest is even stronger. Incest victims hardly ever voluntarily consent to an abortion. Rather than viewing the pregnancy as unwanted, the victim of incest is more likely to see the pregnancy as a way to get out of the incestuous relationship because it exposes the abusive sexual activity that family
members are either unaware of or unwilling to acknowledge. The pregnancy poses a threat to the perpetrator, who frequently attempts to coerce his incest victim to have an unwanted abortion.

The idea that the violent act of abortion is beneficial to victims of rape and incest is simply unfounded. On the contrary, evidence shows that abortion in such cases compounds the unspeakable pain that victims experience.

—  Pro Life Action League, (this is all fully footnoted, check out their facts page)
The Man Behind the Aborted-Fetus Signs
The leader of an activist group that brandishes graphic anti-abortion images explains why he won’t back down from his controversial pro-life strategy.
By Ruth Graham

“ Many of them have been taken by a woman named Monica Miller. Monica has been a pro-life activist since the 1970s, and she’s also an amateur photographer… In fact, one of the pictures we use of a first trimester abortion was taken in my childhood garage. A pro-life activist in Chicago got word from a security guard that this abortion clinic was throwing the babies’ bodies into a dumpster behind the abortion clinic on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. So the pro-life activists out there, including from the Pro-Life Action League, went out, did some dumpster diving and recovered these bodies. “

Hear that?  In the 1970′s, before medical waste removal and before more modern techniques, these people dug through dumpsters to find fetal remains. 

And they want to call us “ghouls”?  


Clinic Invasion, Pensacola, FL, 1986 (Storify by @Nartist)

In 1986, members of the Pro-Life Action Network, led by Joe Scheidler, attacked Pensacola Ladies Center employees and trashed the clinic. Eight years later, in that same city, an abortion provider and his bodyguard would be murdered, the first of four doctors to be killed by anti-abortion extremists.

PLAN is now the Pro-Life Action League, which recently targeted a clinic escort, pro-choice journalist, and abortion provider during Lent.

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