Bill Nye Debunks Anti-Abortion Logic With Science

That’s what Bill Nye has to say in his latest educational video, “Can We Stop Telling Women What to Do With Their Bodies?” In the video, which you can watch above, Nye explains how the idea of “life at conception” simply doesn’t make sense – because many more eggs are fertilized than become humans, due to factors like failure to attach to a woman’s uterine wall.

Watch the full video here. 

abortion that late should 🚫❌

I did not know that in 7 states in America, you can carry out an abortion the day before you give birth (allows abortion at any time). That’s so fucking disgusting. And other states allow abortion up to 28 weeks. That’s not a ball of cells no more, that’s a damn baby. It’s good that abortion is legal but not the fucking late into the pregnancy 😷😷 nasty

The UN Sent 3 Foreign Women To The U.S. To Assess Gender Equality. They Were Horrified.
The human rights experts concluded that the country falls far behind most others.

The United States continues to embarrass.

The delegates were appalled by the lack of gender equality in America. They found the U.S. to be lagging far behind international human rights standards in a number of areas, including its 23 percent gender pay gap, maternity leave, affordable child care and the treatment of female migrants in detention centers.

The most telling moment of the trip, the women told reporters on Friday, was when they visited an abortion clinic in Alabama and experienced the hostile political climate around women’s reproductive rights.

“We were harassed. There were two vigilante men waiting to insult us,” said Frances Raday, the delegate from the U.K. The men repeatedly shouted, “You’re murdering children!” at them as soon as they neared the clinic, even though Raday said they are clearly past childbearing age.

“It’s a kind of terrorism,” added Eleonora Zielinska, the delegate from Poland. “To us, it was shocking.”

In most European countries, she explained, abortions are performed at general doctors’ offices and hospitals that offer all kinds of other health services, so there aren’t protesters waiting to heckle the women who enter.

The women discovered during their visit that women in the United States have “missing rights” compared to the rest of the world. For instance, the U.S. is one of three countries in the world that does not guarantee women paid maternity leave. The U.N. suggests that countries guarantee at least 14 weeks of paid parental leave. Some countries go further – Iceland requires five months paid leave for each parent, and an additional two months to be shared between them.

“The lack of accommodation in the workplace to women’s pregnancy, birth and post-natal needs is shocking,” Raday said. “Unthinkable in any society, and certainly one of the richest societies in the world.”

Another main area of concern for the delegation is violence against women – particularly gun violence. Women are 11 times more likely to be killed by a gun in the United States than in other high-income countries, and most of those murdersare perpetrated by an intimate partner. While the Obama administration has talked a lot about combatting violence against women, its efforts have been frustrated by Congress’ inability to pass new federal gun restrictions.

And again we have a white man in the United States who has shot at four cops and some patients and staff of Planned Parenthood/healthcare. He is terrorizing people and it is clearly political. But he hasn’t been called a terrorist. And he hasn’t even been called a thug either.

Not enough headlines out there are saying that he’s a terrorist. But he is one.

I need to give a huge thank you to Planned Parenthood and general repro healthcare staff for always risking their lives. Thank you so much for the work you do.

Pro life logic

What pro choicers say; “Pregnant people deserve the right to an abortion if its what they want for themselves. We trust that pregnant people know what’s best for them.”

What pro lifers spin this into; “Pro choicers think women are weak and can’t handle pregnancy! Isn’t that  misogynistic of them??”

Seriously though, I’ve been seeing this bullshit argument more and more often, and while twisting our words and intentions into something malicious is hardly anything new, it’s aggravating as hell for any pro lifer to cry misogyny over pretty much anything ever.

Wanting pregnant people to be informed of all their choices is not misogyny. Trusting that pregnant people know what is best for themselves is not misogyny.

Manipulating pregnant people and lying to them in order to keep them from practicing one of their rights absolutely is misogyny. Being pro life is inherently misogynistic. There’s no way around that.