Simple Truth

I love Sheith. 

Voltron is just a cartoon.

Takashi Shirogane is a teenager like Keith, Hunk, Pidge and Lance.

Why the fuck do people think Shiro is a pedophile? The show doesn’t even have any romance ( and it’s still not the appropriate time) and people are harassing others for non-existing canon ship/s. An artist I like who already stated a million time that he/she like this pairing, is being harassed to do a pair he/she didn’t want. Stop forcing others you sick fuckers. It’s like the pro-life problems with abortion. You support life and yet you kill pregnant woman who decide to abort a baby for a serious reason. You just killed both. You didn’t save anyone, you just become a murderer, not a life-saver.

Fuck, I went off tangent. This is supposed to be about Voltron. Um… Stop Voltron harassment. If I like to draw Sheith and stay with Sheith, don’t message or ask me about Klance. It just show how blind you are when I already stated something obvious.


Swedish leaders troll Trump without saying a word

  • Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin on Friday signed sweeping new climate change legislation while posing for a photograph which appeared unambiguously to be a dig at Trump’s administration.
  • The ambitious new climate change law promises zero net greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden by 2045.
  • Lövin appeared to replicate the now-viral photo of Trump, surrounded by men, signing an anti-abortion executive order. Instead, her photo exclusively featured women. Read more.

Tomi Lahren said she’s pro-choice on ‘The View’ and proceeded to get dragged by conservative Twitter

  • Strident conservative mouthpiece Tomi Lahren may finally have said too much.
  • In a Friday segment on The View, the 24-year-old political commentator, who has offended many with her spirited defense of President Donald Trump, gun rights and reverse racism has alienated much of her fan base with her defense of a less predictable issue: a woman’s right to choose.
  • ”I’m pro-choice and here’s why,“ Lahren told The View co-hosts, when prompted to speak on the subject of Trump’s subpar treatment of women. Read more. (3/19/2017 10:13 AM)

*dude touchingly weeps on TV about his sick baby and hopes other sick babies, even if they’re poor, can be cared for and properly medically treated*

“He’s attacking Trump! He’s a bad person!”

Look, I don’t know who or what it is you morons worship. But it ain’t Jesus. You are literally about as far away from Jesus as it possible to get. 

Stop calling yourself ‘pro-life’

If you’re ‘pro-life’ and care about an embryo but not…

  • Children starving due to the GOP cutting funding for school meals
  • Hungry or perhaps starving seniors also affected by the same cuts
  • Children dying everyday in Syria whilst America refuses to help
  • The millions dying from lack of healthcare every year in the US
  • Those unnecessarily dying due to weak gun laws that give anyone a gun
  • Blacks and other POC criminally shot and killed by police
  • LGBT folk committing suicide due to hate that’s endorsed by the VP

Then you need to stop calling yourself ‘pro-life’.