Swedish leaders troll Trump without saying a word

  • Swedish Deputy Prime Minister Isabella Lövin on Friday signed sweeping new climate change legislation while posing for a photograph which appeared unambiguously to be a dig at Trump’s administration.
  • The ambitious new climate change law promises zero net greenhouse gas emissions in Sweden by 2045.
  • Lövin appeared to replicate the now-viral photo of Trump, surrounded by men, signing an anti-abortion executive order. Instead, her photo exclusively featured women. Read more.
"But getting an abortion is selfish"

Sure. And?
If there is ever a time to be selfish, the time when your entire future hangs in the balance is it. If you are ever allowed to think of yourself above others, when you are facing thousands and thousands of dollars of medical bills and a fundamental change in your entire life is the time. The whole pace and tempo if your life amd goals and dreams being up for grabs means you are allowed to be selfish.

It is absolutely baffling to me when anti-choice people bemoan poor people having children.

If you’re going to complain that people shouldn’t have kids if they can’t afford kids then you absolutely have to be aggressively pro access to affordable birth control and you have to be aggressively pro affordable health care. You have to be anti-ableism and anti-classism and anti-capitalist. You don’t get to judge people living in poverty for having children while literally supporting every system that keeps them in poverty.

It really bothers me when people say that abortion is “always a difficult choice”. 

What if it isn’t? What if the pregnant person always knew they would get an abortion if they got pregnant? What if they were relieved after the abortion? What if they were excited to sign the paperwork and get this over with? 

Normalize abortion. It’s a medical procedure. You don’t have to feel badly or tormented for getting one. 

So, Trump doesn’t say a damn thing about the WORLDWIDE Women’s March that took place the day after his inauguration and this is what the March for Life gets. Full support and Pence even spoke at the march!

I’m terrified. This is so wrong. America is taking so many steps backwards and I’m absolutely terrified.