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Somebody just told me that being pro-life was anti-constitutional because making someone go through labor was equal to torture and therefore a violation of the 8th amendment, and also "reproductive slavery", a violation of the 13th amendment. How do people get this clueless? Do you think it hurts?

Pro-choicers spin facts more than a DJ spins records.

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The reason I'm not prolife because i don't support terrorism. That what your organization does and lie to people for propaganda. Plus the protesters act like terrorists using fake fetuses pictures too .

Woah. That’s a bold statement. 

I’m pro-life because I support life. I think human life is sacred and every human is made in the image of God. That God wants every person to enjoy life and have a relationship with Him. I’m pro-life because I don’t think ending an innocent life is acceptable. I think all life needs to be protected. 

There are so many organizations that support women in crisis. Last year our local Alternatives gave out thousands of articles of clothing and diapers. There are folks who volunteer to counsel and help work through emotional, physical and financial problems. 

Christians care about men, women and children, because Jesus cares about men, women and children. 

I can’t even “consider” this because its so incredibly wrong. - An embryo is a fertilized egg cell where sperm has joined, in the initial stages of potential life, with all of the DNA requirement to develop into a complete living being, but not yet attached to the uterus wall, without a placenta and as yet incapable of being supported with nourishment or an oxygen source for further development. - A fetus is an embryo which has attached to the wall of the uterus, has developed a placenta which is a nourishment and oxygen exchanger from the mother, but separate blood systems to be individual. The blood of the mother and the fetus never mingles, and there is always a membrane system between the two through which nourishment and oxygen passes. - A fetus does not breath or eat and is within the mother and dependent upon her for oxygen and nourishment. - A baby, a human, is a birthed living creature which has been born into the environment and detached from the support systems of the mother. It must breath on it’s own for oxygen, and consume foods to digest them for independent nourishment. - Its not just fucking “older” I’m going to scream.

okay but please don’t call yourself pro-choice if you won’t also support women that choose to keep and raise their baby, because that takes a lot of work and you know they get shit from everyone constantly about it. especially if they’re young, and especially from conservative hypocritical pro-lifers. show them love and care and kindness; let them know they’re not alone and that they can do it. if we don’t do that, no one will.

People will always need abortions.

People will always need abortions.







you are not prolife if you kick your queer child out on the streets

you are not prolife if you want the government to cut welfare systems

you are not prolife if support sentient children getting bombed to bits

you are not prolife if  you abandon your transgender child

you are not prolife if you rely on manipulative bullshit and lie to pregnant people 

you are not prolife if you actively agree with a movement with a history of murdering abortion doctors and bombing clinics

you are only pro-forced birth and should stop deceiving other people by calling yourself prolife 

I saw someones “Non religious reasons to be against abortion and this sorta happened so enjoy:

“It’s not safe”

Abortion is one of the safest medical procedures available when done by someone who is trained. You have a better chance of dying getting your tonsils out in a safe setting then you do from having an abortion in a safe setting.

“Do both parents agree?”

It doesn’t matter if both parties are okay with the decision, only one persons body is being used and this notion that BOTH parties must consent indicates that one person is OWNED by the other. (Not to mention, if this is an abuse situation why should the abusers opinion matter if it isn’t their decision?)

“What about the many who regret”

95% of people who have abortions say it was the right decision for them. There is no ‘right’ way to feel but overwhelmingly it would seem that people who get an abortion know it was the right choice at that time for them. Yes, some people do regret and wish they could take it back, but we don’t deny people rights because some people regret having that right. Some people regret who they voted for in the last election, that doesn’t mean we take away the right to vote.

“Some people suffer permanent damage”

What about when permanent damage occurs? Again, getting your tonsils out is more dangerous than an abortion. We can no longer have any surgery made available to anyone because a very small percentage of people MIGHT suffer long-term side effects as a result and an even smaller percent MIGHT die, nevermind that we save way more lives by allowing legal and safe access.

“If it’s rape you shouldn’t punish the child!!”

Abortion after rape isn’t about ‘punishment’ of a fetus, it’s about what the rape survivor NEEDS. If they need an abortion then they need an abortion. If they need to give birth then they need to give birth. It’s up to THEM to decide what they need though, not some jag on the internet who thinks they know everything.

“You don’t have the right to kill something!”

If that ‘life’ is dependant on using MY internal organs and MY body then it’s absolutely MY right to decide whether it gets to continue to use MY body and MY organs. That’s just assuming you’re against mandatory organ and blood donations anyways, because you’d need to be pro forced organ-transplant and forced blood transfusions if you’re pro forcing people to remain pregnant against their will… just for consistencies sake.

“It’s killing something, even if it’s just cells it’s still a life!”

‘It’s killing something’ can also be said of everything from washing your hands to eating a meal. Something dies so you can stay alive, I don’t see anyone weeping over the mosquito’s that get slapped, the carrots they crunch between their teeth or the weeds they’re pulling or the salad they’re eating so ‘it’s a life’ so what? So are countless other things on this planet all living and dying right now.