pro lacrosse

Descendants Headcannons: Sports Teams

Evie: Evie earns a full college scholarship for her position as striker on the soccer team. Scoring over 50 points in a single season, Evie rose to be one of the school’s best soccer player and an MVP on any team.

Mal: Mal struggled with volleyball at first, but with the help of her boyfriend, Ben, she ends up learning quicker. Able to spike about four times in a single game, Mal has caught the attention of several scouters.

Carlos: The young underdog, Carlos de Vil grew popularity through his love for baseball. Having a killer curve ball Carlos can strike out any one who steps to the plate. Along with his many trophies, Carlos has also snagged many girls in the process.

Jay: The tall and handsome brute is a pro at lacrosse, able to take down anyone in his path. Being the team’s best player he earns the right to be called team captain.

So like, I saw this gifset and I was wondering. 

So Scott was like a pro Lacrosse player in high school right? And he and Stiles are Best Bros so of course they keep in contact man, they’re freaking platonic soulmates! But there’s no Lacrosse at the university they go to, but Scott has to play some sport - no matter how much Stiles might protest - so instead he picks baseball, cause that can’t be too different right? It’s still balls and sticks, how hard can it be? 

And because Stiles is his Bro, of course he goes to cheer Scott on at the selection training, because Scott is awesome but he doesn’t believe it, and that’s wear he sees him

The guy’s sitting in the dug-out, idly throwing the ball up and down while the team captain with insane cheekbones introduces himself as Jackson and Stiles can’t look away from him. He watches as the guy follows the ball with insane focus, bright eyes following its every move as his mouth hangs slightly open. his cheekbones are framed by artful stubble and Stiles flushes when he realizes the dude must manscape. 

And then he suddenly stands up, all grace and long, smooth lines and he looks right at Stiles, mouth quirking up at the corner as he raises his eyebrows challengingly. Stiles blushes, shifts and tries not to look too obvious, but judging from the way the guy’s looking at him he’s not too succesful. 

He waves his hand awkwardly, giving the guy a lopsided smile and the guy waves back, mouth drawn up into a smirk and Stiles’ heart skips a beat.

Quid Pro Quo

Lacrosse practice had gone well and they had split up to go to respective houses with the intention of meeting up later. His dad was going to be gone all night, so when he got into his house Stiles took a quick shower and then paced around his bedroom in nothing but his towel as he wondered if he was really going to do this. “Man up Stilinski.” He muttered to himself as he changed into clean clothing and headed down stairs as a car pulled into his drive way, opening his door he leaned against it as he waited for Ace to get there. He openly admired the way the other one walked his strides confident. “You always so punctual?” He asked a smirk on his face.