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[Screencap from FRC’s activity page, showing someone with a username beginning with S having commented on several posts.

The highlighted commentary says, “Hating everyone is bad now. OK.”]

Imagine being so desperate to disagree with “SJWs” you say something like this and actually intend it to be some sort of argument.

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How. How is it at all possible to be a feminist and be pro-life?

It’s easy! Pro-life feminism, at its core, values nonviolence, justice, and equality. As pro-life feminists, we recognize the humanity of the preborn, and we believe that we have a duty as feminists to help mothers in crisis pregnancies without turning their preborn children into collateral damage. Many of our feminist foremothers opposed abortion (like Susan B. Anthony, Alice Paul, and Elizabeth Cady Stanton), and so we continue their legacy by working to eliminate the injustices — like lack of resources or support —  that drive women to abortion. 

Here’s a bunch of really good pro-life feminist quotes:

From Feminists for Life:
“Abortion is a reflection that we have not met the needs of women. Abortion masks the unmet needs of women in the workplace, schools, home, and society. In society — the poor, the working poor, women in difficult and often abusive relationships, and students and women in the workplace whose basic needs are ignored…Women deserve better than abortion.”

From New Wave Feminists:
When our liberation costs innocent lives, it’s merely oppression redistributed.”
We’re often told that we can’t call ourselves feminists because we don’t believe in bodily autonomy, when in reality, the exact opposite is true. If anything, we believe in bodily autonomy far more than the average feminist since we support one’s right to their own body from the moment it first exists.”

From lifemattersjournal:
Pro-life feminism: the radical notion that women and their preborn children are human beings, too!”

“Abortion kills twice. It kills the body of the baby and it kills the conscience of the mother. Abortion is profoundly anti-women. Three quarters of its victims are women: Half the babies and all the mothers.” —Mother Teresa

“Abortion is the ultimate exploitation of women.” —Alice Paul

“When a man steals to satisfy hunger, we may safely conclude that there is something wrong in society.  So when a woman destroys the life of her unborn child, it is an evidence that either by education or circumstances she has been greatly wronged.” —Mattie Brinkerhoff

“The fight for the right to life is not the cause of a special few, but the cause of every man, woman and child who cares not only about his or her own family, but the whole family of man.” —Dr. Mildred Jefferson (she is a total badass by the way; she was the first black woman to graduate from Harvard medical school, and she changed Ronald Reagan’s stance on abortion from pro-choice to pro-life)

Thanks for the question! Have a good day! ♡


On the strawman--"I can't enjoy anything because of social justice. Empathy is a TOTAL buzzkill"

However you try to articulate that something is harmful to you, someone’s around to tell you that’s just because you’re a piece of shit.

This is not fucking empathy.

-When someone puts the effort into making dozens of posts about “ableist words you must never say” including “stupid”, then happily and scornfully implies that someone is stupid when they say they can’t eliminate stuff from their vocabulary easily. That is not fucking empathy.

-When people insist that someone who is problematic is “not unintelligent, just a piece of shit”, then refuse to believe that anybody genuinely struggles with the tons of new language and constructs involved in social justice, that is not fucking empathy.

-When an actual well known well regarded social justice blog says that ISIS oppressing christians is “called karma”, that is not fucking empathy.

-When you’re making lists trying to discredit individuals (because we don’t individualise credit but we do individualise blame), using any tiny mistake they’ve ever made, sending the clear message that no mistake anybody makes should ever be forgotten, that everybody should be judged on their worst moments (which should be mentally filed away in a dossier) that nobody can ever redeem themselves or make up for their worst moments, that is not fucking empathy.

-When that causes people to constantly self-censor, constantly apologise, constantly worry and self-hate and anyone brings this up and you tell them it’s not about them, that is not empathy.

-When you scare people into inaction (because no amount of good action is worthy of praise, but any slight bad action is worthy of vitriol) that is not empathy.

If your empathy is reserved for people whose narratives are politically convenient or politically relevant that is not fucking empathy.


A Jewish girl got a tattoo in Hebrew and got called out for being a culturally appropriative white girl. A gay man got a tattoo of a homophobic slur to reclaim it (in arabic) and got called out for being a white hipster with a random foreign word on his chest.

“There is no one I care less about than soldiers with PTSD”

People used to talk about binary privilege. For a while they talked about monosexual privilege. Now they sometimes talk about butch privilege. Lately, they talk about Jewish privilege. Because if someone’s views don’t gel exactly with yours, or if someone’s experiences are different….welll somebody must be the least privileged! there must be somebody we can shut down, shout down.

That’s not how empathetic people behave.

Why is “I don’t care about” such a popular phrase around here. Or I literally don’t give a fuck about. Rejoicing in “tears”. Encouraging self hate. Sneering at people with the wrong appearance. Sneering at people who use the “wrong” words.

If you’re criticised, it must be because the person is privileged. If you’re criticised by a non-privileged person, they must have internalised *ism.

Why is my first response to sneer and shut down criticism. I didn’t used to be this bitter, angry person. I spent time in a community that convinces people that bitterness and hatred are virtues that will lead to liberation but they only drive people apart, turn supposed comrades against each other, looking for the first mistake on which to pounce, piling up dossiers to tear each other down.


it’s this….gaslighting thing they do. On the one hand, they go after people compiling lists on how those people are irredeemable pieces of shit forever (based on random out-of-context things they’ve said) and think death is too good for them. And they’re apologists for any abuse that’s politically inconvenient (less privileged abusing more privileged) and they deny things that are CLEARLY TRUE, like that oppressed people can be wrong about oppression and privileged people can be right….but then if people try and point out any of this, they get cast out as being anti-sj, therefore pro-injustice, because “the SJ community is just treating people with empathy, so if you’re against that you must be a sociopath”.


it does the opposite of teaching empathy. it teaches that you should only show empathy to the worst-off person in any situation and never to anybody whose problem is politically inconvenient to the cause.

it tells you that anything you do that isn’t directly anti-oppression is worthless; on the other hand it tells you you shouldn’t try to do anything if you were born makes you angry and helpless

and then it tells you your anger isn’t real because you’re too privileged to feel it. and then it makes you constantly afraid of saying or doing the wrong thing, but it also tells you that this isn’t happening and also that it doesn’t matter. “I hate men *two minutes later* I don’t hate men. This is not a fucking difficult concept”. Gee it’s almost as if not everyone can interpret things non-literally. i don’t empathise with people like i used to. i view things in terms of like “well that’s not the worst situation you could be in.” cause if someone’s not the worst-off they could possibly be, you’re not supposed to care about them. Saying “I don’t care about x feelings” is considered a virtue. “….are you sure that happened? that sounds like something an anti-feminist person would make up, surely feminism is just about equality”. I DON’T KNOW. MAYBE I’M MAD. CLEARLY THE TUMBLR SJ COMMUNITY IS TRYING TO MAKE ME BELIEVE I’M MAD, BY DOING THESE THINGS AND THEN TELLING ME THEY DON’T DO THEM. That sounds a fuck of a lot like gaslighting to me.

that norm where….it’s okay to do whatever you like to someone as long as they’re privileged is really really fucking toxic. and tumblr sj norms is that it doesn’t matter if someone is horrible to you on an interpersonal level, fuck that problem, it only matters if it’s backed up societally–which is bullshit. if something wrecks your mental health, THAT MATTERS.

Again and again, I’ve been right when I predicted that prominent bloggers would turn out to be abusive. Why? Because it turns out that when someone is horrible, cruel, smug and self-centred on an interpersonal level, they are likely to be a damn abuser. Tumblr sj wants me to trust horrible people with good politics and not-trust nice people with bad politics, but the opposite is almost always true.

Rather than “everyone should have access to these things” this punitive justice says that nobody should have access to these things. so the end result of that is like….i can’t even look into things that would help me with my mental health because then i feel guilty about doing THAT. Oh my god, these rich people. With their healthcare and their good mental health. Fuck them they deserve to die sdghjkl; no FUCK YOU.

“Capitalist scum”. I don’t even know anything about economics and I don’t believe I am a capitalist but why does that phrase scare me? Because I’m not allowed to be wrong. Because I’m not allowed to disagree at any stage. Because putting a foot wrong means it goes on your yfip list and then people can still be calling you worthless inhuman scum for it after you die. Any mistake you make will be your sole defining moment.

that’s not how empathetic people behave.

They bully real life celebrities. You’re never *really* free of being held to those standards even if you leave, which makes me feel like i can’t leave. in case i miss something–like, a new word or a new rule.

So you can’t ever leave. And so it goes on.

But this is not empathy.

Don’t you dare tell me it’s fucking empathy. I can feel where I’ve been conditioned not to care when someone slightly privileged is upset by something that’s politically inconvenient. People are falling over themselves to mock people–men who are afraid of wearing dresses because they might well get assaulted if they did? LOLOL MALE TEARS LOL. A man’s penis getting attacked? LOL HASHTAG MISANDRY. Don’t you DARE fucking tell me I haven’t seen these things because I have. The feminist community is participating in some kind of mass-gaslighting where whatever you’ve seen feminists do that was harmful or abusive or ableist you didn’t really see because feminism is just about equality so which part of that do you object to, huh, are you just anti-equality you piece of shit?

No. I did see those things. I did. This is abusive. This is not fucking empathetic. There is something ENDEMICALLY wrong.  Everyone is scrambling over each other to discredit one another, to silence one another, to jump down people’s throats, to tear each other down, never to forgive, never to forget.

That’s not love or justice or powerful righteous anger. It is abusive behaviour. Fuck you for ever denying it. Fuck you for ever defending it. If you are an abuse apologist for politically motivated abuse you are still an abuser; even if your politics are right, even if your enemies are wrong. you are still an abuser. If you tell someone abusive behaviour did not take place, you are a gaslighter. That is not fucking empathy.

This blog will no longer be active after this week. I meant to write a post about this last week but things came up. This blog will remain open for a while so people can look at receipts. I will no longer be posting. I’m sure the abuse crew and their supporters will rejoice but I just don’t care.

I know for some of the victims this blog has been cathartic but I can no longer run this blog. I started to write a post trying to explain why I started this blog but honestly I shouldn’t have even bothered. I saw people being harassed, stalked, and lied by that group. I watched an innocent kid get dox for daring to speak up to them because she “talked back”. I had victims coming to me tell me all kinds of things. I couldn’t take it. I thought that maybe if I posting evidence that people would see how abusive that group is. Some people did and really that’s all that matters. 

I am sorry for lying about who I was but it was to protect myself. Some of you might understand, others won’t. I don’t expect any of you to forgive me for lying about being behind this blog, and I understand. And I do regret lying to you. That group had to harass and stalk someone, threaten them and their family, until that person broke down and gave me up as being the mod on this blog. That alone should show you how much they don’t care about anyone. 

Any of the other things they accused me of doing isn’t true. They’ll never provided a single piece of evidence because they know their lying. I just don’t have the time nor energy to go back and forth. Everything I posted on this blog is the truth. This blog is mostly made up of screenshots and the rest linked to the person’s blog so I’m not sure how I can “systemically lie” or “make up things”. I’m tired of being lied on, now I understand why a few of the victims just left tumblr. They probably realized that there was no point. 

I don’t own any Reddits or 4chans. I only own this blog and my personal one. I’m not anti-sj or “pro injustice”. I’m not a white supremacist. I’m not jealous of any of these people. They’re sick and the people that support them are sick. 

I do hope that the victims don’t back down and will file complaints and press charges. That group won’t stop slandering you and they’re going to keep harassing other people. 

I hope you all stay safe. 

We cannot ignore injustice when it’s happening all around us. Do you know where abortion is happening in your community? 

When I first got involved in Pro-Life work, I underwent Sidewalk Counselor training. At the first training session, the instructor showed us where in our city all the abortion clinics were. She pointed out one that happened to be between my house and the highway I’d taken to come to training that day.

Abortion is closer than you think.

Hey tumblr if you want to donate to my "piss off pro injustice fund"

My button is right there on my profile.

Literally by donating money to me for the Piss Off Pro Injustice Fund, you will piss off pro injustice. Just by that act alone you are part of the Fund’s excellent work to making whiny little shits on the internet whine and cry.

You don’t even have to donate either! Just pretend you did! The fact that I made this post will be used by them to get ridiculously upset and will be put into lists and screenshot and used as “evidence” that I’m a bad person when they’re buddies with actual neo nazis.

So I hear tell that asugarprince has actually directly spoken with omgstopbeingashittyperson?

In asks? About accountability?

Anyone able to pull up those asks from omg’s site? (I’m not trawling through that shithole of a stalking abuser blog)

And again mind you, omg associates with known pro injustice stalker trolls (like wtfsocialjustice) and is a pro injustice stalker troll herself so… that’s not looking so good.

If we’re going to protect the unborn, we’ve got to protect the born. 
if we’re going to love the unborn, we’ve got to love the born. 
If we’re going to fight for the unborn, we’ve got to fight for the born. 
If we’re going to be passionate for the unborn, we’ve got to passionate for the born. 
If we’re going to make a difference, we’re going to have to do the above. 

legendofcerberus-deactivated201  asked:

BTW. I'm a Queer, non-binary, POC s a white woman. You wanna do a privilege war, I think you have no room to say who is more oppressed than whom. But that is childish. The only one dividing the woman gender is you with your offset hate for cis people. You need to be truthful to your sockpuppets and stop pretending to care about other Trans* issues when all you care about is yourself.

Lol, again, like I said in my response to your pile of bullshit, all I was talking about was how transmisogyny amplifies misogyny so it’s absurd to expect trans women to ignore transmisogyny in favor of plain misogyny.

Btw, like I said there, I’m queer, a nonbinary trans woman and below you in economic class and disabilities. So you should avoid trying to play oppression olympics with me. It won’t go well.

You also should avoid being a transmisogynist fuck while trying to convince people you’re not transmisogynist. Esp when you want to talk about being divisive

And while you’re at it, avoid reblogging pro injustice blogs like wtfsocialjustice, who’s buddies with neo nazis and likes to harass and troll a wide range of oppressed people. Doesn’t look good, you see. Makes it seem like you’re ok with the really awful shit those people and their neo nazi friends say.

weird how anti-sj (aka pro-injustice) people are quick to yell “STOP THIS OPPRESSION OLYMPICS!!!” whenever you try to talk about how different people face different levels of oppression, and yet, whenever there’s a story about child brides in the middle east or acid attacks in india, they tell western feminists “see, those other people totally have it worse than you so stop whining"