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I'm a bit pissed right now so I'm just going to leave this here.

If you’re really pro-choice, and say you support a woman’s right to choose, you better fucking support a trans woman’s right to have hrt and get srs if she so desires.

(I know I’m going to get hate for this.)

Reproductive freedom is critical to a whole range of issues. If we can’t take charge of this most personal aspect of our lives, we can’t take care of anything. It should not be seen as a privilege or as a benefit, but a fundamental human right.
—  Faye Wattleton

This is so depressing: as a result of the election, LGBT people and women are being urged to act now and receive essential services quickly before the rights that they have fought so hard to gain effectively expire in January. 

Please fire me. I am a paralegal, and one of the basic pieces of information we need from new clients for legal purposes is their date of birth. Usually, we simply allow them to write down said information on an intake form.

Today, I discovered that one of my clients listed their DOB as “12/31/15.”

I guess the unborn ARE entitled to legal representation, after all.

No Judgement Here

I will NOT judge you because you are black.

I will NOT judge you because you are a Muslim.

I will NOT judge you because you are LGB or TQ.

I will NOT judge you because you are Syrian.

I will NOT judge you because you are Somalian.

I will NOT judge you because you are part of a First Nation.

I will NOT judge you because you have a uterus.

I will NOT judge you for being a refugee.

I will NOT judge you for physical or mental disability.

Just because I don’t understand your experience 100%, and just because my views may differ from yours, you are a HUMAN. You are a human. You are different from me, and that’s okay.

Be safe, be safe, BE SAFE.

Honestly I’m tired of rich white women feminism. There are so many issues we should be focusing on. Human trafficking, pro choice issues, trans rights, rights for women of color, lgbtqia+ rights, rights for homeless women, I can go on and on. We need intersectionality. Feminism is not feminism without intersectionality. Feminism is not feminism if we solely focus on “rich white woman” issues. And I’m not sorry saying this.

Ben Shapiro DESTROYS Abortion Argument: 'No More Euphemisms'

On Thursday, Daily Wire Editor-in-Chief Ben Shapiro addressed the issue of abortion, which he categorized as a “blot on the morality of the American people.”

In a response to a video featuring pregnant actress Olivia Wilde proclaiming her support for abortion because she’s “literally about to have a baby,” Shapiro stripped abortion of all its euphemisms, exposing the real evil behind the fatal act the left is deceptively pushing as “choice.”

Prefacing his truth-telling, Shapiro warned: “This is going to be mildly graphic,” he said, “but it’s important, because I’m sick of euphemisms: It’s not aborting a fetus; it’s not getting rid of a ball of tissue.” As Shapiro defined later in the video, abortion is the murder of “literally the most innocent among us.”

Shapiro then displayed a photo of a third-trimester baby who was gruesomely killed by serial murderer abortion practitioner Kermit Gosnell.

“This is a less graphic picture of what an abortion looks like,” he says. “A more graphic picture of what abortion looks like involves the… crushing of the skull; the sucking out of the brains… And these are fully formed children,” he emphasized. “These are fully formed children.”

Responding to the left’s claim that murdering an unborn child is a “human right,” as Wilde explicitly states in her disturbing pro-abortion video, Shapiro explained that no one has the “right” to dehumanize a life and murder an unborn human being for their own “right” to “convenience.” He would later connect such dehumanization to the Holocaust and slavery.

“I have two beautiful children,” he continued, becoming visibly incensed. “The idea that you get to murder a kid… no one has a ‘right to choose’ this,” he added, pointing to the picture of the fully-formed murdered baby. “No one. No one. No one has a ‘right’ to choose this. That’s a baby. You don’t get to kill it just because it’s convenient to you. You don’t have a right to say, ‘It’s my decision to decide where and when and how to have the baby.’ That’s an individual human being, and if that baby were outside the womb and you stuck a knife through its chest, you’d be charged with first-degree murder. You kill it in the womb, and we call it a ‘human right.’ That’s not a ‘human right,’ because that’s a human and that human doesn’t have any rights because you just decided its rights are less important than your right to your own convenience.”

“Despicable,” Shapiro said bluntly. “Despicable.”

The conservative author then showed a graphic of baby development in the womb, asking, “Where in here exactly do you think it’s okay to murder that kid because you have a personal convenience issue?”

Shapiro threw down the gauntlet: “Okay, we’re going to play a game called, ‘When should you be able to kill this baby?’ because I’ve been told, by people like Hillary Clinton, that you’re able to kill this baby all the way up to the very end, right? 32-30 weeks, right? And that’s when the baby is fully-formed; it can be born alive.”

Again, dropping all euphemisms, which only act to cloak the true evil of murdering unborn babies, Shapiro detailed each stage of development before asking if it would be permissible to murder the child at each stage.

“How about week 15, when the baby has an adult’s taste buds?” he asked. “How about weeks nine and ten when the baby’s teeth are already beginning to form? Its fingernails are already beginning to develop. We’re talking about two months old, right? The baby can turn its head and frown. The baby can hiccup. Is that okay to kill?”

“How about day 22? The heart’s already beating with the child’s blood, which may be of a different blood type than the mother,” stated Shapiro. “So where in here exactly do you think it’s okay to murder that kid because you have a personal convenience issue?”

Continuing to illustrate the depravity of abortion and underscoring that point that legality doesn’t excuse evil, Shapiro connected the left’s current dehumanization of the unborn to the despicable dehumanization of slaves in America and the slaughter of dehumanized Jews during the Holocaust.

“This is not a matter of a ‘women’s right to choose,’” he asserted. “A slave owner didn’t get to ‘choose’ to hold slaves; Nazi didn’t get to 'decide’ which Jews got to live. And don’t give me the, 'It’s legal, therefore it’s okay.’ Lots of things were legal; lots of things in human history have been legal that were totally evil.”

He continued, “It is evil to suggest, as Hillary Clinton does, that the minute before a baby is born, you should be able to drag it by the feet out of the mother, except for the head, stick a scissors in there; ram it into the baby’s skull; rip the skull open; suck the brains out, crushing it; and then pull it out. Hillary believes that’s something you should be allowed to do.”

“This is a grave sin,” he stated succinctly. “It’s a blot on the American Republic, it’s a blot on the morality of the American people that we treat literally the most innocent among us as nothing more than a issue of convenience, and 'choice,’ and all the rest of it. No more euphemism. No more euphemisms.”

Debunking some of the pushback he’s already received for his stance, Shapiro pointed out that murdering the unborn baby before their brain waves are developed, as a pro-choicer offered, would be akin to pulling the plug on a person in a coma knowing the person would develop brain function in the matter of weeks. “Would you do that?” he asked.

“This is a grave sin. It’s a blot on the American Republic, it’s a blot on the morality of the American people that we treat literally the most innocent among us as nothing more than a issue of convenience, and 'choice,’ and all the rest of it. No more euphemism. No more euphemisms.”

Though Shapiro affirmed that the Bible is correct on this issue, he explained that the argument from pro-lifers should be rooted in science.

“I think what’s important here is the science,” he posited, “and I think you’re talking about the creation of a unique human life on day one.”

Shapiro concluded by recalling his encounter with pro-lifers at the 2012 Democratic National Convention. Shapiro said he was at first put-off by the pictures of aborted babies by the anti-abortion crowd, before thinking to himself: “That’s probably how people treated pictures of slavery back in 1850s; that’s probably how people treated pictures of the Holocaust back in the 1940s.”

“The bottom line is, if it’s that ugly, maybe you should do something about it instead of whining about how ugly it is,” he stated.

anonymous asked:

who ever said that so called "unborn lives" are alive?

Life in the womb

Straight from the embryology textbook:

A zygote [fertilized egg] is the beginning of a new human being. Human development begins at fertilization, the process during which a male gamete … unites with a female gamete or oocyte … to form a single cell called a zygote. This highly specialized, totipotent cell marks the beginning of each of us as a unique individual.

There are many references to confirm that life begins at fertilization

What is the unborn?

The most important thing that hasn’t been addressed here is the big picture which puts this topic into perspective so that we have a greater view of what is really occurring every single time fetal life is rationalized, questioned, or considered less than human. 

A conversation between Kris Vallotton and a Jewish business man:

“What do think about abortion?” 

‘’I could feel the tension growing in the plane. I dropped my head, acknowledging that we had very different value systems for our lives. Then I thought of a way to respond to his question.

“You’re Jewish, right?” I asked.

“Yes,” he said defensively. “I told you I was!”

“Do you know how Hitler persuaded the German people to destroy more than six million of your Jewish ancestors?” The man looked at me expectantly, so I continued. ”He convinced them that Jews were not human and then exterminated your people like rats.”

I could see that I had his attention, so I went on. “Do you understand how Americans enslaved, tortured, and killed millions of Africans? We dehumanized them so our constitution didn’t apply to them, and then we treated them worse than animals.”

“How about the Native Americans?” I pressed. “Do you have any idea how we managed to hunt Indians like wild animals, drive them out of their own land, burn their villages, rape their women, and slaughter their children? Do you have any clue how everyday people turned into cruel murderers?”

My Jewish friend was silent, and his eyes were filling with tears as I made my point.

 “We made people believe that the Native Americans were wild savages, not real human beings, and then we brutalized them without any conviction of wrongdoing.

Now do you understand how we have persuaded mothers to kill their own babies? We took the word fetus, which is the Latin word for ‘offspring,’ and redefined it to dehumanize the unborn. We told mothers, ‘That is not really a baby you are carrying in your belly; it is a fetus, tissue that suddenly forms into a human being just seconds before it exits the womb.’ In doing so, we were able to assert that, in the issue of abortion, there is only one person’s human rights to consider, and then we convinced mothers that disposing of fetal tissue (terminating the life of their babies) was a woman’s right. Our constitution no longer protects the unborn because they are not real people. They are just lifeless blobs of tissue.”

By now, tears were flowing down his cheeks. I looked right into his eyes and said, “Your people, the Native Americans, and the African Americans should be the greatest defenders of the unborn on the planet. After all, you know what it’s like for society to redefine you so that they can destroy your races. But ironically, your races have the highest abortion rates in this country. Somebody is still trying to exterminate your people, and you don’t even realize it. The names have changed, but the plot remains the same.”

Finally he couldn’t handle it anymore. He blurted out, “I have never heard anything like this before. I am hanging out with the wrong people. I have been deceived.’’

We have made a huge mistake when we aren’t realizing who is a human. A human is a human. They matter. This isn’t over. There is hope. We can still spread the truth to the world of the value of their lives. Anyone can take steps to shift collective thought in redefining ‘’human’’.