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Here’s the thing about being pro-choice, you don’t have to morally agree with abortion to be pro-choice. It is not called pro-abortion. Pro-choice simply means you understand that you can not make such an intimate decision for someone else and that they have full control of making their own decisions.

Things on tumblr that need to stop:
  • Callout culture and mob mentality
  • The idea that everything is activism; it isn’t
  • Acting as though it’s the responsibility of other people to create a perfect online environment for you; it’s your own responsibility, nobody else’s
  • Normalizing the filter bubble
  • Romanticizing and trivializing mental illness 
  • Anti-shipping movements 
  • Acting as though being a minor/ trauma survivor/ someone with a mental illness is an excuse for being a shitty person 
  • The idea that taking interest in something in fiction means you support it/ condone it in reality
  • Shaming people for their coping strategies
  • Warping the meaning of words such as pedophilia for your own agenda
  • The idea that tumblr is only for minors
  • Trivializing racism/ homophobia/ transphobia in regards to things like shipping
  • The idea that exploring dark/ bad/ ‘problematic’ themes in fictional environments is automatically a bad thing
  • The idea that fans have some kind of unspoken right in regards to what happens in canon; you don’t
  • General entitlement
  • Suicide baiting
  • American ethnocentrism
  • The idea that interpretation = fact
  • The idea that fanon and canon always have to be connected
  • ‘Fandom moms’
  • The idea that if someone used to support something bad, they should always be judged by that and don’t have the ability to change and educate themselves 

“We need a cure for autism!”

Well you will never get it, no matter your stance on the subject. Autism is likely genetic and studies show that by six months of age there are already detectable changes in the brain that predict an autism diagnosis later in life. So even though we don’t know what autism is, it’s definitely something you’re born with and it is impossible to change that after the baby is born. Nothing will ever turn an autistic person who is alive into an allistic person. You can’t rewrite their entire brain anatomy.

So why do Autism Speaks talk of “the cure”? What they mean by cure is prenatal screening that will allow parents to abort fetuses with certain traits or genes. It means stopping autistic people from being born. It means getting rid of us even before a fetus develops a brain. It means that from their point of view not ever being alive (so essentially death) is better than existence as an autistic person.

That’s what you are saying when you’re advocating for a cure. “I wish you were never born”. “I wish your parents would have aborted you before you developed into a person”. “I think your existence is worse than death”. “I think you would be better off dead”. That is your message. That is your opinion.

Think about that next time you talk about a cure for autism.

Pros of popular SW ships becoming canon in the next episode

Pros of FinnRey being canon 

-an interracial couple -strong tag team from the light side 

-strong empowering female character dating a strong welded man who both respect each other 

-too much fluff overload!!!!!!

-light side X light side 



Pros of FinnPoe being canon 

-an interracial GAY couple -sharing clothing 

-doors opening for more Disney movies to have a wider diverse cast and character relationships

-mutual love, respect and wanting the other to be safe 

-hot shot pilot X defective stormtrooper who can actually shoot 



Pros of Reylo being canon 

-Kylo getting a redemption arch and paying for his sins

-the strongest tag team ever created 

-proof that no matter what people can be shown love and given the opportunity to right their wrong 

-light side X dark side = grey Jedi babies


-Anti Reylo shippers never getting over it and everyone else having to deal with their crap for the rest of the trilogy 

A PSA for the VLD fandom

Things that are ok:

  • Shipping Klance  
  • Shipping Sheith
  • Shipping Kallura
  • Shipping Shidge 
  • Shipping Shallura
  • Shipping literally any ship
  • Preferring heterosexual ships over homosexual ships 
  • Preferring homosexual ships over heterosexual ships 
  • Not shipping shaladin ships
  • Not shipping Klance 
  • Disliking certain ships for personal reasons 
  • Having literally any ship preference
  • Using ships as a coping mechanism 
  • Exploring ship/character dynamics in fanon that aren’t necessarily acceptable in the real world 
  • Asking people (nicely) to tag things you wish to avoid for personal reasons
  • Aging up/ aging down characters in fanon
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as trans 
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as cis
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as gay 
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as straight 
  • HC’ing characters in fanon as bisexual 

Things that aren’t ok:

  • Attacking people for liking ships you don’t like 
  • Accusing people of pedophilia for liking a ship you don’t take the time and effort to understand or look into properly
  • Accusing people of pedophilia for aging characters up/ down in ships to make them legal
  • Falsely throwing around terms such as pedophilia and abuse and warping their meaning for your own benefit
  • Assuming any ship with an age gap is automatically abusive
  • Attacking people for HC'ing a character you HC as trans as cis 
  • Attacking someone for HC'ing a character you HC as cis as trans
  • Attacking people for HC'ing a character you HC as gay as straight 
  • Attacking someone for HC'ing a character you HC as straight as gay
  • Accusing someone of being homophobic for liking a het ship over a gay ship
  • Accusing someone of being transphobic for HC’ing a character as cis
  • Accusing someone of being racist because their favorite character isn’t a POC/ for having a favorite ship that isn’t multiracial or a POC ship
  • Belittling someones mental illness because of their coping strategy
  • Putting all CSA survivors under one, specific umbrella
  • Assuming every single person who has a mental illness/ is an abuse survivor has the same needs/ uses the same coping strategies
  • Using other people’s mental illnesses/ past traumas as an excuse for being abusive to others
  •  Suicide bating under any circumstance
  • me: i have diagnosed myself with several mental illnesses in the past, every single one i've researched for about a year before being diagnosed with the same exact mental illnesses i thought i had. i did extensive research before labeling myself with these illnesses, and even then i never stopped looking into them to double-check that i'm still experiencing the symptoms. self-diagnosing greatly helped me as it gave me a support system and a group of people i was able to relate to and talk to about my feelings. it helped me realize i wasn't alone and it really helped me cope with my problems until i was able to get professional help.
  • Neurotypicals: umm sweaty i think you just have a good 'ol case of psych student syndrome :) you really shouldn't just label yourself with these very Real and Bad problems just because you heard about it once uwu self-diagnosing is Evil it stole my wife and burned down my house you shouldn't do it Ever it'll only hurt you uwuwuwuwu
Not a single pro-life person that I have met is truly pro-life. They’re pro-forced pregnancy. Pro-forced birth. Anti-abortion. Anti-choice. But not pro-life. Else, they would be in Ferguson holding signs. They would counter bullying as though, quite literally, our children’s lives depend on it. They would promote support for mothers, for poor children, for food stamps, for education. They would advocate for gun control, rehab programs, helping the homeless and sick, and suicide prevention. They would fight police brutality, domestic violence, gang violence, the death penalty, hate crimes, human trafficking, the prison industrial complex, every single war, and anything else that kills people. But they don’t. You’ve heard it all before, but I’ll say it again. Nothing–not one single element–of the so-called ‘pro-life movement’ is actually about protecting the living and extending the lives of people.
—  Death Sentence

John is not token for being black

Daisy is not inappropriate for speaking her mind

Adam is not ugly because he isn’t conventionally handsome

Finn is not useless because he has comedic timing

Rey is not a Mary Sue because she knows how to do lots of stuff

Kylo Ren is not a wuss because he actually shows emotion other than the acceptable male aggression 

TFA is not “playing social justice” warrior by having a fleshed out black man as the lead

TFA is not pushing a “feminazi” agenda by having a strong female protagonist at its core

TFA is not “degrading white men” by having a complex, vulnerable and flawed anti-villain


Let's make one thing clear
  • This tumblr is Anti-Facist
  • This tumblr HATES nazis
  • This tumblr supports punching nazis in the face
  • This tumblr is a feminist
  • This tumblr is Anti-Terf
  • This tumblr supports Black Lives Matter
  • This tumblr supports Proof of concept
  • This tumblr supports Mentally ill people
  • This tumblr supports Jewish People
  • This tumblr supports Muslim people
  • This tumblr supports Chronically ill People
  • This tumblr supports Queer People
  • This tumblr supports Trans*, Genderqueer & Non-Binary people
  • This tumblr is Pro Choice
  • This tumblr is Pro-Equality
  • This tumblr supports Autistic People
  • This tumblr is HATES Opression
  • This tumblr supports otherkin/fictionkin
  • This tumblr HATES Pedophiles

What I got from the books and my simplistic conclusion:

James Potter: 

  • had perfect life, was rich and carefree
  • had loving parents
  • had good loyal friends (ok Wormtail doesn’t count in the school years)
  • popular and successful
  • was a bully who hit, embarassed and exposed kids (even sexually) just because he was bored
  • not discriminatory of muggle borns or werewolves, discriminatory of people with different personalities or aspirations
  • massive ego
  • forced his presence to Lily even though she made clear she didn’t like him, was annoying to her for years, pushy
  • grew up and became a better person and eventually charming to Lily
  • was a great friend
  • died for Lily and Harry, his son

Severus Snape:

  • all his life has been terrible
  • father in constant conflict with his mother, verbal abuse, implications of physical abuse to both Snape and his mother, his father was a Muggle, such experiences can easily distort the perception kids have about things, it was easy for Snape (or even a relief) to believe people like his father were inferior
  • no real friends except Lily who eventually left him too (for his biggest enemy)
  • bullied, abused, lonely, unpopular, nobody cared about him at school although he was a brilliant student
  • has not shown signs of being a bully at school, never attacked anyone physically first, most things he did were in defense aside from being snarky to those he disliked and inventing bad spells he didn’t really use (James Potter did though!), eventually made (fake) bad friends, supported Voldemort 
  • used a racistic slur against Lily during the most embarassing experience of his life, apologized for it a million times, started  hating the term and telling people off for using it (ie Malfoy)
  • never forced his presence to Lily after she explicitly stated his company was not wanted anymore, accepting and respectful of all her choices, kept loving her quietly forever
  • grew up to become a very unpleasant, lonely, miserable man who followed Voldemort in hopes of finding acceptance this way, he was punished for this mistake by becoming unknowingly responible for his only love’s death, fell in despair, he was lucky enough to be guided by Dumbledore to the right path and see his mistakes, promised to do everything, even risk his life every single day to fight Voldemort and protect Lily (and James’) son 
  • meanwhile was an unpleasant, very strict teacher especially to Gryffindor house (Harry’s friends and Harry), demeaning behaviour to quite a few students, sometimes plain horrible, a very demanding teacher but one of the most proficient and competent professors in Hogwarts (as Hermione said many times)
  • indeed risked his life every single day to fight Voldemort and save Harry as he promised, was loyal to Dumbledore to death (literally), even after he found out Dumbledore was not telling him all the truth
  • died for Lily and Harry, James’ son

Conclusion: It is stupid to constantly compare these two people and try to make the one look redeemed while the other is a monster. These people have different backgrounds, different upbringing, different experiences, were heavily flawed in different periods of their lives and the only thing they share is their genuine love for the same woman. Both did inexcusable mistakes but either they changed entirely (James) or that was not a true reflection of their soul (Snape). They are both dead but are redeemed. 

James Potter died as a great friend, husband and father. Severus Snape died after a cursed life that offered him nothing but sadness and misery since the day he was born, he struggled but managed to make this whole life worth living for the victory of good over evil, of love over cruelty. Hating one of them as much as Voldemort or Umbridge or Bellatrix Lestrage is not understanding what J.K. Rowling was trying to say.

Literally fandom discourse largely just comes down to kids taking shit too seriously. It isn’t that deep. It really isn’t that deep. Fandoms aren’t that serious. Stop talking it so seriously. Stop putting so much negative energy into something that literally isn’t even real or that serious. Fandoms are fandoms they’re there purely for enjoyment. Just enjoy what you enjoy, avoid what you don’t, and let others do the same. Stop taking fandoms so seriously it literally isn’t that deep and was never meant to be. Lighten the fuck up kids, life will be so much nicer for you if you do.

Yes, Snape’s personality is a dumpster fire. Yes, he was abusive to the children under his care. I don’t like the guy. 

But the point at which I part ways is when people say he didn’t love Lily. 

The reason Snape’s character is so compelling, and his story so interesting, is that he loved her, but it didn’t redeem him. It didn’t transform him. 

You can point out any number of problematic things about the friendship that the two had. You can say he didn’t deserve her (and I agree, though I would question whether it’s possible to ever ‘deserve’ a person). It’s true he didn’t love her well. But he did love her.

A better person than Snape - even slightly better - would have been devastated if Lily had chosen to be James over them, but would have been happy, on some level, to see that the woman they loved was happy. Devastated, but happy. 

A better person than Snape - even marginally better - would have seen the parts of Harry that mirrored Lily. Grudgingly, perhaps, and over time, but they would have seen them.

Even a person the tiniest bit better than Snape would have turned from the enticement of the Death Eaters and chosen their friendship instead. 

Love is a wonderful thing. A pure, beautiful thing. But the only way people can experience it is when it is filtered through the imperfect prism of a human being. Being loved by a particular person is not necessarily a good thing. 

okay pro-lifers, gather ‘round

We’re going to ignore the blatant hypocrisy of your entire movement, the science, and the common fucking sense for a minute. I just have one question for you:

Where in the Bible does God forbid abortion? Because I have the weirdest feeling that none of you have actually read your own Good Book.

Go ahead, go check. I’ll wait. And no, don’t quote Psalms at me, don’t give me your inferences and implications thereof. I want a nice, clear, explicit ruling, like ‘Do not steal’ or ‘Honour no other god before Me.’

…No? Oh, that’s right. Because the only time any part of the Bible explicitly mentions a punishment for ‘human-caused miscarriage’ is Exodus 21:22-25.

Have you not read that recently? I’ll summarise for you: if two men are fighting, and one of them hits a pregnant woman, and a miscarriage is caused, the offender must pay a fine to the woman’s husband. 

Yes, you heard me. Causing an abortion was punishable by the ancient world’s equivalent of a parking ticket

(And don’t you even with the whole ‘But if a fatality does occur, then you must give life for life’. That’s referring to the death of the mother, not the fetus. The mother is viewed as a living person; the ‘death’ of an unborn fetus is viewed as property damage. Check the original Hebrew.)

The Bible says God knows us in the womb (which does not translate to ‘we are sentient and alive in the womb’, before you say it) but Genesis explicitly states (Gen 2:7) that the first human being did not live until God breathed on them and they started to breathe. They were not alive until they breathed

From a biblical standpoint, a baby isn’t a living baby, isn’t a person, until it’s breathing. You can make the argument that this also applies to any fetus that could breathe on its own if given the chance, i.e. any fetus that has grown to the point it could survive outside the womb unassisted/with minimal assistance. But it absolutely, categorically contradicts all the bs you’re spouting about an embryo being a living sentient creature and abortion therefore being murder.

I studied this stuff for six years; I don’t think you morons have studied it for six minutes

If you have a pro-life stance from a non-religious argument, that’s an entirely different thing. But shut up about God and sinners and going to Hell and ‘life begins at conception’. Fuck off, and read your own texts, because it’s just fucking embarrassing to listen to you announcing to the whole damn world that you don’t even know your own religion.

Seriously. It’s pathetic.

As antis are still intent on incorrectly calling shaladin pedophilia, I made this incredibly complex graphic to spell it out to them as they cannot seem to grasp the concept even after it being explained many times over

You can ship what you want. But you can't automatically expect it to be cannon, and if it isn't made cannon don't fucking harass the creators. Don't start stupid petitions. Don't harass those who like the cannon ship. Just accept it. Even if it's non cannon it's okay. Just go enjoy your ship.