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y'all antisemitic fuckers boycotting wonder woman because gal is “anti-Palestine” because she was in the IDF, y'know a mandatory thing for israelis, and which she was 110% non-combat, and when in reality the only statement she’s made that’s ever used against her is one where she explicitly says she’s pro-peace and against Hamas, aka the terrorist organization that has the ultimate goal of ridding the middle east of all jews.

Questions for hamas leaders

(Not very dear) Hamas,
you claim that you care about the palestinians.
If that’s true, why are you:

1. Encouraging the palestinians to stay at their home while the idf warns them to leave?

2. Why are you hiding in your shelters while the palestinians staying on the ground in a warzone?

3. Why are you hiding your rockets in a school or near a hospital, when you know that the rockets’ explosion hidden there would destroy the hospital as well?

4. Why aren’t you using the money you get from the world to build and develop the palestinians economy instead of buying rockets and digging tunnels for you and your rockets to hide?

5. If the palestinians are in such a great danger as you are saying, why aren’t you using atleast one of your tens of tunnels to protect the palestinians and not your rockets?

6. Why aren’t you agreeing to a cease fire with israel? And why even after only israel agrees to a cease fire in order to send the palestinians humanitary help(provided by israel) you continue to launch rockets toward the israeli citizens?

7. Why are you launching rockets toward israeli citizens instead of facing the idf face to face, on the ground, while your citizens are hiding in the shelters/tunnels and protecting themselves, as it happens in israel?
as it should be.

8. Why are you keep trying to enter israel from the sea, air and ground to harm israeli citizens, and then demanding that israel will open it’s borders and end the supervising in gaza?

9. Why are your leaders having fun outside gaza with the money donated to palestinians, while the “small people” launching rockets toward israel and therefore encouraging the idf to fight back?

9. Why are you launching rockets towrd israel, when you know that 20 percent of them are arabs, that it might and actually did hit arab cities like hebron, that it might and did destoy the electricity line in israel that provides electricity to about 700,000 gazan?

10. Why do you love death more than we love life?
Are you really talking in the name of all the palestinians?

Waiting for your answer, israeli citizen.

Why is it that when an Israeli soldier is killed by Palestinians, it’s a “terrorist attack”, but when Palestinian children, babies are bombed in their cribs, it’s “Israel defending itself”?
If you consider yourself to be an intelligent, fair person, you’ll think about it.
—  Emilios Georgiades
Hey, anti-Israel people...

If you support equal rights for women, legal protections for homosexuals, advancements in science, the arts, and medicine, also personal rights guaranteed by law, then you definitely should support Boycott, Divestment, and Sanction (BDS) for every nation in the Middle East EXCEPT FOR ISRAEL. 

Israel is the only nation in the region to allow all of these things. So you aren’t on the moral high ground by supporting Palestinians who attack Israel, you are actually being hypocritical. 

interesting how much of the western left’s “state enemies” always happen to line up with the enemies of the u$a,,,,,such a coincidence,,,,such a mystery,,,,

paired with this is the defense of “poor people joining the military for the benefits” (the frequency of which is massively exaggerated [it’s often hard as hell for the actual poor to get into the military]) which funnily enough doesn’t seem to ever apply to people who become cops for the benefits,,,,you always notice the “some western soldiers had to aid the killing machines used to maintain imperialism to Survive Under Capitalism” crowd rarely seem to take the same stance when it comes to vast swaths of the population supporting, with many joining, al-Qaeda cells or the Taliban as they are often the primary form of resistance to imperialism in their respective besieged countries, regardless of how more or less reactionary these groups are compared to the Approved™ candidates for anti-imperialist support, these jingoistic leftists just discount them as Evil Wahhabi Terrorists That Need To Be Killed without any real analysis of said groups

it’s a more commonly accepted version of “condemn these people under imperialist siege because They Did Bad Stuff” except the MLs are aligned with the anarchists in such cases

what the MLs will apply to the DPRK or SAA they never seem to be able to apply to “wahhabi terrorists” who are often the last line of resistance to imperialism in their respective countries, and the same applies to those who support states in an anti-imperialist context which they’d otherwise condemn were it not for the besiegement, they can never apply this to Islamic groups because of past western collaboration (as though Assad hasn’t had a long history of blatant collaboration with the West, including but not limited to the CIA, as though many Palestinian orgs [not limited to Hamas] aren’t pro-Saudi) or because “they’re partially descended from the militias that fought the Soviets 30 years ago” as though the Afghan (u$ puppet) government isn’t largely comprised of former Muj as well

many on the left should consider how much imperialist propaganda influences their views of non-socialist (and/or reactionary) anti-imperialist movements

If you say Israel is a terrorist country, you're most likely an idiot

To all of those idiots who say “I stand with Palestine! Israel is a terrorist state!”
Well, you’re an idiot.
What would you do if Gaza fired 2000+ rockets at America? Would you say America has no right to defend herself?! If America defended herself, would you say that America is a terrorist state?
That poor excuse of a President Obama can tell Israel to “restrain attacks” as much as he wants. Obama is a hypocritical anti-Semite!
Yet, we are already restraining! One flick of a wrist and Israel can destroy Gaza!
If you say Israel is terrorising Gaza/killing innocent children, open your eyes!! Some of these photos are reused from 2 years ago when SYRIA KILLED THEMSELVES!! Besides, Hamas hides it’s ammunition in schools and hospitals and civilian’s homes! Cowards
You say supporting Gaza is standing up for human rights? No. You’re an anti-Semite. That’s it, that’s final.


What is going on over here?! Is this even possible anymore?! Joan Rivers can publicly say that she wants a race of human beings wiped out, while Penelope Cruz gets blacklisted for rightfully calling in genocide!!

I know this will only get around 3 notes if I’m lucky, but I feel the need to share this with you all, no matter how small a difference it makes.

This picture shows a father in Gaza, literally hanging his children on his house as human shields. Is this picture shown on the news? No. What is shown on the news is that “Israel bombed hospitals, schools and houses.”

What they neglect to mention is that Israel is actually bombing Hamas’s warehouses, their missiles and their weapons, which they hide under mosques, hospitals and in civilian property. What they neglect to mention is that Israel gives multiple warnings, days in advance, which Hamas forces citizens to ignore. What they neglect to mention is that Israel is simply defending itself from a place being run by terrorists who hide among the citizens.

My heart goes out to those children, and every other innocent civilian in Gaza. The goal shouldn’t be “free Gaza” it should be “free Gaza from Hamas.”

But they are just kids!

nothing like a mother’s love-mother prepares her child for a suicide attack, she must be proud of her little shahid son.

having fun in the kindergarten:)

who needs hello kitty when you have the HAMAS(a terror organtization) ribbon?

must love summer camps^^

born to be a leader!


now you are probably asking, how? why? 

in my childhood I used to play football/watch tv/playing outside..

well..this is why

Hamas to kids: Shoot all the Jews

Hamas’ Children TV with a Terrorist Jew-Eating Rabbit

Hamas Mickey Mouse Farfour teaches Palestinian children Islamic world domination

Farfour “martyred” by Israelis in final episode

In Israel I used to watch fairly odd parents, spongebob, Arthur and anime shows in my childhood. but maybe it’s just a cultural thing…

 I’ve faced this thing called terror when I was twelve. 

rockets launched by  Hezbollah hit my city. I stayed the whole summer in a shelter with my grandfather and read him “puss in boots” in russian. 

the mirrors’ store in the middle of my citty got hit.

and that house which I used to pass in my way to the library.

It was weird to see those building ruined, I never thought I would have to see it .

now, in sderot, the citizents suffer much worse then I did and I can’t even imagine their fear and stress. 

15 Seconds: Not Enough Time

Three Israelis killed in the explosion of a rocket fired from Gaza-even the soldiers cry

people in sderot have about 15 seconds to enter a shelter.

today about 30 rockets hit, two days ago more than 40.

the video says that gaza terrorists have fired more than 100 rockets at Israel during the past three weeks.

the video was uploaded 4 days ago and every day there are more and more rockets. 

the citizents have an app called tzeva adom/צבע אדום(red light), you can uplouad it to get a view on how it feels. (sometimes it actually warns you about the rocket on it’s way)-to wake up your childern in the middle of the night and run with them to the shelter-remember-you have only 15 seconds!


my pro israel blog :

If I came with a bible in one hand and a rifle in the other, knocked on your door and said: “according to my bible, my family lived in your home two thousand years ago”, would you pack up your bags and leave?
—  Dr. Norman Finkelstein

Es ist die Aufgabe unserer Generation, fest an der Seite Israels zu stehen, selbst wenn das unserer Politik anderswo Schaden bringt. Das israelische Volk ringt um den Bestand seines kleinen, dem Wüstensand abgetrotzten Staates, kämpft unter sengender Hitze um sein Lebensrecht - hinter sich das Meer und rundherum den Haß seiner Feinde.