pro foosball


Determination, dedication, serious heart — this documentary takes you inside the world of professional foosball.

The 1970s marked the “golden age” of professional foosball, says Foosballers director Joe Heslinga — a time when pro foosball competitions offered winnings to rival those of professional golf or tennis tournaments. The pro tour of today may be less lucrative, he says, but the strong sense of community and players’ dedication to the sport remain.

Foosballers will delve into the history of the sport and offer a look at the world of pro foosball today, following the pros as they prepare for the prestigious Tornado World Championships. “The film will explore the lives of the players on an intimate level,” Heslinga says, delving into how they balance their personal lives, careers, and relationships with their pursuit of foosball greatness, and, ultimately, “how they prepare to become a world champion.” 

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