pro feminine

as a feminist...

i do not think of women as majestic creatures. they are human.
i think if a women attacks you you have a right to fight back,
i think that some women deserve to be hated,
i think not all women deserve to be celebrated,

because i think of women the same way i think about men.
because i believe in gender equality
because i am a feminist.
feminism isnt anti men(misandrist) or pro women, its equality.

when a woman doesn’t dress feminine i feel like it’s received as a subtle message to men saying “I am not for you” and thats why they get so angry about it, it’s such a subtle and simple exercising our right to dress for ourselves and not for them and it’s already too much patriarchy is crumbling there is a woman who doesn’t care if men find her attractive and doesn’t preform sexy and men are threatened and offended enough to attack and bully the shit out of her

After finding myself in the dark side of tumblr and reading the pile of garbage that makes it up, I kind of felt the need to say this. I love who I am. I love shaving my body hair. I love plucking my eyebrows. I love doing my nails. I love putting on makeup. I love dressing femininely. I love that I’m physically attracted to powerful and dominant men. I love considering myself submissive. I just love being feminine.

What I don’t love is when feminists, who claim to be for equality, tell me that I shouldn’t do those things. I don’t love when they try to ruin those things for me and say I’m oppressed because I “feel the need” to do all of that. I don’t feel the need to do anything, it’s just what I want to do. If I want to wear makeup and shave my legs, I’m fucking gonna. I find dominant men fucking attractive, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. I don’t want to walk around with extra body hair, wearing “gender-neutral clothes”, because that isn’t my idea of beautiful. My idea of beautiful, as a woman, is simply being a woman. If I want to wear makeup, shave my body hair, wear feminine clothing, be dominated by dominant and strong men, and just be feminine all around, that is MY decision. Any feminist who goes against any of that is doing nothing but working backwards. The definition of ‘feminine’ is 'having qualities or appearance traditionally associated with women, especially delicacy and prettiness’, and I’m pretty damn happy with that definition.

Women's March

Today I do not march for women, today I pray and hope. That future generations of women will be taught to see that our unique capacity for tenderness and empathy, which the world sees as weakness, will finally be seen as our unique strength, and the reason why we are the heart of humanity. That each of us will be seen as a gift, and not as a trophy to complete a nuclear family, or a less desirable child because of our sex. That we will be respected from conception until natural death. That our daughters will know that their education and how well they ‘compete in a man’s world’ is NOT The measure of their value, which is far beyond any utilitarian measurements. That women’s differences from men are embraced and appreciated. And that our bodies are respected as an extension and expression of our personhood, a gift that is ours to give and NOBODY’s prize to take or win.

Our value is beyond measure, and our resilience is incredible. Embrace the complexities and depth of your femininity, or your 'feminine genius’ as Pope St. John Paul II called it. There is no weakness in tenderness.

Our vocation is irreplaceable, and our confidence in that truth will be a light to women everywhere.

runway-slut  asked:

Hi, I'm fairly new to the radfem idea. I'm just trying to figure out what it means, its implications and connotations. Why are many libfems against it? How does radfem view trans people? What is an ideal radfem world and how does it include or exclude trans people? Why are many anons on your blog saying "nazi" or "fascist"? Which radfem principles tend to alienate POC, if they do? Why are anons saying if a POC is radfem, then she deserves to be subject to racism? Genuinely curious, thanks!

For future reference, try to stick to 1 or 2 specific questions at a time, instead of 6 all at once. I don’t want to write an extremely long response every time I receive an ask. It takes a lot of time and energy on my end. I understand you can’t just google “what does a rad fem world look like” without getting hundreds of biased answers that skew the truth, but holy shit dude.

Here is a link to 17 free rad fem books in pdf form

And 75 sex industry documentaries

I used to have a lot more resources but this blog is only 2 or 3 months old.
I saw a link to a PDF version of The Second Sex a couple days ago but now I can’t find it again :/ and honestly that things like 800 pages, I’d recommend just buying a physical copy. I bought a used copy from amazon years ago.

I don’t think lib books? All I remember from my lib fem days was being told what not to read, without any alternative suggestions.
So from my experience, the entire ideology is based on personal text posts from tumblr/twitter and random articles like “the penis is really just a huge clit!” and “10 reasons why periods are disgusting and you shouldn’t talk about them!” so yeah, ive never seen them recommend any books besides harry potter.

Anyways, I’m gonna try to keep this as short and simple as I possibly can because otherwise this response could quite literally become a novel.

Why are many libfems against it?
{its important to note that a lot of radfems started off as lib fems}

If you ask a lib fem what feminism is about, they’ll say “gender equality”. If you ask a rad fem, she’ll say “female liberation”.

The simplest way to put it is, Liberal feminism prioritizes males and radical feminism prioritizes females.
What I mean by that is Lib fems are very pro performing femininity as a feminist action, which men created to keep us looking pretty but silent and submissive aka objectification. They cater to males sexual desires no matter how oppressive, by being pro porn/prostitution, and supporting extremely harmful kinks(race play, age play, bdsm etc.) aka putting men’s orgasms over women’s lives. They prioritize transwomen over female people(female = cis women and transmen) by denying that women’s oppression is based on our biology and instead they believe we are oppressed because we present as feminine. They also believe the age old sexist myth of “the lady brain,” which has actually been disproved. Basically a lib fem understands that women as a class are disadvantaged, but can’t tell you why.

Three more examples would be; in reproductive rights, freezing sperm is now more important than abortion access. Another would be, They’re against “pussy grabs back” because they think it excludes transwomen. They think inclusion of people not affected by “grab her by the pussy” are more important than protesting our presidents comments about sexually assaulting and harassing female born women (the president of the United States not wanting to rape you is the complete opposite of oppression)
And, my least favorite, the cotton ceiling, which stands for lesbians panties. lib fems are constantly trying to find new ways to coerce lesbian females into having sex with pre op transwomen. They don’t care that it supports rape culture, they think it’s more important that a female who is completely disgusted and uncomfortable with a penis should still allow a person to fuck her with one to prove she’s not transphobic.

To be clear, liberal feminism does not accept transmen. They do not believe in male or female socialization so they don’t have a very good grasp on male privilege. They genuinely believe that transmen have male privilege and oppress cis & trans women, they also don’t think transmen need access to planned parenthood or gynecologists for some reason..
They will back up any and all transwomen solely on the basis of being trans no matter how oppressive their behavior. I.e. Cherno Biko who raped a transman and attempted to impregnate them without their knowledge, is hailed as a feminist icon to them (You can google this)
They want to be seen as the most inclusive and open minded, they are not concerned with the actual safety of female people at all I.e. Allowing transwomen into women’s shelters and women’s prisons, despite the fact that they physically and sexually assault female people at the same rate as cis men.

lib fems use their blind support of every transwoman as an excuse to perpetuate misogyny and sexism. I.e. “don’t ever talk about your period because transwomen don’t menstruate, which means periods are disgusting and should be shamed.” “Don’t ever celebrate your vulva because the majority of transwomen are pre op which means your vagina is dirty and smells like fish, you should be ashamed!” “Don’t create any feminist art of female biology because transwomen don’t have a uterus, that’s disgusting now!”
On a more serious note they try to snuff out any attempt of a female person speaking up about being sexually assaulted by a transwoman and have a bigger issue with people using the wrong pronouns when discussing a transwoman who has murdered someone or raped someone or committed an act of pedophelia. And I don’t say any of this to be mean or invalidating, the truth is transwomen are socialized as male(unless of course they were transitioned in early childhood and were raised/treated as female) and it should not be ignored. The world at large raises the two sexes differently.
Liberal feminism does not require critical thinking at all. Every choice a woman makes, no matter how oppressive, is feminist now. They rely heavily on feelings and appearences over reality.

Example: makeup
Lib fems: People treat me better when I’m in a full face of makeup, that makes me feel better about myself until I wash it off at the end of the day. Makeup makes us pretty, no makeup = ugly. I don’t wanna be ugly so makeup is good and feminist. My worth is in my appearance. Dior told me that makeup is feminist, that means I should buy more!

Rad fems: who benefits from my makeup consumption? Who owns the majority of makeup companies? How much time and money do I spend on makeup? Why do I feel bad about myself when I’m barefaced in public? Why do people treat me differently when I have a full face of makeup on? Why am I more likely to get a job if I wear makeup to an interview? Why does society want older women to look younger and darker skinned women to look whiter? Why are women with wider noses being told to contour to give the illusion of a thinner European nose? Who is working to create makeup products? What are the working conditions of those people? Is Dior using feminism as a marketing tool to coerce me into giving them more of my money? Is wearing makeup really my choice or have I been socialized to feel like I need it.
(For the record I do wear makeup)

Lib fems say that wearing makeup is a choice and that they support women who wear it or not, but they very actively attack women for being gender nonconforming(not wearing makeup) They’ll call you ugly, stupid, broke, and unfeminist. They’ll say if you don’t perform or praise femininity, then you don’t support your “sisters” who do.

How does rad fem view trans people?
Ok so i wish this question was a bit more specific.

Do radical feminists hate trans people? No.Do radical feminists advocate for the “genocide” of trans people? No. Do radical feminists believe trans people deserve respect and basic human rights? yes. Its absolutely possible to care about trans people and cis women at the same time.

Rad fems believe in order to be transgender, you have to have sex dysphoria.
Lib fems disagree. Lib fems are very pro gender and pro trans, what I mean by “pro trans” is, when a little girl shows interest in football or cars, they want to automatically call her a transboy and give her puberty blockers, Instead of just accepting her as kid with interests outside of the ~pink girly gender box~ society has tried to trap her in.
That’s why rad fems are gender critical. What is gender but stereotypes based on sex.
Example: Women are quiet, submissive and wear dresses. Men are loud, dominant and wear trousers. Cleaning house is a woman’s job, paying bills is the mans job.

The patriarchy uses gender to disproportionately hurt women, that’s why instead of creating more and more genders, rad fems think it should be abolished all together. Why try to squeeze yourself inside a gendered box when you can be free to express yourself any way you want?

What is an ideal rad fem world, and how does it include or exclude trans people?
I won’t cover every little thing here because again this would be another novel.

The end of male supremacy! The sex industry would be abolished, which would lead to the end of rape culture. Female centered healthcare is free and accessible to all, as well as education, housing, food & water. Males actually receive jail time for their crimes against us, especially sexual based crimes, because females are now believed. What would be even better is if they stopped committing those crimes all together.
Female only spaces as well as transwomen only spaces exist (shelters, bathrooms, prisons etc) an end to European beauty standards, makeup & diet culture, basically capitalism. An end to menstruation stigma, FGM, child brides, dowries, religious oppression of women, as well as religious persecution, acid attracts, women being punished for rejecting men, traditional family values, homophobia, sexism, misogyny, racism, xenophobia, classism, ableism, ageism, and gender. Obviously all the oppressive systems working against female people, radical feminism is intersectional in contrast to popular belief.

Why are many anons on your blog saying Nazi or fascist?
First of all, the way you worded this question is extremely unfair because it seems like I actually did something wrong and was called a Nazi in response, which I wasn’t.

Those anons were a product of a little spat(1, 2) I had with a white transwoman who told me they believed WoC deserved racism as a punishment for being involved in radical feminism, and didnt think that made them racist at all. This was after I defended WoC rad fems against a post calling rad fems white supremacists because a white pride lesbian blog, who said they weren’t affiliated with us, described themselves as “gender critical”.

Only one anon has ever called me a fascist, not “many,” and I honestly don’t even think they know what that word means..

Nazism was mentioned in this anon because they were telling me about a “softcore” Nazi, from reddit, who hates rad fems and is accusing us of being controlled by a more “hardcore” Nazi, which makes no sense because shes obviously an anti feminist and no one in this community has any contact with her.

Which radfem principles tend to alienate POC, if they do?
They don’t. On the other hand, liberal feminism is completely centered on the western world.
Ideologically speaking, radical feminism is not inherently racist. On an individual level, there are rad fems who are racist, just like with any movement or group. anywhere there’s white people, there’s gonna be racists. It’s inconvenient but it’s true. 

Why are anons saying if a POC is radfem, then she deserves to be subject to racism?
Because they’re racist lol it’s that simple. A racist will find any excuse to openly support racism.
Rad fems receive a lot of death and rape threats, it’s not surprising that the same people supporting that, are in support of racism being used against the women they don’t agree with.

If any rad fems would like to add anything that would be greatly appreciated because I obviously didnt cover everything for the sake of time.


Friendly reminder that being fatphobic is every bit as anti-feminist and especially anti-radfem as any other kind of pro-femininity, anti-woman discourse. So get the word “feminist” and especially the words “radical feminist” out of your fucking mouth if you hate fat women.

Kate Nash’s Girl Gang: the online community for today’s riot grrrls

Musician Kate Nash explains the impetus for her new YouTube channel, conceived as a meeting place for a new generation of likeminded feminists

Kate Nash: “The internet has exploded in ways that most of us couldn’t have imagined – and even at 27, I feel like I fall fast behind the teenagers of 2015. Tumblr is the new teenage bedroom wall: a perfect place to express yourself, an eternal stream of images and ideas. Combine that with a lot of girls’ desire to craft, scrapbook and stay up till the early hours thinking about feelings, and you can see why the internet has helped facilitate the comeback of a pro-feminine scene such as riot grrrl. It’s also why I set up Girl Gang, an online YouTube community for feminist girls, boys, women and men who want to learn new skills, share ideas, inspire others and seek self-confidence.

It was my early experiences of sexism in the music industry that gave me a strong thirst for the female voice, though. I searched the internet and old record shops for female punk icons, and soon discovered riot grrrl. Listening to Bikini Kill’s Kathleen Hanna gave me the confidence I needed to get up on stage and be photographed every night on tour. I started my own zine, and riot grrrl became a huge part of my identity. Punk may have helped me find my voice and made me realise that I had the right to have one, but it was riot grrrl that helped me sustain that voice and shout a little louder.  

Hopefully, Girl Gang will be a place where people can find solace, too. As well as doling out great life tips, such as how to foster a dog or play the guitar, the channel is an online community full of people from around the world who support one another. It’s symptomatic of our time: girls are much more prone to encourage each other in 2015. They stick up for each other, and the internet gives us a globally interactive Wild West in which to discuss what we want, without a man overseeing it. We’ve realised the power of the internet, and the strength in working together." 

Read the full piece here

anonymous asked:

(I cant get over your pics with Kyle being ridiculously taller than Cartman oh my goddd Ive been laughing all day xDD) & I wanted to ask: a lot of people portray Kyle as a masochist/really feminine in fic and I was just wondering how you see their dynamic (i personally imagine Cartman as being more of a shameful masochist, what with the emotional baggage hes no doubt developed over the years, and Kyle being not very sadistic but definitely not submissive) thoughts?

Well firstly, in terms of the whole masochistic thing, I’d say that’s an easy route to take in fics. Cause see, if Kyle’s a masochist, then he’d love the shit out of Cartman’s canonical sadism, and everything else falls into place. It like doesn’t even matter if you make Kyle incredibly reluctant at that point. If he’s a masochist the thought of getting off of Cartman’s sadism will constantly float around in his head. It’s easy to take that route, but it’s still such a tempting tactic. Because that masochism is like an ace in the hole for Kyman.

But anyway, as for Kyle being feminine. When people make him look feminine, I think it’s fine. Because, listening to his voice, he seems like he’d be smaller. This goes for Kenny too. Both of them have high voices compared to Stan and Cartman. That’s my basic reason for making Kyle and Kenny have somewhat less masculine builds in my drawings and fics, compared to Stan and Cartman. 

For the femininity in terms of personality, ah, well… He’s not predominantly feminine, IMO. Nor is he submissive. I think the general idea that he is might come from the fact that Kyle is sort of sickly compared to most of the boys, plus also being the one taken hostage and having to be saved a lot. HumanCentipad, Ginger Cow, Cherokee Hair Tampons, Cartmanland, Imaginationland II, Smug Alert, etc… But to be honest those were because he was a victim of circumstance, and actually had little to do with submission of any kind. Kyle is a kind-hearted person, who will often be selfless for the sake of what’s right. The misconception here is that most people who are kind can be walked all over. Kyle can not be walked all over so easily. …Unless you blackmail him. 

But anyway, not only is he headstrong, out of all 4 boys, Kyle is the most confrontational.

I rarely see this aspect of Kyle shine through in fics, and that’s kind of odd. I don’t like it when I see Kyle being passive.

Kyle CAN be really kind and nurturing, feminine in this sense, but please, don’t make him passive. He’s not. He’s confrontational and he’ll call you out on your bullshit. In South Park is Gay, we’re given the impression that Kyle doesn’t like to go with the flow if it means not being himself. While others play into fads, he doesn’t feel comfortable with it. He’s an honest person. 


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pro femininity “feminists” literally all the damn time whenever any woman makes even the slightest critique of any aspect of femininity/makeup or doesn’t wear makeup: wearing makeup is a total free choice that exists in a vacuum and has nothing to do with patriarchy. makeup is all about building women’s confidence, women having lower self confidence without makeup has nothing to do with anything, makeup raising confidence is just a natural phenomenon that has nothing to do with anything. any critique of makeup means you don’t want women to feel confident and happy. wearing or not wearing makeup is just a personal choice, both are totally equal… unless you choose not to wear makeup, then you are disgusting, unloveable, ugly and worthless and you shouldn’t be allowed to exist outside where other people can see you. you should feel ashamed and suffer the consequences. the only reason women don’t wear makeup is because they are lazy, talentless and probably live in a dumpster.