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Things that are canon whether you like it or not

1. SasuSaku and NaruHina

2. Sasuke loves Sakura and his daughter Sarada

3. Naruto loves Hinata, Boruto and his daughter Himawari

4. Naruto Gaiden

5. The Last Naruto the movie (despite the mental gymnastics with the shadow clones before he learned it *facepalm*)

6. All of the Hidens

7. Sakura loves her BEST FRIEND Naruto 

8. Sasuke regrets not being there with his daughter but realizes that his mission can help save the world and protect her in the process

9. Karin likes that Sasuke is happy AND HAS GOTTEN OVER HER UNHEALTHY OBSESSION.

10. Hinata is a main heroine along with Sakura.

11. Sasuke is a main male protagonist along side Naruto.

and finally


Thomas Holm, the founder of Gro asked Glasyr to design a visual identity that represented his values of honesty and pro organic farming. Gro needed an identity for the product that could penetrate the higher end of the juice market. The solution was luxury through simplicity. Glasyr created a visual identity that expresses the organic with a pinch of luxury. The see-through label on the bottle visualises the honesty of the brand. Gro means grow in danish and the concept of the logo represents growth. The middle letter is enlarged to visually represent this. A pattern was designed as an abstraction of the process of making juice, the mixing of liquids. The visual identity has helped Gro to get market shares and get a lot of attention. The company went from one to five employees within the first year on the market.

tentacle-explosion’s Fallout 4 Mod List

PSA: Please for the love of all that is holy read the descriptions/posts for each of these mods before installing. Some of them require very specific installation steps, or have conflicts that require patching, etc. And please don’t just click the “Download (NMM)” button at the top of any Nexus page - go to the files section and make sure that you understand what you’re downloading and which file(s) you need. If you mod irresponsibly, you greatly increase the chances of borking your game.






Clothing & Armor



Weapons & Ammo


If SnK characters play MineCraft

Eren: Goes rage mode after a creeper blows him up.

Mikasa: Casually loots Eren’s stuff to return it to him.

Armin: Stays inside for the night.

Sasha: Starts potato farm.

Connie: Scolds Sasha for not being more productive.

Jean: Dies of hunger because Sasha ate all the food in game.

Ymir: Gives her first mined diamond to Historia.

Historia: Doesn’t want to accept it but eventually gives in.

Reiner: Tries impressing Historia by killing a lot of mobs.

Bertoldt: Unsure of what to do.

Annie: Swiftly kills all the mobs without taking damage. Pro.

Hanji: Starts mob farm.

Levi: Takes Eren’s stuff when he dies.

Erwin: Strategic pvp master.

Mike: Gets dogs. Lots of dogs.

Petra: Terrified of the mobs.

Olou: Tries copying Levi to look cool.

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His by Roses_are_Red (2/? | 6,351 | NC17)

Stiles was happy with his arrangement with Derek. They were roommates, friends, Fuckbuddies…

But when Stiles starts feeling more for Derek, he does his best to keep those feelings buried and hopes Derek will never find out. Afraid to fall for his roommate.

Derek doesn’t make it easy for him though. Stiles’ poor heart never stood a chance.

Summer changes by lightsfillthesky (1/1 | 4,203 | G)

Who said life altering decisions couldn’t be made in an afternoon?

Cooking With (a) Fire(man) by literaryoblivion (1/1 | 2,156 | G)

After a kitchen accident in his dorm, Stiles is forced to take a cooking class as punishment and ends up meeting a very attractive fireman to share his cooking station with… and maybe a few other things.

Married at First Glance by WonderWolf (11/13 | 55,921 | NC17)

“Those contracts that you signed was you agreeing to follow producer instructions.Your instructions were to give us drama. Whether or not you like each other, you are, for all intents and purposes, hired actors for these seven weeks,” Finstock snaps. “Pretend to actually like each other or I will dock your pay.”
- - -
Married at First Glance gives its participants seven weeks. Seven weeks, starting when they meet and marry their “perfect match”, to decide if they want to stay married or divorce.

For Stiles and Derek though, the challenge lies within trying to pretend that they don’t absolutely hate each other’s guts. When you’re married to a werewolf who dislikes humans, however, this can get a little tricky.

But the sweet, sweet cash reward at the end will be worth it. Right?

(A Married at First Sight AU)


Bath Time by mountain_ash (1/1 | 734 | G)

Stiles just wants a nice, relaxing bath to finish off a rough day but his canine friend won’t allow him to have a bad day in peace. 

Thank you everyone for helping me vent over my lawnmower-induced distress.

In conclusion: Lawns are ugly, create deserts for pollinators which is terrible for biodiversity and puts strain on the local ecosystem, and sometimes they even require harmful chemicals to maintain, all for something that, to reiterate, looks gross and wastes precious space.

Now you all have seen my true form; my true, angry hippie anti-lawn pro-farm form, and if I don’t stop now I won’t stop ranting for the rest of the night.