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Meredith and Lexie meet in the hall, in there first normal conversation about their days. Lexie got to watch a Heart transplant and Meredith got to scrub in on an ear growing pro-bono case. 

4x05 - Haunt you everyday. 


I decided to try a new pair of electronic ear-pro. I purchased a pair of Walker’s Razor Slim and compared to my old pair of Howard Leight Impact Sport I’m pretty happy with them. First off they handle sound differently, the HL Impact seemed to cut out the loud noise and anything else at that instant where as the new pair lowers the loud noise. It leaves the rest which is nice in a range scenario with multiple shots going off at once you can still hold a conversation. The pads on the new pair seem a little thicker and more comfortable, I like the on/off & volume dial more and the audio jack is also positioned in a better way plus has a rubber boot. The new pair also seems to cut out more noise overall. Both pairs are a slim fit so they do not interfere with a rifle cheek weld. Only time will tell if they hold up as well as my old pair but given that the price is only $40-50 even if they only last a year or two I’ll happily pick up another pair.

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@3msafety ear pro/helmet
@wilcoxindustries NVG mount
Avon Protective Products Fm53 Gas Mask
@knightarmco SR16 CQB carbine
@aimpointusa T1 Micro (parallax free)
@surefire_llc M300v light and switch
@skdtactical gloves
@lbtinc Armor carrier
@sord_aust pouches
@officialcryeprecision uniform/belt order/pouches
PC: @boombotmedia

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Can I ask for some positivity from Kashuu and Hasebe? I think my family is delibaretly putting me through hell, we are in debts so bad that all the work I did to mot end up kicked out of our apartment in december is all down the pipe, coz now we are losing it again in 4 months. My alcoholic abusive stepdad refuses to find a proper job, and Taxi drivers here at most get like 20-50 euros, and sometimes we dont even have food. Moms sick so Im not demanding her to find a job, but ffs she could (1/2)

/Never apologize anon it’s good for you to get this out. Rely on me and this blog all you need if it’ll help when the stress is getting to you.

Kashuu: I’m really impressed more than anything. You’re living through this, you’re working hard even though you’re unsure and that’s an amazing achievement. Don’t forget that, you’re incredibly strong for this so you’re strong enough to keep going, okay? Just be doing the best you can and do the things you want to do, if you can’t study then don’t. I’m sure your mum can respect your feelings if you explain even if she doesn’t agree. She’s probably only worried about your future. Just keep fighting, you’ll find a way for things to work out.

Hasebe: I hope you’re taking care of yourself! The most important thing in life is to take care of yourself, it’s next to impossible to help anyone else if you yourself are not okay. Your strength is commendable, but you shouldn’t feel pushed around. If you don’t feel you can focus on your studies than don’t, get back to them what you can. What’s important is you take care of yourself and work hard on what you can. It’s not an easy situation but you’ll be able to get through it. Know you’re not alone and your kindness and persistence won’t be for nothing with time.

If anyone would be proud of Harry’s sass, it’s Lily. Like mother, like son, y’know? Everyone lives AU - Lily’s the one who cheers Harry on and highfives him when he slaughters someone Malfoy, Lily’s the one who massages Harry’s back before he gets on the train to Hogwarts and whispers pro tips in his ear, Lily’s the one who ignores Sirius’ loud laughter and calls Harry tiger - “go for the jugular, NO MERCY” - James is in the background falling in love all over again

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Mark Sloan? Ears? Can you explain?

The kid that played Clay in that 13 reasons why show, he was in Grey’s Anatomy as a kid with a birth defect where his ears hadn’t fully formed, so he went trick or treating around the hospital to get nurses and anaesthesiologists to agree to work for free bc his family couldn’t afford the surgery, and when they did, Mark Sloan, plastic surgeon extraordinaire, built him a pair of ears pro-bono.