pro day workout

One year of motivation, dedication, hard work and clean eating! I saw my first arm veins today! 💪🏼 I did legs and arms because earlier in the week my hip was bothering me but I’m back to 100% 😊

Cardio back and abs today! Here’s a #tbt; found this truly horrible photo of myself on the left this morning. Sobriety and hard work are so beyond worth it. I have never felt happier, stronger or more confident in my life. You can do it.

Here’s a little #tbt for you guys. The photo on the left is from February ‘15. I had already lost 16lbs (I hashtagged 16lbsdown on Instagram..) putting me at 182.8. The photo on the right is from tonight, November '15 at 140. Same selfie mirror in the locker room, totally different person.