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Hooray hooray it’s #FridayReads!  I’m trying to schnagle an advance copy of The Book of Dust, but maaan the two people here who have them are guarding them jealously! Either way I’m happy ‘cause I have a free Saturday to finally sit down with Max Gladstone’s latest Craft novel, Ruin of Angels. WHOO!

Our reviewer Annalisa Quinn, who’s writing a profile of Pullman (watch this space next week!) is reading his essay collection Daemon Voices.

Friend of the Desk Colin Dwyer is getting medieval with Barbara Tuchman’s A Distant Mirror.

Big Boss Edith Chapin has Dawit Gebremichael Habte’s memoir Gratitude in Low Voices.

Intern Sydnee is reading Her Body and Other Parties, the National Book Award-shortlisted story collection by our own reviewer Carmen Maria Machado, and she says it’s “turning out to be delightfully spooky.”

And our excellent producer PJ is reading Patrick Gaimon’s Draft Animals, which he has lots to say about:

So the thing that I do outside of using words for the Internet is competitive cycling, at a fairly high amateur level. And those of us who do this know the story of Phil Gaimon, a relative late bloomer in the sport who was the one rider in a thousand who worked his way up through the sport’s very-low-paying minor leagues in the doping era to earn a top-level pro contract. He’s already written a memoir about those days and on Tuesday released a new volume about life on the World Tour. At this point cycling tell-all memoirs are something of a subgenre unto themselves, but Phil was no star – at the top level he became a “domestique,” or someone who was paid to look after the top riders – and as such gives fewer f—s about putting people on blast, often humorously. Some people he once hated for cheating with banned substances come off as likeable and even become mentors; other stars of the sport earn his derision. Unlike most pro cyclists, he also possesses a college degree (in English), and takes pride in having written this himself (vs. the ghostwriters of most pro athlete books). From what I’ve read it’s at times extra-petty, and sometimes just “extra” in a charmingly juvenile way, but you end up rooting for an imperfect guy who wanted to do it the right way, who sacrificed a ton to make that happen, and can take some pride in having given it an honest try.

How about you?

– Petra

@mrb488 said: “I thought there already was an AU Tour de France that khorazir already illustrated?”

You may be referring to my fic Over Hill and Under Hill which indeed has John and Sherlock cycle a Tour de France pass in the French Alps. Yes, it’s a kind of Cycling AU, but what @isitandwonder and I have in mind with the Tour de France AU is a story in which the boys are actual pro-cyclists riding the Tour instead of just riding bikes and trying to sort out their relationship while doing so (which doesn’t mean there won’t be any relationship-sorting in the TdF AU) … ;)

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Doesn't the fact that none of the best cyclists in professional cycling today read your eBooks make your tips unsubstantiated and dismissible? You haven't proven that you are the real deal, just made a TON of shitty videos claiming yourself to be the real deal. Even if Tori had stronger nerve to her personality, you couldn't make her into a top pro... You just don't have the coaching ability, nor the $$ to get her there. Seems like you are all talk + garbage ebooks

1. Pro cyclists from the world tour HAVE bought my ebooks.

2. Pro cyclists from the world tour DO watch my videos.

3. If you watch some of my videos you might just know that mate!

4. You are just a fake account. You dont even walk your talk. I do bro. Im not sorry if that triggers you. You need to deal with it 😂

5. I would never recommend Tori be a pro cyclist because it is so fucking dangerous. Better to be a ‘social media’ rider who gets free stuff/sponsored etc like she does because she brings fun and adventure to cycling on social media.

6. I would not be a pro rider even if you paid me 500 000$ a year. It is just too dangerous and the money aint worth it. Id rather ride when I want, what pace I want and for whatever motivation I want and I do that. I enjoy being able to ride whatever bike, jersey, saddle, shoes, roads, or places I want to ride. A pro rider can’t. Chris Froome can’t ride any bike or any product he wants. I can.He is a prisoner of the professional sports world and has to risk his life every race to keep his status. I dont.

7. We all chose the life we live at the end of the day. If you want to be a pro rider or a soclal media rider then fine. Go for it. Understand though what is involved and what you are prepared to risk for it.

8. Beloki crashed cos Saiz was bored in the team car and wanted to see some action for the sponsors. His hip is fucked for life. 

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how do I know if I am losing weight too quickly?

Vegan gains will do a video about you saying your body fat is too low. He did that to me. Then says carbs make you fat! 😆

When a pro cyclist coach says you are too lean then your are.

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Paul aka Vanzweelism is cool. He's an exceptionally talented cyclist who is also a really nice guy. You should encourage him to go Pro. He'd for sure win the Tour de France one day with your expert coaching. Thanks for all you do for the sport of cycling and for the Animals. Much respect and peace bro!

Paul is a rider who if he got on the drugs like the other top pros could make it because he can ride the bunch etc.

Pro cyclist life sucks really though. You have to risk your safety so much in races or you will be dropped so fast.