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trimaxcoaching  asked:

bro, got a question about thermogenesis. my girlfriend gets very cold on the skin esp on the belly but actually all over while cycling (sports)! she sweats a lot. when she then eats a banana she gets diarhea. she gets a red face also, has a past of ED, low iron values. Thyroid is good (TSH 1,2 and ft3/4 also good). What do you think could help her? Iron Infusions? Her digestion even on a wfpbhcd is very weak since she can remember, so prob the iron she eats isnt absorbed properly. any advice?

Sounds mega dehydrated and still recovering from her self abusive past.

If she ran ride a bike then she isnt needing an iron IV. 

Sure top dog pro runners, cyclists and swimmers use iron IV but that is so the EPO they use works better.