pro crimson


To reiterate the point made in the previous post, I wear dress attire almost everyday. Moreover, I like my carry weapon to look good even though it’s concealed. It’s that extra touch.

These cuff links are 3d printed, and are vividly stimulating.

This is my Heckler & Koch P2000 in .40 s&w, and it is one of my main two carry pistols. Typically I wear it, or a Glock 43. Naturally, I have some other favorites I break out on occasion.


Kimber Pro Crimson Carry II

.45 ACP chambered compact 1911 from Kimber. Utilizes a match grade barrel and trigger. They come standard from the factory with Kimber marked Crimson Trace laser grips. MSRP from Kimber is just over $1,200, which might be a bit out of the practical price range for most people looking to conceal carry. (GRH)