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Andreil & no more running

“No more running”
i’m sorry this has taken me forever! school is a pain

  • neil wouldn’t say his life is good, but it’s better than before and he’s accepted that. he’s got an apartment with andrew, their two cats, and his pro and court exy teams. his life is pretty comfortable now
  • that doesn’t mean he and andrew are completely free of issues
  • andrew still struggles with touching and emoting; neil still gets triggered. it’s rare, but it’s there
  • surprisingly, it hasn’t happened in a while. he’s gotten pretty good at not putting himself in bad situations and expressing more that “i’m fine” when he clearly isn’t
  • but nobody’s perfect
  • andrew and neil have been on the same pro team for almost a year so the team knows how protective the two of them are
  • (plus they know they’re foxes and the fox reputation)
  • so they all sort of protect them which neil finds lovely and andrew finds ridiculous
  • (but he’s sort of accepted it — don’t tell neil, he’ll make him be social)
  • anyway the team works really well together and they’re pretty high up there in the ranks
  • so they’re in the national playoffs this year and playing their first game
  • when neil recognizes one of the backliners and he’s on edge for the entire game
  • it’s one of the old ravens from when he was forced to go to castle evermore
  • things go from bad to worse when neil gets him as his mark in the second half
  • of cours the backliner recognizes him and immediately knows how to play dirty, so he starts spewing all the crap he can. riko obviously filled most of his team in on neil’s history — this guy especially
  • neil can tune him out and focus on playing the game has hard and as best he can
  • but even he can’t ignore when the the asshole says “lola says hi, neil. remember her?”
  • the words echo in neil’s head and his focus is off of the game
  • the next thing he knows, he’s on the ground, head in his hands. the refs have paused the game and opened the court. andrew who was off is sprinting on, but neil hardly notices him drop beside him
  • the world is spinning and his breathing is getting more shallow
  • he can hear andrew in the distance but every bone in his body is screaming at him to run run run
  • he needs out he can’t take this anymore
  • his body tenses impossibly more and as if andrew can sense what neil wants, his hand finds it’s way to his neck and squeezes
  • “hey hey, neil. i know you can hear at least part of this. no more running, neil. no more running.”
  • it takes a little longer before neil can breathe well enough again and when he can, andrew releases him
  • neil’s eyes follow andrew’s movements as he turns to the backliner and goes to attack
  • “no” neil says, it’s quiet, but he can tell that andrew hears him by the way he turns and scowls at him
  • neil gets to shaky feet as he makes his way over to the bench because he knows andrew would murder him if he continued playing. andrew sighs and follows him off the court
  • they spend the rest of the game sitting shoulder to shoulder as they watch their team crush the other because they know how important this is for neil
  • the backliner doesn’t block another shot thanks to neil’s sub
  • eventually, neil’s flight response dies down enough that he can calmly walk over to the other team and shake their hands without shaking
  • life it’s great, but it’s still better

you can send me prompts but i’m super behind lol