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Okay but Jon and this King in the North stuff is amaaaazing because it’s also a bit of a nod to how the Briton chieftains used to elect their Kings. AND it’s so important in the war to come that Jon was ***chosen*** by the North, instead of him being thrust upon them (I.e., by Sansa–VERY notable that she didn’t speak for or against him, but let the Northern lords make their own decisions), so that the Northern houses will present a united and cohesive front against the white walkers.

AND let’s not forget that the original text is anti-absolute monarchy, so I’m not pressed in the SLIGHTEST that Sansa wasn’t automatically slotted in as the QitN, because that would work at cross-purposes to Martin’s themes of pro-protodemocracy and pro-meritocracy.

(Contrast this with Cersei, our villain, who has seized power unilaterally, and Dany, the anti-hero, who is looking to seize power by force.)

everyday i flip flop between “any ballet company would be lucky to have me i am a fireball of intensity” and “man i suck why does anyone let me stand in the front line im a beluga whale made out of cheese”

it’s a very confusing life as a dancer.

A New Love interest for Oliver – Pros and Cons


The contrast will benefit Olicity

This might be the strongest argument in favor of Oliver having a new love interest in the past. We know by experience that the current Oliver uses his past experiences to modify and improve his behavior and choices.

The learning curve is immense when it comes to relationship for Oliver (I won’t mention any name, we all know what I’m talking about).

Even when it comes to Felicity, Oliver has everything to prove. Yes, he loves her. Yes, she loves him. Yes, he chose her. Yes, he is happy with her. But let’s not forget than even after their heated night in Nanda Parbat, he hurt her. 

In order to protect her, I know, but the pain Felicity experienced when he kidnapped Lyla,

Married Nyssa

Or planned a suicide mission

Was real and some lessons need to be learnt from these experiences.

A relationship is a journey and Oliver and Felicity still have a long way to go. For the best but clearly Oliver from the past could help present Oliver.

And as we know that this flashback relationship will serve as a contrast with the relationship Oliver has with Felicity, we can only hope for the best and expect some serious fluffy, comfy, cosy, cute, sweet moments between our two favorites characters.

It’s even more than a contrast….

The contrast with Felicity is physical as well and I kind of love this…

Laurel, Shado, the New love interest….

Yup… you know where I’m going here, right?

Even their physical aspects tend to give the contrast with Felicity…

Oliver needs to find some comfort after a really rough year in Hong Kong

Because Oliver from the past is still our Oliver and we all love him, it’s fair enough to say that we will be happy for him to find a bit of comfort from someone he cares about.

Oliver opened his heart to Akio and the Yamashiro and the brutal loss of the youngest member of the Japanese family impacted Oliver much deeper than we could have expected. Oliver is still stuck in a world full of violence, torture, pain. Loss and tears.

If this love interest is able to provide Oliver with only minutes of relief and smile, I’m all for it. Oliver is in hell and he deserves to catch a glimpse of heaven… even for a short moment as I have no doubt whatsoever than this relationship will go down really quickly. After all, we know that Oliver chose to go back to the Island… There must be a significant motivation behind this, one so painful and traumatizing that only isolation would cure it.

It will make the Flashbacks more interesting

I don’t know about you but most of the time, the flashbacks get me all…

And what I like to see is a real relationship and something organic happening on screen. Sometimes, there’s just so many characters and things going on in the past that I feel overwhelmed. And disconnected. Because I need to relate to the characters to be interested.

And an Oliver in a relationship is something that I can easily relate to and be interested about, care about, what to know more about. This Oliver won’t be Felicity’s Oliver or even Laurel’s Ollie. He will be different, maybe more detached, more selfish, darker than anything we have seen before.

Proof that there’s hope for people with bad hair to get laid….

I mean, this is an important point!!! If this guy….

Can get laid with a pretty brunette…. There’s hope in this world !!!!



Do we need more proof that the Lauriver relationship was a big joke?

Weirdly enough, my main objection to this new love interest appearing in Oliver’s life has everything to do with Laurel. I mean, seriously, how much more will we need to understand that his relationship with Laurel was a big joke? Honestly?

The Lauriver relationship still has two big hits coming : This Flashback love interest and eventually, Oliver’s kid. How much more do we need? It’s actually making me uncomfortable right now. And I don’t like being uncomfortable…

I don’t want to see Oliver kiss anyone else than Felicity

This point is totally irrelevant and irrational but it’s where my biggest discomfort towards the introduction of this love interest come from. I want to see Oliver kiss Felicity, I want to see them touch each other, make love, hug, overloading my screen with displays of affection until it EXPLODES.

I’m just really meh at the idea of seeing Oliver kiss another girl in a same episode where he may make love to Felicity. I know it’s totally irrational but this idea bugs me to no point. I’ll get over it but I don’t  like to share…. 

As simple as that! 

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