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Mouth dry and covered in sweat, Veronica couldn’t wrap her head around just where she was. Her head spun with the disbelief that she finally been pulled up and debuted on Smackdown, after years of being thrown about rings all over the world, she had kicked arse in front of thousands of people.

All the nerves and anxiety she’d felt before running down the ramp had slipped from her mind the second she slipped into the ring. Carmella hadn’t expected a thing before Veronica pulled her into a devistating DDT and planted her face first into the mat, she was left laying on the mat as Veronica held the bright blue Money in the Bank briefcase over her head.

Veronica was buzzing, her entire body shook with excitement - from her now frizzy hair to her fidgeting toes Veronica body hummed with electricity. She skipped into the cafeteria, smiled at the waiting divas and threw herself into the outstretched arms of AJ Styles.

She and AJ had wrestled together on the New Japan circuit, she’d been married at that time and so had he. Naturally, they’d bonded when the rest of the Bullet Club dragged them out to celebrate after shows.

Now here they were, he already a champ and Veronica freshly debuted, except his marriage lasted and hers went down the drain, but that doesn’t matter right now.

AJ laughed as she attached herself to his side and ruffled her hair, “Well, look who we have here…” He nudged her softly, “I thought the pro circuit was too good for you.”

“I sold out, sue me.” She pulled away and took and swig of his water bottle. She pulled herself on top of an equipment case and settled again the wall next to him. “Pays better than NXT.”

“It’s good to see you again, kid.” AJ huffed and pinched his bottle put of her hand, “…even though you keep drinking my water.”

“You missed me annoying you.” She teased, laughing when AJ rolled his eyes. “You did! Don’t deny, I’m pretty much your other child.”

She grinned triumphantly when AJ crossed his arms and ignored her with a snort, she knew she was right anyway. She shuffled into a more comfortable position but, given that she was leaning against a wall, she gave up and slouched uncomfortably, too lazy to move.

Divas and Superstars milled around the room, sitting around table eating or just resting. She didn’t know what to expect behind the scenes of WWE, a tenser atmosphere or maybe techs running around frantically, but all the drama that happened on screen stayed on screen. The atmosphere was so warm and welcoming that Veronica never wanted to leave.

“I like this.” AJ shifted next to her and raised an eyebrow at her, she smiled and spoke again. “I like this, the atmosphere - its amazing.”

AJ hummed and ran a hand through his long hair, “I know - considering how tense it was at NXT, this is nicer.”

Her eyes followed a blonde head as it entered the room, Carmella smiled at Veronica and gripped the briefcase under her arm, she called out with a laugh, “Better watch your back, Ronnie!”

“Keep talking shit and I’ll hit you with another Act of Violence,” Carmella laughed and hugged Veronica tightly. She pulled back and fixed her with a level stare, “I’m coming for the number one contenders spot.”

“Take it, I’ve got my briefcase.” She patted the blue case lightly. She stuck it back under her arm, pinched AJ’s apple and walked backwards out of the room, “That’s a wicked finisher name too, I have to admit. I’ll see you tonight at the bar!”

Veronica waved her away with a laugh and laid her head on AJ’s shoulder, the adrenalin from her debut finally running out. He patted her head softly, “You gonna’ be able to watch my match?”

Veronica groaned and fake frowned as she pulled herself up, “I guess I should,” She ducked and narrowly avoided being decked in the head by AJ by slipping off the crate with a laugh, “I will, I will! Geez, calm down soccer mom.”

He glared and Veronica threw up her hands in innocence, “I’ll have a shower and I’ll meet you as handy the gorilla, alright?” He nodded and laid his head back against the wall, closing his eyes with a sigh.

She turned around and quickly sidestepped, narrowly avoiding a large body only to topple over a lone chair with with a loud crash. She swore quietly and quickly tried to pull herself off off the ground at the same time at large hand pulled her up, sending her crashing into the same chest she tried to avoid.

Veronica steppes back to stare wide eyed at the tall wrester, her eye height only just reached his chest and she glanced up to realise that he towered over her. Baron Corbin’s seven foot height easily made her look tiny.

(She was tiny, but still.)

“Holy fuck - you’re tall.” She met his brown eyes, briefly noticing the long hair that hung around his face, and felt her cheeks burn red. “I - shit, I’m so sorry. I had no idea you were standing there, I uh. Sorry.”

He laughed lowly, it deep and warm and Veronica toes curled when she heard it. “It’s all good, you didn’t hurt yourself, did you?”

She coughed, “Uh - no.”

“Good, don’t wanna have you hurt yourself falling for me.” Veronica could have down she heard his voice get deeper, but with half the eyes in the room on her and her scarlet red face, she just wanted to bolt.

“I - uh, okay.” She coughed again and shuffled back, “I gotta shower.” She spun without a good bye and practically sprinted from the room, ignoring the hot gaze on her back and AJ’S raised eyebrow.

➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸ ➸

“I just can’t believe that you managed to embarrass yourself on your first day,” Carmella leant against the bar with her glass in hand and snorted loudly, “Actually, I can believe it.”

Veronica groaned loudly, threw her shot back and grimaced when the burn hit her throat. “I made a complete fool of myself, Carm.”

“I don’t blame you, honey,” Carmella signaled the bartender for another round and smiled brightly when she shoved the drink in Veronicas hand, “It’s not like you haven’t had a thing for him since he debuted.”

“Don’t remind me, please.” She shot a look over at the table where the other wrestlers that had come out sat, Baron was shoved into the corner oft talking happily to Xavier Woods. She hadn’t spoken to him other than a quiet hello and shy smile, but she could feel a stare on the back of her head when she wasn’t looking. “I don’t know why I told you that.”

“Blame the alcohol.” Carmella laughed and slipped off the stool to rejoin the group, dragging Veronica by the hand. She dropped in the seat next to Big-E and left Veronica to sit next to Baron, because only she had that luck.

She slid in quietly and smiled shyly at Xaviers grin, jumping softly when Barons large arm dropped on to the chair behind her. He leant in with and smile and whispered in her ear, “How are you feeling now?”

Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was Barons large thumb brushing her back or maybe it was just the fact that he was so close and smelt so good, but Veronica smiled back brightly with not one trace of shyness. “Better, a lot better. You guys are really cool to hang out with.”

He smiled back, maybe brighter than her, and leant back into his seat. “We are pretty cool.”

Xavier snorted loudly and pocked Baron hard on the chest, “I heard that! We are cool, you’re not! You never came out before tonight,”

It was a struggle to hear Carmella over the loud music, but Veronica heard her all the same, “I wonder why that was-”

Xavier interrupted again and shot a wink at Veronica, “It’s not like there was a cute new diva on the roster that was coming out-”

“Okay, that’s enough of that.” His cheeks were red, Veronica noticed, not red enough to pass as blushing but the tinge of red was there. She pretended not to notice as Baron turned back to face her.

“Cute new diva, huh?” She was teasing, but it was nice to see him try to think of an excuse - she cpuld practically see the gears turning. She met his eyes and smiled innocently, the red on his cheeks grew brighter nd she still didn’t point it out. “It’s okay, I think your pretty cute - for someone whose so bloody tall.”

A smirk settled on his lips and Veronicas heart thudded in her chest, he looked downright sexy with a smirk. Her breath caught in her throat when he leant in and curled his hand around her waist, before he whispered lowly, “Does somebody have a height kink?”

He drew away but Veronica caught his shirt and brought her lips up to his ear, “I might do, I like them tall.”

She say back with a smirk and watched as Baron licked his lips quickly, he swallowed harshly and took a swig of his drink before his arm slid back around her waist, “Dinner, me and you tomorrow night?”

She smiled and leant back into his arm, “That sounds great.”

“Great.” He grinned and curled his fingers into her side, diving back into his conversation with Xavier. Carmella smiled from over the table at her friends starry eyed look and pulled her into a conversation with the rest of the wrestlers.

The arm never left her waist for the rest of the night and Veronica realised that she easily fell into place with the rest of the roster.

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and the lights they get stronger the longer that you have to wait (for the honor to be great)

Read it on A03: link

Part 2 of the Take Me As I Am series.

Chapter 3

In his time as a teacher for the General Ed course within U.A, Psyren has seen a lot of hopefuls pass through these doors. He’s seen talent, raw and unfettered, he’s seen passion, burning bright throughout chaos. He’s watched some of the finest doctors, policemen, firemen and more come out of his students, and he’s been fiercely proud of them all. His guppies are thriving, and they’re making the most out of their lives, and that’s the best kind of thing a man like him can witness. 

But lately, there’s been a trend of increasingly… how should he put it… lazy heroes emerging from the ranks. Those who believe that now that they’ve made it into the Pro circuit (or even just U.A), they can coast through the rest of their life on nothing but good fortune and their name. That no effort is needed in order to be a true hero. It’s a mindset that makes Psyren spit. 

And the other teachers aren’t kind about it either. Aizawa Shouta, an underground hero known as Eraserhead, expelled an entire class and then some in his last year alone. All of them were by-the-book expulsions, rather than done simply because he didn’t like them. The student records told a somber story - a story of immature, lazy children who wanted everything handed to them because they believed that telling people they went to U.A would make them the best automatically. A story that is sadly becoming more common in this day and age.

To General Psyren, who grew up dirt poor, in an area where flooding was common and death even more so, who clawed his way through the Navy Rescue Squad training and became a General - no, the name isn’t just for show - it’s the ultimate show of disrespect. Because here are children who have a chance at a genuinely good future, and all they have to do is reach for it. But they refuse, because somehow the mere act of reaching is too difficult for them. 

Which is why watching Midoriya Izuku’s test video is so thrilling. 

It’s clear to him right off the bat that the boy is nervous, and that’s a good thing. The kids don’t know it, but the front of the stage is recorded as well, so the teachers can get a sense of just what kind of personalities the kids have by the way they approach the stage. Izuku Midoriya walks up to the stage in the same way a cautious cat might come to inspect something new in their territory. He looks around at the other candidates from under his hair, keeping his eyes moving. He’s ready to move without even being aware of it. 

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