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FACT:  A fetus does not have the right to use your body if you don’t want it to. Ever.

Anti-choicers don’t have the right to tell you to let a fetus use your body to survive. It is not and never will be their choice what you do with your own body. The only choice they can make is what they do with their own bodies and if they don’t want an abortion, then they don’t have to get one. 

I think we’ve empowered people opposed to abortion by being mute or defensive about the biological realities of pregnancy termination. We’ve allowed them to create a narrative that is patently false, and yet, without any competing narrative, it bares a truth that doesn’t exist within it. I think people are able to handle the truth. The numbers show that most people can conceptualize pregnancy termination in some form or another. Many people approve of abortion. Even if they don’t approve of it in all cases, they can certainly understand where it might be necessary. I think if we’re going to shift the culture around this very important service, we’ve got to trust people that they are capable of dealing with the substance of it, and maybe developing the compassion to handle the nuance. I’m not a big fan of euphemisms, because at the end of the day, whatever we call it, we’re doing it. If we’re going to have honest disagreements, we have to put facts in the arena.

I actually hate the abortion debate because both sides refuse to see the other sides point of view. Like pro life people are pro life because they see a fetus as a living human being at the point of conception while pro choice people are pro choice because they think the fetus isn’t human until later. But instead, Pro-lifers seem to see pro-choicers as evil people who want to kill children while pro-choicers see pro-lifers as wanting to control a womans body. It’s a complete mess 

Arguments We Need to Stop Using as Pro-Choicers

When scrolling through the abortion tag, I see a lot of posts where the poster definitely has their heart in the right place and is fighting the good fight, but doesn’t have the correct information or is using an argument that doesn’t do much to further the pro-choice movement because it can easily be twisted or debunked by pro-lifers.

1. “It’s just a clump of cells,” or variants referring to the fetus as anything other than a fetus (parasite, etc).

Technically, it’s not wrong to say a fetus is a clump of cells. But technically, it’s not wrong to say that you and I are clumps of cells. 

Using the term “clump of cells,” or other variants is wrong because it is emotionally manipulative, in the same way that pro-lifers calling fetuses “innocent babies,” is emotionally manipulative. It’s easy for a pro-lifer to instantly take the argument less seriously, and use this argument as a strawman in the future. 

It’s important to stay factual and correct in our terminology by using words like “embryo,” or “fetus,” that don’t allow pro-lifers to detract from our argument by playing games with semantics and ignoring the larger message.

I think this can also be looked at as insensitive to some people who have had miscarriages, or may not have had the best experience with their abortions. To say that they only lost a “clump of cells” may be hurtful.

2. “It’s not alive.”

Zygotes, embryos, and fetuses are living things. They are not living in the same way that you and I are living, as sentient and autonomous beings with thoughts and feelings, but they are living. To say that they are not is not truthful, and again, makes it easy for pro-lifers to latch onto this statement and think that they’ve defeated the entire pro-choice argument by providing evidence that fetuses are living.

This doesn’t mean abortion is wrong. Simply being alive does not grant a fetus (or any other living person or thing) rights over another person’s body. 

Abortion is not okay because a fetus is not alive, abortion is okay because the pregnant person is also a living being with a right to bodily autonomy. 

3. “It’s not human/a human being/a person.”

Fetuses are, in fact, human. Humans do not gestate insects, reptiles, or cattle. They gestate other humans. To say that a fetus is not human is not truthful or beneficial.

The “human being,” argument is a little more tricky. This educational post by proteg-et-servio goes into the differences between human, human being, and person. Because “being” (as a noun) is defined as either “a living thing,” or “the state of existing,” it’s technically not correct to claim that a fetus is not a human being. It is in fact human, and it is in a state of existence. 

It is factually correct to say that a fetus is not a person. But, this shouldn’t really matter. Pro-lifers can argue all day long that a fetus is, or should be considered a person, but regardless of that fact, no person has rights over another person’s body.

saving this for posterity forever because I seriously cannot stop laughing at it.

“give me a CREDIBLE source! not that government biomedical research facility source, that isn’t credible! 

my sources are and! Checkmate pro choicers!”

one of my biggest problems with pro-choicers (just fyi: I am one myself, this is a pro-choicer criticizing other pro-choicers) is that a lot of pro-choice arguments are being made by the same people who parade around that phony ‘pro-science’ attitude and superficially fetishize science - and then they turn around and make arguments like this:

Fun fact: we sorta are.

Our biological purpose is to make babies. This is not to say that we should demonize women who can’t have children nor should we chastise those who opt not to. 

But to deny that women exist to make babies is blatantly anti-science.


Pro-choicers: Hey actually making abortion illegal increases abortion rates and really only just harms/kills people because the abortions are being performed unsafely

Pro-lifers: Ugh why are pro-choicers so dramatic??????????????????????

An actual argument that an anti-choicer is making in my messages (I’m paraphrasing, slightly): 

Having sex is a luxury only rich people can afford. Poor people seeking publicly-funded birth control/contraception is like me going to the French Riviera and expecting others to pay for it.

Anti-choicers are something else.

anonymous asked:

Here's the thing: no matter what pro lifers do, abortion will not cease to exist. So you must pick. Safe abortions that are easy to access, or abortions done unsafely and painfully at home. What do you prefer? - a fed-up pro choicer

What if I said that child trafficking will always exist, so you have to choose between legal, regulated, “safe” child slavery and illegal, “back-alley” child slavery?

We can’t keep the mass killing of human children legal simply because it will “happen anyway.”

We must do everything we can to protect human rights. That includes not just banning abortion, but also providing the resources and support that mothers need to be able to choose life for their children. It also means educating people on human development in the womb and what abortion does to that developing human.

Beyond making abortion illegal, we need to make it unthinkable. Will it still happen sometimes? Maybe. But if we can reduce the numbers from 43 million per year worldwide to a few isolated incidents here and there, that would be some progress.

Pro-Choice means:

You’re pro-pregnancy, pro-adopting out, and pro-abortion, as long as it’s the pregnant person’s choice.

The reason why pro-lifers don’t agree with pro-choicers, the reason why they stigmatize and vilify our movement, is because pro-choice is about supporting abortion. Don’t try to separate our movement from abortion to make it easier for pro-lifers to swallow.

If you’re pro-choice, you’re pro-abortion. Embrace abortion. Support abortion. De-stigmatize abortion.

A world where consent and bodily autonomy take a back seat to the lives of others would be one where people can be compelled to donate blood, organs and tissues whenever needed.

People’s bodies would effectively be owned by the state, as I assume that that is who would be in charge of ensuring that dying people in need got what they needed from others to survive.

No more voluntary blood donations. Blood shortages wouldn’t exist because everyone would be compelled to give their blood whenever it was needed. Organ donor registries wouldn’t be a thing because people wouldn’t really own their own nonessential organs anymore. They could be compelled to donate to whoever might need them at any time, having no say in whether or not this happened to them.

People with unique blood types would be especially affected as people would be needing their blood all the time. Can you even imagine knowing that you could at any time be called in by the government and forced to give your blood with no concern for your wishes as an individual?

I mean, fuck. Most anti-choicers are pro-small government, but this would require a huge government to achieve. Say bye the individual liberties, we’d all be nothing more than walking blood bags. As soon as antis throw consent and bodily autonomy out the window in favour of a “right to life”, this dystopian future is all I can think of.

Hey let me know when pro-choicers start creating non-profit facilities that offer free ultra-sounds, pregnancy tests, baby clothes, maternity clothes, diapers, wipes, cribs, job opportunities, financial support, and medical support, k? I’ll wait.

No, but seriously, y'all have the audacity to condemn, slander, and rip apart places that literally help women with crisis pregnancies FOR FREE??

One of my friends just found out she was pregnant - she’s single, makes minimum wage, she’s been on & off homeless for the past year or so. She’s the “perfect candidate” for the abortion industry. This is the type of situation the abortion industry preys upon and trust me she was considering it. She messaged me, told me her situation, and I told her about our local CPC and gave her their number (which she had no idea existed but knew about the closest PP which was 2 hrs away). Anyway, she went, they confirmed her pregnancy with a test & an ultra sound, she’s 10 wks and 5 days pregnant!!! They helped her apply for Medicaid, food stamps, they referred her to a center that helps people find jobs and acquire skills, they referred her to some churches, there’s one that will give her free food 2x a week, and another one that will give her toiletries (shampoo, soap, toilet paper, etc), on top of all that the CPC has a TON of baby furniture, baby clothes, maternity clothes, pretty much anything you could ever need for pregnancy & a baby all donated by the people in my town, they said she could come back and pick out whatever she wanted for her and her growing baby.

I’m so happy for her though! Without this place and all the wonderful opportunities and support they gave her she would have most likely chose an abortion but she didn’t. She wrote me back and said she has never felt more supported and uplifted and excited for the future than now! Now tell me, what abortion center, what planned parenthood would have done this for her? She gets to keep her baby and continue her pregnancy because of a CPC and if you despise that I just feel sorry for you.

I’m extremely skeptical of “pro-choicers” who are adamant that they’re not pro-abortion

They’re like a fox in sheep’s clothing

Because you can’t really be a proponent of choice unless you’re a proponent of abortion

You certainly can’t be pro-choice if you’re anti-abortion

It just makes no sense