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Trans continue to do the absolute most! Biological women are expected to cape for you but where are y'all on cis women's issues? Y'all so fucking annoying.

Excuse me? I don’t know what planet you live on but it’s been my experience that trans women are overwhelmingly supportive of abortion rights. Maybe the reason why you don’t see droves of trans women at your pro-choice rallies is because we’re a tiny, marginalized minority among women so maybe there just aren’t a lot of trans women to turn out in the first place.

Oh yeah… and the fact that for the last several decades people like you have been doing your damnedest to make mainstream feminist spaces–like your aforementioned pro-choice rallies–as hostile as possible towards trans women.

Talk about a goddamn catch-22, eh?

Help me brainstorm! What are some trans-inclusive/non-gendered sayings that would be good for Pro-Choice rally signs? My friends and I are going to the counter protest at The March For Life (a giant pro-life march) and we wanna make posters but like obviously stay away from transphobic shit like “unless ur a woman stay out of my uterus” so like if you have ideas for us pls help??? :) 

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ngl as someone who is part of the queer community, the continued insertion of straight celebs into queer events because they have played a queer character or played up to queer audiences really pisses me off. and that's not a dig at darren himself, i love him and i know he's a committed ally, it's an issue i have with the entertainment industry in general and their inability to hold queer events without token straight(s) involved. i'm surprised katy perry and joe jonas aren't on the list tbh.

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I’ve seen a lot of people (mostly on twitter) talking about being a little uncomfortable with Darren going to that Queer Prom, since he’s not actually queer. While I usually disagree when people complain about him getting too much attention as an ally, I kind of agree in this case. It seems a little strange for him to be involved in something that’s supposed to be specifically for queer people. I’m curious about your opinion on this, because I always love reading your thought on these subjects.

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So I want to say that I think this issue of ally of x being involved in x - in issues of representation to events to whatever is so much more complicated than I have ever seen remotely well articulated on tumblr. I so often see posts, for example, saying “Can straight actors stop playing gay roles!” and all I can tell you is that isn’t a world I want to see at all.  And I say that as someone who is desperate to see disabled people acting their own (and others) stories and trans people acting their own and others stories - Because there virtually are none. Honestly, I cannot even get into this on tumblr really except to say that context matters to me a lot.

So - the queer prom context. So here is the goal of the prom:

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The gods are not dead, they are silent and tired. They are worn down and bitter.

Zeus will stare at another glass of whiskey as another woman will inevitably leave his office, this time its his secretary and she has a sultry smile on red lips. When she leaves the room, the door clicking behind her he’ll reach into his desk and pull out a wedding ring, it will feel of lead and not the gold and love it was fashioned out of.

Hera will sit on the edge of her bed with ruined makeup smeared across her face, most of it dripping off her chin, mixed with tears made of nothing but betrayal and heartache. In one hand she’ll have a bottle of wine while in the other she’ll have her phone. She’ll call the numbers she managed to get off her husbands phone. They’re all women, younger than her and surprised that she exists.

Athena will sit in a library, hiding herself behind books. She knows all there is to know, she has memorized all the words in the dictionary, and facts in encyclopedia’s. She is called a bookworm and know it all but she’s okay with that because she might of been born from her fathers head but she is made of nothing but his shadow.

Aphrodite will cake herself in make up because not even her beauty is enough into days age. She will hold the hands of battered partners and think this is not how love should be. When she walks home she’ll walk home with her keys in between her fingers, ready, because she is a woman and whatever happens to her will be her fault. 

Hestia will sit at home, cooking over an open flame, waiting for her family to come home. They always do, but never at the same time, and never as full as they were when they left. So she will be forced to break a piece of herself off and give it to her brother or sister so they can be whole once again, even if it’s for a few weeks at most.

Apollo with kiss his lovers with the heat of the sun. He will wrap his hand at the base of his lovers neck before whispering sweet romantic poetry in their ear. He will love with his whole heart and nothing less, and he will forget that they will leave him in the morning.

His sister Artemis is different though. She will not kiss anyone, she will only hold their hand if they’re shaking like a leaf and they need a shoulder to cry on. She will, with a fire in her eyes, organize pro-choice rally's because no one should have their choice taken away. She will stand and chant at Black Live Matter protests because a man should not be able to slay another human because of the color of the persons skin is darker than theirs.

Hermes will travel the world solemnly, seeing how people who force themselves on someone else will get less time than a child who stole food to keep their siblings feed. He will see the creepy, obsessive letters a scorned lover will send and he will watch them with a careful, tired eye. He won’t be able to protect everyone because he may be a god, but he is still just one god. But those he can protect he will watch over and smile at.

Ares will wonder the middle east and help bury empty caskets. War is pointless now, all it does it cost family's the lives of their children. It’s those children he’ll buy toys for so they’ll stop playing with what they find in the street because the last boy that kicked a tin can didn’t live to get another kiss from his mother or a smile from his father.

Hephaestus will tinker away in his lonely shop, thinking of how his wife is in another mans arms and by this point in time he doesn’t care anymore. He will cry because his mother once again called him up drunk and in between her slurring words and drunken mumbles she’ll tell him how she never wanted him, and how it was his fault her husband had wandering hands.

Poseidon, under a fraying straw hat, will clean up beaches and cry over another poached friend. He will try to lobby against the oil company’s, but his gruff voice will fall onto deaf ears because even a gods reasoning is no match for that of a corrupt system. 

Hades is the only one who will get temporary happiness, because while Demeter is above, killing off crops in a fit of misery only a mother whose lost their child can through, he will kiss his wife tenderly and lovingly and she will run her hands through his hair. But once she leaves his heart becomes as barren as the ground he walks on because instead of his wife's smooth voice all he has left to listen to is the screams of tourchered souls.

And Dionysus, with another black eye and split lip will make themselves a drink. They’re alone in their apartment because no one want to go home with a plant.  No one knows what to make of them, with their steal toed boots, via a mens size, and pink skirt that falls onto unshaven legs.

—  The gods are not dead, they are human.
Ave Maria, gratia plena
Mary, symbol for the fall of a generation
forced to live nine months of pain she did not ask for
no one wonders [cares] if she wanted a child
Baby is born in a back alley–
the hospital doesn’t have room for a teenage girl who can’t pay, she
walks alone to the Catholic orphanage, gives the little Boy to God
no one would let her not have Him, but they won’t help her keep Him
Mary works two jobs sixty hours a week to take a class at the community college
meets women who teach her about consent
she marches in pro choice rallies, carries
signs crying “every baby a wanted baby!”
[as if women are ever written as more than living incubators of future important men]
her Son becomes some famous rebellious activist
but she has already donned her overalls and bandana
thrown away her halo with her self hatred
Ave Maria, gratia plena
red on her hands, words in her head
she exists for no man
signs of fingerpainted hangers, crying “never again!”
her pale peaceful face is lost to time
no one makes idols of Her
—  the century turns, the story is rewritten (via a.r.)

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what's your "activism burnout"?

Well I hope you like long stories because BOY
When I was 18 you couldn’t drag me away from a pro-choice rally. I volunteered as a steward for the one immediately after Savita’s passing. I went to every. single. event. I roared my lungs out, I shared more of that stuff on this blog even.

I vividly remember the day of that particular march in November 2012. It pissed rain. Everyone was freezing cold, soaked to the skin, I remember being so cold that I couldn’t steady my hands to text someone. I still can’t really take in just how many people showed up against the weather. Thousands and thousands of people marched from the Garden of Remembrance to Kildare street. I couldn’t even see the end of the crowd. We chanted, we chatted, we listened to speakers and cheered. Developing a cold, unable to hold a candle with the shivering, my throat sore from roaring, I thought that would all do something. I thought that those in power would feel some pinch of shame. I thought that nearly four years later we’d be in a much better place than we were.

I kept going to things, but I slowly burned out. I couldn’t handle it. I felt like I was walloping my head against a brick wall and that the government just wanted us to get bored and go away. A few people around me would occasionally pick the argument with me, some of whom have since understood the plight better since then, but it wore me down. My boyfriend at the time would start arguments with me, usually when I’d had a drink and more prone to being bothered, about everything from abortion to street harassment and tell me that it’s not as bad as I think. I didn’t have the energy anymore.

I feel able again. When I see people out campaigning, volunteering, it reminds me of why it all matters. I ran into some ROSA volunteers on Saturday at a Repeal bake sale and I remembered why I almost ran myself into the ground for the cause. Even in the face of defeat after defeat and insult and disrespect, people still fight. We still have to fight, because if we don’t, the pro-life lies win by default, and we risk losing any progress we’ve made.

that pro-choice rally is a funny story that my mom likes to tell, I’d hit my head and busted open my scalp immediately prior to the rally and my parents took me to the rally instead of taking me to the doctor. In retrospect of course that was incredibly irresponsible, it was like, one of two times in my childhood when I should have gotten stitches but didn’t, but they were like in their 20s and university students and they were political and they weren’t gonna miss this rally for a little thing like their child gushing blood from a head wound so they took me and my mom joked for years about how the sight of them two young parents with a bloody crying toddler was a more powerful pro-choice statement than any sign at the rally. 

So a psychotic pro-lifer is going to hold a "vigil" outside my one neighbors house this Sunday at 1 p.m.

A few friends and I are going to get there early to hold a prochoice rally outside my neighbors house to protect my neighbor so that the pro-lifer and his goons don’t have any place to stand. I’m going to make a bunch of posters/signs for it :)
A few sign ideas I have:
“Pro-Life”? Pro-Strife!
Pro-Choice, Pro-Voice!
We love babies too!
Do you know what you’re saying?
Do you know what you’re doing?
Your argument - morals - religion + science = No argument at all
Any more ideas? Send then to me!
I live in Pennsylvania.
If you are pro-choice and would like to support us, then please contact me and I’ll give you more information!
(Please note that this will be a peaceful event on our part. Think of it as more of a sit-in type protest.)
Any questions?

I'm here, I'm queer, I am the face of pro-life

Born to a dad who disowned me and a mom who saw me as a burden, picketing pro-life protestors are the reason I made it to term. I have been on government funded services, as conservatives bark at me to stop being so lazy. I have battled mental illnesses that you don’t believe in, and handled learning disorders you see as a crutch. This is the life you forced me into. And now you’re trying to extinguish it.

I am curious, if you knew all this, would you still have shamed my mom for feeling like she couldn’t handle another child? Would you still have pleaded for my life if you knew how ‘corrupt’ it would be?

I am living the life you gave me. Stop trying to take away the rights you forced me to have. You wanted me to be alive when you thought I had the potential to be like you. Now when I go to a pro-choice rally you scream at me for my immorality.

Make up your minds. Do I have the right to live as I please because I’m human? Or did I relinquish that right when I developed a mind of my own? I’d really like to know.

occasionally i read the comments on conservative news websites just to see what my least favorite people on earth are up to

these comments were on an article with pictures of people at pro-choice rallies…. 

it’s honestly sooo interesting and scary and weird how angry ppl are about women making their own choices with their bodies like?? im honestly not even shocked anymore just a little terrified. half the reason i usually don’t shave is because i want all people who think this way to stay away from me forever