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why people so damn concerned with other people’s business???? like people that are against the pro-choice movement, or that are against same-sex marriage???? like why do u care so much? it’s not actually affecting ur life? like if ur pro-life and ur at home eating ur lucky charms and watching dr phil, and simultaneously 10 miles away someone has an abortion, is your life in any way affected???? if ur against same-sex marriage and ur out golfing and at the same time two women who love each other get married, does that change the quality of ur life???? no it doesn’t, but ur violent opposition of these things does change the quality of theirs, so like….why don’t u keep ur opinions to urself and not use them to oppress people maybe 🤷🏽‍♀️

The pro-choice movement advocates for the right to bodily integrity of pregnant people and people who can become pregnant.

The pro-life movement advocates for the right to life of the fetus.

If you believe a person should be denied access to a legal abortion, at any point, you’re not advocating for them to have the right to bodily integrity.

The pro-choice movement is unconditional support for the pregnant person and whatever choice they make. It’s impossible to support a person’s right to make their own reproductive decision but only if it’s a choice you are with. That’s ridiculous.

pros and cons of abortion

- you’re saving the life of a woman
- if she was raped she doesn’t have to live with the tragedy
- overall better economy
- women can get more jobs and keep working
- won’t have to pay to take care of the baby for 18 years which can honestly be life saving
- can continue to pursue their dreams
- won’t have to force a child to go through the adoption system
* the adoption system just is not easy for any child
* neither you or the child will go through life wondering where the other is
* would also make life easier for the people who work in the system
- allows people to move on with their lives
- stops unsafe and illegal abortions from happening - not only helps the mother, but the father as well as he won’t have to worry about dues and being a father if he’s not ready
- a lot of woman aren’t mentally, physically or financially prepared to be a mother so you’re saving more lives than you are hurting

- it’s sad and not always pretty but it’s also not a light decision
- the whole argument about how the fetus doesn’t have a say but also if you were to ask the fetus if it wanted to be born it would probably say yes
- a bundle of cells is no longer existent

if you’re so pro-life then you would have the decency to respect the lives of the people who are going through these hard times

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Yooooooo you're on of my favorite pro choice blogs and you reblogged my clinic escort post (which got way bigger than I thought it would) so thank you!!! It was trippy just scrolling through my feed and seeing my own post.

aww it’s no problem at all!! ^-^ I appreciate your hard work for the pro choice movement!!

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i don't know how you can call lena the best or support her at all. she said she wanted to get pregnant just so she could get an abortion so she could support the pro choice movement better or something (don't get me wrong, I am fully pro choice) which is completely insane considering that it takes away from the reason women get abortions in the first place and also degrades the process giving fuel to the pro life argument and she has admitted to sexual assault (on her sister)

First off, I think that by and large, Lena means well and puts her foot in her mouth a lot. I also think the story about her sister was blown considerably out of proportion by conservative media. 

But even so, just because someone makes statements that, depending on your beliefs, could range from poorly worded at best to harmful at worst, doesn’t mean they’re not a good friend or a kind-hearted human at their core. So yeah, I do like Lena, and I think she’s a wonderful friend and strong support system to Taylor. And I don’t think her public-facing persona has any bearing on that. 

One of the things I’d like us to talk about today is Donald Trump’s recent debate comments (or, more accurately, lies) about late-term abortion. 

In response, I loved seeing several article published in the following days from people sharing their stories of needing a late-term abortion and how their experience was fundamentally different than the hideous and outright false way Trump described it. 

It made me really glad that we’re reading this book this month, because it talks about how anti-choicers are more than willing to twist and even invent facts to fit their own patriarchal worldview of what sex, pregnancy, and parenting should and shouldn’t mean for other people. 

Trump’s rhetoric during the debate made me really angry, but I was really proud to see so many people standing up and speaking out and refusing to be shamed or silenced. It gave me hope for our continued fight for full access to reproductive health care. 

Join our discussion of “How the Pro-Choice Movement Saved America.”

What did you think of Trump’s comments on abortion during the debate? How did you feel about the response to it?

To anyone considering an abortion:

The pro-life movement consists of (inaccurate) religious quotes, emotional manipulation, incorrect propaganda, (sometimes violent) protests, and concern only for the fetus (not the parent).

The pro-choice movement consists of doctors (my parents, for example), accurate medical reasonings, accurate and scientifically proven facts, and concern for you, your future, and your physical, financial, and emotional well-being.

If you are considering an abortion, PLEASE talk to a pro-choice organization. They will listen, they will not shame you for any choice you make, and they will help.

Search “pro-choice abortion hotlines” on google, if it helps. Please, DO NOT listen to pro-lifers who try to convince you you are hurting a baby (you aren’t, and it’s a fetus), listen to people who can actually relate and help.


The pro-choice movement is not anti-women. Giving bodily autonomy to women is not anti-women. Actually it’s PRO-women.

@pro-lifers, ya’ll can stop trying to say that removing a person’s rights is actually good for them. Stop trying to justify your bullshit with lies.

Isn’t that actually a type of abuse/emotional manipulation?

An ex-pro-lifer,

Mod Bethany

Not hitting your children.
Not emotionally abusing them.
Not neglecting them to the point where they have no food.

No, aborting a fetus is the worst kind of child abuse.

This pretty much seals the deal they don’t listen to what they say.



Okay, so I wanna share this with you guys because I’m so proud. Today it was a big day for us in Argentina, we marched for women’s rights, to put an end to femicide, gendered hatred, and for the pro-choice movement with #NiUnaMenos at the top of our lungs, which roughly translates to “#NotOneLess” (I know that makes zero sense, but it’s interpreted as “Not even one less woman in her home, not even one less woman alive, etc.)
The whole country marched, The Congress building was surrounded by no less than 150.000 people, women as well as men, and that’s just Buenos Aires. I hope this movement is only the beginning both for us and the rest of the world. It’s been a wonderful day.

Umbert the Unborn is such an annoying little creature. Even more annoying than Calliou.

Think about it, they never show the face of the woman. Just the uterus. Isn’t that slightly creepy? They never really focus on the feelings of the woman or what she’s thinking. It’s only about Umbert. It’s definitely an accurate representation of the pro life movement.

Umbert, it’s not your uterus. And if you keep swing that sword around, you’re going to cut off your food supply.


The pro-choice movement scores a major win in Arkansas

In February 2013, Arkansas passed the strictest abortion ban in the country, a bill that made it illegal for women to receive an abortion after 12 weeks if doctors could detect a heartbeat. Two doctors challenged the bill in the lower courts, which prevented it from ever going into effect. But its supporters were fighting to have it reinstated.