pro choice march

As a pro-life Christian, I believe outlawing abortion is a BIG mistake.

Not because I don’t believe it’s wrong, but because I’m scared for the women out there who will turn to other ways to get abortions.

My grandmother got pregnant with my mother in the 60s, and considered getting an abortion at an illegal clinic. Now, an illegal clinic does not have to be up to code (because it’s illegal and they have no one supervising them). Thankfully she decided against it, because what if she got an infection or the procedure was done wrong and she died?

That’s what will happen if we outlaw abortion NOW. There will be no happy-white-Jesus-angels-singing victory! There will be women finding dangerous ways to get an abortion or even commit suicide themselves!

The only way to stop abortions is to stop the demand for it. How do we do that? Birth control, pre-natal care (which Planned Parenthood claims to provide but at most facilities it does not), care after birth, lower college tuition, lower housing costs, lower food costs, and most of all: get rid of the shame and fear of unexpected pregnancy!

Us Christians have shamed women and made them fearful to have children, and to bring them into this world. We have called them whores, disgusting, terrible women when really they are scared and need out help.

Let us as Christians start there: being gentle and compassionate to women who have unexpected pregnancy.

Just like we say “outlawing guns won’t stop criminals from getting to them”, it’s the same thing. Outlawing abortion will only lead to unsafe abortions.

Sorry this is long but I believe this is the biggest issue in America today: that we think nonbelievers are the problem when really, it starts with us. Pro-life is supporting life through every stage, not just at birth!

So, Trump doesn’t say a damn thing about the WORLDWIDE Women’s March that took place the day after his inauguration and this is what the March for Life gets. Full support and Pence even spoke at the march!

I’m terrified. This is so wrong. America is taking so many steps backwards and I’m absolutely terrified.

This. This is what it looks like when you care about the people around you. This is one of the things pro choice is, caring about hungry babies. This is what peacefully protesting with a purpose looks like. Not rallying up to go picket the local Planned Parenthood, which does more in 5 minutes to prevent abortions than a Duggar will do in their entire lifetime. End rant.

Being pro-life is not sexist.

Abortion has everything to do with religion and nothing to do with feminism. Having an abortion is not a “right” men have over women, and it is not something cis white males want to take away because they see women as less. It’s a heavily debated topic because of the religious and moral issues involved. People (men AND women) see abortion as murder. I am very pro-choice, but you have to understand it’s not a right being taken away by the patriarchy. It’s an argument based on personal beliefs. Join the argument, prove your points without writing people off as cis white males and for fucks sake understand it’s not a feminist issue. The outcome affects women, yes, but the reason isn’t sexism.

I honestly cannot understand this whole banning abortions crap.

Who the fuck are you to tell a woman what she can and can’t with HER OWN BODY. It’s her body, not yours!

If she wants to have an abortion, then that shouldn’t concern anyone besides her and her body. Y'all are way too invested in other people’s personal lives nowadays.

If you don’t like the fact that a woman is having an abortion….. then who cares? It’s not your body. So shut the fuck up and mind your business.

If you actually care about the life of a child, then how about you help those thousands of kids sitting in foster homes right now. Instead of poking your nose into someone else’s life, go help them. They deserve to live a full life and have a loving family.

Oh and remember, banning abortions doesn’t get rid of them all together, it just makes them illegal and unsafe.