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every time i talk about eugenics abortion being bad, people assume i want to legally ban or restrict abortion of disabled fetuses, instead of noticing that sex-selective abortion is a similar issue with similar solutions that have nothing to do with legal anything.

disability activists generally want the following things, in order to reduce eugenics abortion:

- no more pressuring pregnant people to abort disabled fetuses or shaming them for choosing to carry the pregnancy to term (in case you’re wondering, doctors absolutely do this)
- no more pressuring disabled and/or mentally ill pregnant people to have abortions or shaming them for choosing to stay pregnant (doctors do this too)
- no more devaluing disabled people’s lives in pro choice rhetoric, such as by bringing up disabled fetuses as an argument or “gotcha” when arguing with people who think all abortion should be illegal
- active valorization of disabled people and involving us in the leadership of pro-choice organizations
- pro-choice organizations addressing the prevalence of doctors and society pressuring people into eugenics abortions
- pro-choice organizations actively challenging and critiquing ableism in their movements, historically and currently
- establishment of better support systems for disabled parents and parents with disabled children
- better health care and better access to it

disabled people who criticize the eugenics abortion are not your enemies. we don’t want to force or pressure anyone to stay pregnant or to terminate. please acknowledge that it’s frankly terrifying for us when a fellow pro choice person directly defends the ethics of eugenics abortion to us.


For my Ohio reproductive rights activists:

The Democratic caucus’ selection of a replacement for Rep. Greta Johnson’s seat.

The process seems to have been shrouded in some secrecy and it came to our attention that the legislators on the appointment committee are interviewing candidates TODAY and making a decision TOMORROW. We have also been made aware that the list of candidates includes ANTI-CHOICE people and the opinion was even expressed to us that the district might “need” an anti-choice candidate.

Knowing what an outspoken champion Greta was, it is a travesty for the Democratic caucus to pick an anti-choice person. Please call the following offices to voice your STRONG opinion that whichever candidate is selected MUST be pro-choice. Here are the offices, emails, and phone numbers:

Rep Emilia Sykes – (614) 466-3100
Rep Nicholas Celebrezze – (614) 644-3485
Rep Jack Cera – (614) 466-3735
Rep Kristin Boggs – (614) 466-1896
Rep John Rogers – (614) 466-7251

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Faye Wattleton (b. 1943) was the President of the Planned Parenthood Federation of America from 1978 to 1992. She was the first African American and the youngest person to ever hold the position, as well as the first woman since the founder of the organization, Margaret Sanger.

She specialized in nursing and joined Planned Parenthood in 1967. During her leadership, she was crucial in increasing the range of health services offered by the organization and becoming more politically engaged. She was also a co-founder of the Center for the Advancement of Women, and of the African American Women for Reproductive Freedom.

I love pro-choice people. Like active non-apologetic proudly and loudly pro-choice people. Going through their blogs gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside, I love how much they actually care about people’s reproductive rights. Idk I’m just feeling a lot of love for the pro-choice kids tonight!!! Love to you all!!!


June 22 2016 - A group of pro-choice activists used a drone to deliver abortion pills to Northern Ireland this week. Two women took the abortion pills that were delivered. The drone took off from Omeath, Ireland, near the border of Northern Ireland, and landed on the other side of the border.

It was carrying the drugs Mifepristone and Misoprostol, which can be used up to nine weeks into a pregnancy. Nearly all forms of abortion are illegal in Northern Ireland, with offenders facing a maximum sentence of life in prison. This year, a 21-year-old woman was given a suspended sentence after pleading guilty to purchasing abortion pills online because she couldn’t afford to travel to England to have the procedure.

The organizations behind this week’s stunt said they carried it out as an “act of solidarity” with women in Northern Ireland who are facing prosecution for having an abortion, and as a demonstration that the country’s laws can be easily circumvented with pills ordered online . “Restrictive abortion laws will not keep women from accessing abortion pills, by ship, by mail, through the internet, drone or RC speedboat,” said Dr. Rebecca Gomperts of Women on Waves, one of the rights groups that organized the drone flight. Women on Waves staged a similar stunt last year, using a drone to deliver abortion pills to Poland. [video]/[article]

Birth Work As Care Work

“Sophia Perez, for example, demonstrates how systemic forms of oppression as well as health and economic disparities felt in the outside world are also present in the labor & delivery ward. This is particularly evident through “managing” or pathologizing black and brown bodies in the birthing process. Rather than being purely biological, individual birth outcomes emerge out of a myriad of racial, sociopolitical, and economic forces that are structurally produced and reproduced over time.

These forces collide, often violently, in determining the sexual and reproductive trajectory of entire communities. Breaking cycles of oppression means directly engaging these systems in order to reimagine a language of birth that creates room for all birthgivers to have supportive reproductive care.

In so doing, activist birth work interrogates institutionalized oppressions and critiques profit driven health care models while reinvigorating a conversation about body-autonomy and sexual reproductive freedoms throughout society.“

-"Birth Work As Care Work” by Alana Apfel


Abortion is a safe, legal procedure that 3 in 10 women will have in their lifetime.
Using scare tactics and manipulation to make women feel unsafe, dirty, and mortified outside of a clinic is an act of violence.
Sidewalk counseling adds to the sigma following abortion that makes women feel unsafe to share their stories.

This photographic installation is part of a series of installations, performances, and demonstrations that focus on education and accessibility regarding the right to choose.

These photographs of women were printed on cotton, dyed red, covered with dirt, and hung up outside of a church that neighbors a crisis pregnancy center.

Call for Submissions!

All new zine -  Queering “Choice”: Trans and Queer Stories of Abortion

Queer and trans people do have abortions and our stories are often left out of reproductive justice conversations. In this compilation zine, we will feature essays, stories, and creative works written by trans and queer people doing reproductive justice activism and trans/queer folks who have undergone an abortion procedure. We are seeking submissions that address this gap in the conversation and seek submissions that address the following themes/topics:

-Trans and queer first-person narratives of abortion
-Trans and queer abortion activism, abortion doula stories
-The intersection of gender affirmation care and abortion care
-Methods for cultivating greater gender inclusivity in abortion care services
-Critiques of abortion services as highly gendered processes (particularly as they center cis women’s realities and needs)
-Have an idea not listed here? Send us an email with your suggestion.

NOTE: GlitterWurst Zines is an explicitly queer and feminist pro-choice collective. Please note that we will automatically reject any submissions with racist, sexist, classist, ableist, homophobic, biphobic, transphobic etc content. Moreover, we will not tolerate any content that denies pregnant people full range of bodily autonomy and choices regarding pregnancy, labor, and/or parenting. We do not expect that all abortion stories will be happy, positive ones simply because we are pro-choice. In fact, we expect that trans and queer narratives of abortion will add much needed complexity to conversations about reproductive justice. We welcome all experiences and stories as long they do not violate our basic feminist/queer principles and values.

Send submissions and contributor bios to: before August 31st, 2016. For written submissions, please use Microsoft Word and submit your writing in .doc or .docx format. (Please try to limit submissions to 1500 words. We are flexible. Let us know if you need a little extra space.) For artwork, please attach high resolution .jpg images to your email. Please include a title for your artwork and feel free to share any information you think would be pertinent for readers to know about your piece (i.e.: medium, location, tools used). Contributors have the option of sharing a short bio or publishing their work anonymously. All contributors will receive a free copy!

This Is On Purpose.

(photo courtesy of Evan Vucci/AP Photo)

Yesterday, DJT signed an executive order reinstating The Global Gag order, which puts a federal ban on U.S. funding for international health organizations that even mention abortion as a family planning option. I was struck by the photo released with the story; a bunch of dudes standing around looking smug. I thought, what a bunch of dummies, they couldn’t even pop in Kellyanne Conway or Ivanka for optics? Then it hit me: the lack of women in this photo is entirely on purpose. It is a loud clap back to the millions of women and allies that marched on Saturday. It is this administrations way of saying, you think you have power? Look at us.

This is where we’re at. What are we going to do about?

We trust women on Citizen Radio, so if a woman says, ‘I need an abortion’, it’s none of my fucking business why she needs to get it, why she wants to get it. She has the right, as a human being, to bodily autonomy. What that means is she has the right to determine the fate of her own body.

So I was debating with a ‘pro-life-er’ before and noticed something.

Every time I’ve had one of these debates the person arguing that it’s murder always calls the foetus ‘it’ like if you yourself really believed at 2 weeks old it’s already a life then you’d refer to it as 'they’, 'the baby’ or 'she/he’ considering how closed-minded and other gender exclusive most 'pro-life-ers’ are.

Therefore I’ve come to the conclusion that people who argue that abortion is wrong only really care about having control over a woman’s body *correction: the body of whomever is able to reproduce* - especially as the majority of pro-life activists are men.

Not your body? Not your choice. Not your place to judge. Not your right to decide.

If you really cared about the children you’d be focusing on giving the children who are in care or on the streets after being abandoned & abused a better life rather than harassing women about their right to their own body.

*edit: I’m really sorry I excluded genders other than a woman for having the ability to carry a foetus, anybody I offended please forgive me. I’ll be more considerate in future posts.