Long story short. Im not asking for money or anything just help.

I have a freind in Missuri who may be pregnant. She cannot tell her mother because if she does shes at risk of physical abuse. Shes 17, neurodivergant and disabled, she cannot physically or mentally be ready for motherhood. 

We are struggling to find her a way to safely get the help she needs, she has already had plan B but she was ovulating when contraption may have happened therefore we dont think it has worked.

Im scared shes going to try and induce a miscarriage since she is considering it. Planned Parenthood requres her mothers consent and she cannot tell her mother because of whats said above 

If you could please send me a direct message if you have advice or reblog this I will be eternity thankful, this could save her life.

14 years in prison. In Ireland you face 14 years in prison for having an abortion. Even in the case of rape. Incest. Foetal abnormalities to the point its not even viable outside the womb. Women like Savita Halappanavar have died in hospital beds from blood poisoning because doctors refused to remove the septic foetus because it still had a heartbeat. We’re expected, honestly expected to die a dignified christian death along with a foetus or face 14 years in prison. A reported 12 of us travel to England every DAY seeking safe abortion. So what of those who can’t travel, can’t afford to or are unable to sneak away? I’m in full support of whatever strikes happen across the country. Why did they even bother closing the Laundries if they’re still going to hold our bodies hostage.

Just had one of the best lectures I’ve had in med school

It was on ‘The ethics of abortion’, and I was sorta expecting a lecture tip-toeing around the different viewpoints without offending anyone. But our lecturer slayed!

- she started out by saying how the ‘pro life’ side always get emotive pictures of babies and foetuses etc, and that there’s hardly any for pro choice. So she put up a photo of a woman lying dead on the floor, after bleeding out from an unsafe abortion her partner tried to perform on her

- she showed us statistics on how abortion rates are lower in countries with safe, legal access to abortion

- she showed us more statistics on how high maternal death rates and deaths from unsafe abortions became when countries made access to abortion more restricted 

- she put up photos of discarded babies in streets and rubbish bins in countries where abortion is illegal 

- she talked about a case in the US where a woman was ex-communicated from an ethics committee at a catholic hospital, after the committee allowed a woman with life-threatening complications to have an abortion, then our lecturer commented that ‘it’s funny how it was wrong for her to do that, yet child abuse is apparently ok’ 

- she went through cases of more women who were so desperate to have an abortion that they seriously harmed themselves

- she ended the lecture on the photo of the woman who died, and said ‘whatever your stance on abortion, the fact is that if a woman has made up her mind that she doesn’t want to be pregnant, she will do whatever she can to get an abortion, even if it puts her life at risk’

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