pro children's rights

*Healthcare system malfunctions and does not help pregnant women and mothers:*

Νormal way of thinking: “Let’s fight for its improvement and put pressure on  government with massive strikes and protests!!!!”

Abortion maniacs and feminazis’ way of thinking: “Let’s kill the unborn, promote a theory that the unborn is not a human being, harass pro-lifers, abuse pregnant women, and shout saying that those women who decide to become mothers do not deserve womanhood cause are willingly oppressed by patriarchy and promote sexism!!!!”

Okay, I’m just going to say this because apparently no one else gets it…


Don’t misunderstand me. I HATE abortion. I very much believe that it’s taking a human life and therefore murder. But let’s be honest… You can’t get rid of abortion. You can’t. If you shut down abortion clinics people are going to find other ways. Illegal, dangerous ways. Look at what happened during prohibition. It created an underground crime ring. People were still getting their alcohol. It would be the same thing with abortion. People are desperate. They’ll do whatever they have to do.

On that note, protesting outside of Planned Parenthood and shaming women for getting an abortion doesn’t change anything. It just makes you look like a douchebag. Nobody has ever thought to themselves “That random screaming stranger just called me a disgusting murderer. Maybe I should rethink this decision.” It’s not going to happen. Stop.
Yes, I am pro-life. I would LOVE to see abortion go away. But it’s not going to. Instead of fighting against abortion the pro-life movement really needs to start focusing more on education, supporting pregnant women, fighting for better health care for women, fighting to fix the adoption process, and fighting to give better lives to unwanted children.
A Letter to My Unborn Black Daughter
You won't be here for years and years, if ever at all. But I wanted you to have this, to know that you are not alone, and that you have an obligation to the black women who have been silenced to continue their work.

This is an incredible piece written by our fellow Bama student Amanda Bennett! It addresses issues of misogynoir, the unique cross section of racism and sexism that black women face.