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Reasons why Barbie as The Princess and the Pauper is a  seriously underappreciated animated movie:

–both the princess and the pauper are in situations that teach self-sacrifice for the good of others

–the plot is complex and has multiple angles that all work together really well

–the glittery, feminine blonde princess is a science nerd

–the princess and the pauper are instant BFFs

–the songs are cute and catchy, but are also important to the storyline

–the love stories are realistic; the princess is in love with her best friend/tutor who she’s known for years, and the pauper falls in love with the king from a neighboring country because of their shared interests and beliefs

–the villain is a flamboyant and obnoxious character who is so hilarious all by himself that you will honestly laugh out loud more than once

–there’s a street cat that barks

–the street cat that barks falls in love with the dainty, sassy feline from the castle

–the princess and the pauper never go anywhere without their pets, and the pets return the favor by helping them whenever they need it

–did I mention the songs?

–the villain’s henchmen are named Nick and Nack

–the king (the pauper’s love interest) likes disguises for no apparent reason

–the tutor (the princess’ love interest) saves the day, like, three times without expecting a reward 

–both the king and the tutor become bros in a single bonding moment as they simultaneously chase down the villain that tried to hurt their women

–all the main characters are interesting

–not only does the king refuse to believe the pauper is anything but good despite the evidence that she’s a criminal, but he also patiently waits for her for months while she’s living her dream of traveling the world, and then takes her back the moment she shows up at his front door because he’s faithful to her

–the princess breaks royal tradition by marrying the tutor, but also finds a way to secure the wealth of her kingdom first so that her people will be happy

–there’s a double wedding

–the pauper wears a choker with her wedding dress at the double wedding

–literally everything is girly; even the castle is pink

–the overall point of the whole movie is that you are special and beautiful, and that as long as you stay positive and support each other, everyone will get their happy ending

there are specially-animated outtakes during the credits

A good vs. evil holiday smackdown for the ages!! Santa Claus vs. Krampus (the yuletide demon who drags the naughty to Hell on Christmas Eve). Here’ a version of that fight I’ve been waiting all year to draw, Rise of the Guardian’s Russian Santa: Nicholas St. North versus Michael Dougherty’s Krampus!

“moonbeam”; come a lil closer my baby, rock a bye baby, rock a bye baby — •

•  stress release meets brush & palette experience •

bgm : nct doyoung taeil taeyong - stay in my life

RotG mini-fanart time! I wanted to do the Guardians’ (and Pitch’s) shape symbols in a style inspired by the idea of how they might look if Jack had created the shapes out of frost. (And no, in case anyone is wondering, there’s no “hidden pictures” in any of these - just swirling and intertwined lines, shapes, and patterns.)

Frozen 2 and the Elsa problem.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to my Online Social Justice Warrior Layer.

As you know, Frozen 2 is is coming. Much like winter in GOT it won’t be here for a while. But that begs the question: What are they going to do with Elsa?

This my friends, is the difficult truth: SHE WILL BE GETTING A ROMANTIC INTEREST. It’s the only logical narrative outcome.

Now, lets look at her prospects of romance, by analysing her most popular ships. I’ll look at the people we ship her with, and ask the big questions like:

-What be them?
-Who do they?
-And Why?…


Jack Frost:
Pros: Also has ice-powers, Playful personality similar to Anna, which Elsa would be able to relate to. Cute together.
Cons: Is a teenager, Is legally dead, is also legally Dreamworks property.

Pros: Knows Elsa well, Only person Elsa truly loves, Cute together.
Cons: Is her sister. This is Disney and Arendelle, not HBO and Dorne, people.

Pros: He loves Ice. She makes Ice. Cute together.
Cons: He loves Anna. She loves Anna. Awkward.

Pros: Similar difficult childhoods, he’s well endowed, combination of their genes would make sexiest children ever made. Would be drop dead sexy together.
Cons: he may have unresolved psychological issues. And he tried to kill her. 0-1. But he also saved her in her palace. 1-1. But he left her sister to die. Ouch.

Male OC:
Pros: Umm…
Cons: He’d be hated by fans. Despised by all. A pariah desperately clinging to the idea that he and Elsa should be. Remember the ice skating guy? Yeah…

Female OC:
Pros: LGBTQA representation in a Disney movie, makes film even more inclusive, would be a role model to younger audience members who struggle with their own sexual identity, would preach a message of tolerance and acceptance.
Cons: Disney is conservative as fuck.

Conclusion: If Elsa is getting a love interest, it would logically be either a a Female OC, or a redeemed Prince Hans (ducks head to avoid thrown objects because of the second option.)

But it’ll probably be a male OC, because Disney is stupid.


I’m Elliot (he/they). I’m 21 years old and a doctoral student doing autism research at the University of California, Los Angeles. I have (pro-dx in childhood) autism/Asperger’s, ADHD, and (pro-dx in late adolescence) bipolar. I am a sleepy nerd who likes strategy games, swings, and psychology. Ask me (almost) anything!   ヽ(・∀・)ノ

Name: 朝日奈棗 (Asahina Natsume)

Birthday: 1986-1-1

Blood Type: A

Job: Salaryman

H/W: 176cm/60kg


2004 | 3 | Graduated from Higashiyama Private High School

2008 | 3 | Graduated from Chuou University Economic Faculty and Department

                Start to work at Eden Games Public Company


2004 | 3 | Normal Driving License

2004 | 7 | Permit to drive large size automatic two wheeled vehicles


Hobby: Driving

Favorite Book: Monthly Basket

Best Subject: PE

Best Sport: Sprint, Marathon

Favorite Foods: Omelet, Sukiyaki

Hated Foods: Nothing special

Childhood Dream: Pro Sport Athlete

Favorite Motto: He that is too secure is not safe/Unpreparedness is one’s greatest enemy.


Brothers Comment-

Tsubaki: Uwa…… Natsume, you are getting fat?

Natsume: Ha?

Azusa: Previously your weight was the same as mine and Tsubaki’s after all.

Natsume: I-is that so? Well, maybe because my muscle portion is heavier than you guys.

Azusa: Excess flesh, right? (laugh)

Natsume: Muscle!

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hey! so idk if you got all the au week drabbles finished yet,but klaroline meets the movie 'what's your number?' if you did finish yours,can you pass the request along for one of your friends who needs a prompt? or just use it as a random prompt if you want lmao idk,thanks darling!

Where To Start

There’s someone pounding on her door. The noise woke her from an excellent dream and it’s really, really pissing her off.

In Caroline’s opinion the very best part about being self-employed was the ability to set her own hours. These days she rarely had to get up before 10 AM. She no longer had to struggle against her lifelong hatred of early mornings. A perk that totally made the ridiculous amount of money she had to pay for health insurance worth it. Getting through high school, college, and those first two hears of admin hell where blaring alarms had been a necessity had been a struggle she’d only survived by downing copious amounts of coffee and indulging in the occasional dessert for breakfast.

Ice cream was filled with calcium, right? It wasn’t that unhealthy.

Caroline gropes for a pillow, burrows further into her nice warm comforter, and resolves to ignore whatever inconsiderate moron is attempting to disturb her. She’s not expecting anyone, hasn’t indulged herself in any online shopping recently, and her fire alarm and carbon monoxide detector are in perfect working order so she’s not in any danger. Caroline’s tired, and hung over, and she feels like she deserves to go back to sleep.

Last night’s bachelorette party had turned into a nightmare. She hadn’t really even wanted to go in the first place. Elena might have been Caroline’s best friend in high school but they’d drifted pretty far apart in the years since. She’d gotten the full court press from Elena, Bonnie and Elena’s mom over Christmas though. She’d had no choice but to promise to show up.

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