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Post cw fics where Bucky doesn’t like/trust Wanda and actively defends Tony whenever she insults him or uses her powers to make him uncomfortable: 

Bonus where he also goes off on Team Cap (specifically Steve and Clint) for defending Wanda and acting like she did nothing wrong:

The people for Tony Stark?

Okay, I was talking with my sister about how awesome it would be if in the wake of Civil War, that the people/public in North and South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, EVERYWHERE! Just showed a subtle but strong solidarity for Tony Stark/Iron Man using what Tony is super into. Technology.
Like, picture this:
Hashtags; Tony is trending for MONTHS.
“I stand for the man that stands with me👏🏽 #IStandWithTonyStark #CaptainAmericaWho?”
“#IronMan with a #ironwill for the people and what’s right!”

People view the footage of the airport battle from the grainy cameras posted all over like crazy because someone uploaded it to YouTube. It’s not the best but you can see how team cap just didn’t pull any punches and how Tony had tried to talk despite not hearing what he’s saying. He looks broke , trying to hold everything together.
People lose their minds when they see Cap’s team charge first and when Rhodes falls from the sky and Tony dives after him.
The comments light up and bbbuuuuurrrrrnnn team cap.
“lmao what a fucking joke. tony is trying to talk to him and do you see this guys body language? he’s not hearing anything. Dude wouldn’t even listen to a team member let alone 117 countries”
“Yooo, legit they just kept flying after seeing War Machine go down like that? I saw Falcon turn around but I don’t care man, you’ve LIVED and FOUGHT with this dude and he’s obviously seriously hurt and you just keep flying away in the jet you stole??? Cowards. Pathetic.”
“They really look like they’re trying to kill the real heroes. Fuck I’m glad we have Iron Man and Co. with us”

People organize a day online; through tumblr, twitter, insta, Facebook, any way to get the news out that you wear red on this day and you just subtly grab a pen and draw a circle in your palm for a repulsor just like Iron Man’s. And everything blows up that way. News networks talk about it and talk show hosts, the paper has articles on how the public is showing an unimaginable support for Iron Man and the rest of his team that stayed and fought for them and continue to fight for them during the revision of the Accords.

And I want it to be on the news so much that team cap has to watch it and has to know how much everyone loves Tony and what he’s doing and how he went about it. And how he is an actual hero who did his best and how much the public believe and appreciate him.




It’s under the Edit menu and is called “Convert brightness to opacity” and I didn’t even know it was an option until I was trying to edit a thing I was working on and hit it accidentally!!!!

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“One of the issues that orca face is that they are such remarkable animals, and because of that people want to see them up close and personal…so there are other people who want to make a profit from that. They capture the orca from the wild, and they rip them out of their families and they dump them into these concrete tanks and make them perform tricks. People pay to go and see that, they’re brainwashed into thinking that this is a really good thing to see and a good thing to do, it’s “family entertainment”, and they  just don’t seem to realize how much these animals suffer.” - Dr. Ingrid N. Visser

anonymous asked:

hey! i just saw your post tagged "animal welfare" "not animal rights"....i don't think i fully understand the difference between the two. why do you support animal welfare but not animal rights? thanks for any information!

What a wonderful question!! This is a very complicated issue, that can sound like picking hairs for people who aren’t intimately familiar with the animal care industry. 

For the sake of simplicity, I’ll use one example for each side of the argument. AZA will represent the side of animal welfare, and PETA will represent the side of animal rights, because both are very visible members of each ideology. I will also try to tag anything that is my personal interpretation, and keep most of this discussion balanced.

To start off, try to imagine all human interaction with animals on a scale from 0 to 10. At the 10 end, we have no regard for animal health or care, hurting and killing animals with complete disregard. At the 0 end, we have no interaction with animals, not killing them or even using byproducts. If the 0 end sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the ideal of most vegans. I’ll try to use this as a reference when describing where each group lies. 

Another thing I want to point out is that both groups have a common interest, which is treating animals fairly and humanely, and trying to achieve the most optimum standard of living for each.

Animal rights groups like PETA look to aim for that “0” end of the scale. The ultimate goal of animal rights groups is a complete dissolution of any industry that interacts with animals, from rodeos, and circuses, to zoos, farms, and even pets. From the Animal Welfare Council’s website:

Animal Rights is a philosophical view that animals have rights similar or the same as humans. True animal rights proponents believe that humans do not have the right to use animals at all. Animal rights proponents wish to ban all use of animals by humans.

Animal rights proponents support laws and regulations that would prohibit rodeos, horse racing, circuses, hunting, life-saving medical research using animals, raising of livestock for food, petting zoos, marine parks , breeding of purebred pets and any use of animals for industry, entertainment, sport or recreation.

Now, again, I totally understand why people support animal rights groups. It is true that animals can and do get abused for the profit of humans, and some of the treatment they get would never be allowed on another human. This is the linchpin of the Animal Rights argument. Animals should have the same rights as humans and treated accordingly. Now, let’s look at Animal Welfare.

Groups that focus on Animal Welfare, such as AZA, define welfare thusly:

Animal Welfare refers to an animal’s collective physical, mental, and emotional states over a period of time, and is measured on a continuum from good to poor. 

Explanation: An animal typically experiences good welfare when healthy, comfortable, well-nourished, safe, able to develop and express species-typical relationships, behaviors, and cognitive abilities, and not suffering from unpleasant states such as pain, fear, or distress. Because physical, mental, and emotional states may be dependent on one another and can vary from day to day, it is important to consider these states in combination with one another over time to provide an assessment of an animal’s overall welfare status. 

To use my straight line measurement from above, Animal Welfare falls closer to the “5” area of the spectrum. Animal Welfare groups do not make a blanket statement that all human interaction with animals is bad, but they do maintain standards to ensure that animals are not being abused or taken advantage of for the profit of a human. Welfare groups like AZA support zoos and animal research, among other things, but only in that they are held to high standards created to ensure optimal animal welfare

They also use measurements that are as scientific as possible to assess the status of an animal. This can be done by measuring hormones like cortisol, testosterone, and dopamine through blood tests, by observing and comparing animal behavior, monitoring eating amounts and patterns, or even the presence of breeding activity and successful childrearing behavior. More unscientific methods depend on the regular keepers of the animals, and when they notice that something feels ‘off’ in an animal’s routine. 

I hope that comes off as non-biased as I meant it to. I do understand the heart of most people behind the Animal Rights groups. And it really is hard to say no when you’re asked if you’re against the mistreatment of animals.

(Here begins my opinion) That being said, I truly believe that Animal Rights does more harm than good. Very regularly, groups like PETA and the Animal Liberation Front use violence, threats, and other terroristic tactics to achieve their ends (thejunglenook can back me up on this.). If you do research on PETA, you will find that many of the animals they “rescue” from shelters are killed. They prefer animals to be dead than be in human care. 

I support animal welfare for two main reasons. One, we cannot be naive and think that we can unentwine our human lives with those of the animals we share the world with. Two, I believe that keeping animals in captivity is helpful both for the science we can learn from keeping them (normal ranges of size, food, hormone ranges, gestations, etc), and for their educational use. I and others have written extensively about the impact of seeing animals in person to help the general public gain a connection to an animal they would otherwise care little about.

I have also found that many times, decisions made by animal rights groups are selfish, human decisions. These are decisions that feel good for us to make, like “let the animal be free in the wild!” or “don’t let these poor animals get poked and prodded, look how sad they are”. A focus on animal welfare means that we look past that. Animals may not be released because there is no wild for them to return to, because the animal has been raised by humans and is unequipped to handle the wild, or because it is part of an essential breeding program. Seeing an animal be handled by vets, or even euthanized, is truly for the benefit of the animal. Just like you don’t like going to the doctor, animals don’t, either, but it is for their own good. Short term pain for long term benefit. And euthanasia is used when an animal’s quality of life has dropped below welfare standards, and there is no other option except to let the animal die a drawn-out death.

So when I post #animal welfare #not animal rights, that’s what I mean. I support the scientific support of the good health of the animal, not what my gut tells me “feels good”.

Cosplay Public Service Announcement: AVOID THESE WIG CAPS

So, I got these wig caps at Sally Beauty Supply, and wore them for all four days of ECCC. They hurt my head somewhat while I was wearing them, and left my scalp rather sore afterward, but I thought it was just that they were a little small for me, and were causing some compression bruising. Since they were all the wig caps I had, I just kept using them. However, when I got home from the con, I noticed lines of what appeared to be chemical burns right where the edge of the wig cap rested on my forehead and scalp (swelling, redness, blisters, and patches of raw skin). Several days later, these burns are still healing, and I am full of regret.

Now, I’ve used many different wig caps before, but I have NEVER had anything like this happen. Also, I should add (to be fair) that my brother, who was using the neutral color of the same wig caps rather than the black, did not have problems, so it could just be that I have a bad batch somehow. Still, though, I would recommend being VERY cautious before using these wig caps. Have a backup with you, and maybe avoid them altogether if you have sensitive skin.

Tagging a few other cosplayers I know, so as to pass the word around: @aviva0017, @houkakyou, @flukeoffate, @jedi-goldberry-with-the-force

My main frustration with caps arguments against the accords are that really they are all arguments against governments in general.

“People have agendas. We cant trust them with the safety of people.”

“People will send out the avengers to do immoral things because they have the law on their side.”

“The safest hands are still our own.” Is basically “i trust individuals, not governments.”

And it’s especially infuriating because yeah, governments will abuse power. You know what was created to keep them accountable?


I think my especially favourite thing about anti accords dudes is when they say tony only cares about Charlie Spencer, and not anyone else who died. Like lol okay Becky nevermind that the Stark relief Foundation is a thing but who else on team cap is seen to care about anyone? Captain “we can’t save everyone” Rogers seems to think their lives don’t matter in the grand scheme of things.

Not going to deny I started crying while drawing this.

This picture is based off the actual event of Kandu 5’s death, probably one of the most horrific orca deaths in Sea World’s history. Kandu 5 had rammed into Corky II, which ended up injuring her and tearing an artery. She was drowning in her own blood and exhaling it through her blowhole. After her 45 minute ordeal, she bled to death. Her daughter, Orkid, was with her the entire time. 

Orkid has lost many orcas dear to her, including her mother, her friend Splash, and friend Sumar. She watched all of them die. 

Having been a calf when her mother died, Corky II, the orca who Kandu 5 deliberately aimed to injure, adopted Orkid. 

You can only imagine what Orkid was thinking and how she’s managing today after all she’s been through.

While Kandu 5 was dying, nothing was done to help her. The trainers can be seen helplessly watching and telling guests to leave the stadium so they wouldn’t be able to see this disgusting scene. When Kandu 5 sunk to the bottom of the tank, no one did a thing. Sea World covered up her death and pretended it never happened to avoid bad attention. 

There is still anger and aggressive behavior orcas show towards each other and their trainers today. Although an orca on orca collision only caused death once, many still attack and injure each other greatly. Do not buy into Sea World’s claims of their orcas being a “happy family”. Corky II and Kandu 5 spoke completely different languages and couldn’t even understand each other, which most likely caused so much tension. Don’t support facilities that practice keeping cetaceans in captivity.