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Things I really need people to remember:

  • Sakura has a fucking temper.
  • Sakura stopped walking on eggshells after the Forest of Death. Period.
  • Inner Sakura was actual Sakura. The fake persona she put on was not.
  • Sakura doesn’t need anyone’s help picking up a person.
  • Let me repeat.
  • Sakura doesn’t need anyone’s help picking up a person.

It’s 2017. Let her actually be the strong, emotionally volatile woman she is.


In 2014 Brendan Leonard, a climber, an adventure channel writer, and an adventure enthusiast white-water rafted 280 miles of the Grand Canyon over 28 days. Sure sounds like an adventure of a lifetime to white-water raft the GC, but what about the climbing?

For Brendan, it was an excersice in exploring that childish excitement of finding new routes, grabbing at fresh hold and exploring a different side of an ancient treasure.

Great article, fascinating adventure!

Photos by Forest Woodward

P.S., I couldn`t choose just one or two pictures from this collection, they are all so great!