pro black womanhood

to girls with skin rich in melanin. your colour may be black, or brown, but it still comes in a variety of shades, tones, and hues. the tones of your complexions may be like that of creamy hazelnut spread. Or like that of Monday morning coffee. Or like that of warm, crispy toast.  Or like that of a cup of milk with a light dusting of cocoa. Or like that of spicy, powdered cinnamon on a bed of buns. Or like that of sweet, runny brown sugar on chocolate ice cream. Or like that of holiday season gingerbread cookies-right out of the oven. Or like that of sanded, polished mahogany wood. Or like that of  (already fallen) autumn leaves. Or like that of the earthy soil. Or like that of the grainy dessert sands. Or like that of freshly mined, unrefined coal. Or like that of a naked midnight sky.

In all your different, diverse hues, y'all still beautiful. y'all deserve appreciation, representation, and most of all, y'all deserve abundant love that beholds the darkness engraved in the magic that is your skin.



.To Girls With Skin Rich in Melanin.